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QUIZ: World Rugby Players and Coaches of the Year

We're back on rugby for today's daily Superbru quiz and specifically, award winners. The challenge is to name every man to have picked up either the World Rugby Player of the Year award or the Coach of the Year award since the inaugural awards took place in 2001.

Before 2014 these prizes were known as the 'IRB awards' rather than 'World Rugby' but we are of course grouping them.

Hints regarding nationality aren't available for this one as they make things considerably easier. The way to think about this is to try and remember which teams were successful in World Cups/Six Nations/Rugby Championships in each year and then go from there as the award winners are of course mainly from the most successful teams of each respective year.

As always, let us know in the comments how many you managed but please try and avoid spoilers! Similarly, if you haven't yet joined the gang on Twitter and/or Facebook who have been posting screenshots of their results then feel free to get involved - our social media pages are a great place to maintain the bru community while we wait for tournaments to resume.

Instructions: After clicking 'Play' simply type the name of a person that you think will be on the list. If correct, the answer will automatically enter the list once you've typed the name. If the answer is incorrect, nothing will happen and you'll need to erase what you've written and try again.

The quiz will accept surname-only answers so don't worry about going to the trouble of writing and spelling first names. Good luck!

Got a quiz idea? Feel free to leave it in the comments and we can put one together for everyone to enjoy!
47,564 caps
Players 13/19 and Coaches 15/19 (easier) = 28/38. Still had 2 minutes but couldn't think of the others.
26 Mar 11:39
57,494 caps
only 27! Should have done better!

26 Mar 17:19
1,039 cap
26 Mar 18:22
50,789 caps
23. Coaches were poor
26 Mar 23:07
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30 / 38 - go General!
26 Mar 23:27
2,953 caps
Players 15/19 and coaches 16/19 = 31/38. Struggled with the early 2000's
27 Mar 05:02
2,685 caps
38/38 02:50 remaining
27 Mar 15:06
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Superbru quiz idea: Formula 1 Drivers' and Constructors' championship winners since 2000.
27 Mar 16:15