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QUIZ: Top Test Cricket Run Scorers since 2010

Test cricket finally returns today as England host the West Indies in the first of a 3-match series. To get you back in the mood, here's a quiz to remind you of the greatest batsmen we've seen in the game over the past 10 years.

We're asking you to name as many of the top 30 Test run scorers since the 1st of January 2010 as you can in 10 minutes.

To help you out, you can see each answer's nation, years in which they were playing and their number of runs. Of course, many are still playing while others also scored a lot of runs pre-2010 but only runs made since the start of that year are counted.

As always with our quizzes, let us know in the comments how many you managed but please try and avoid spoilers! Similarly, if you haven't yet joined the gang on Twitter and/or Facebook who have been posting screenshots of their results then feel free to get involved - our social media pages are a great place to maintain the bru community while we wait for tournaments to resume.

Instructions: After clicking 'Play' simply type the name of a player that you think is on the list. If correct, the answer will automatically enter the list once you've typed the name. If the answer is incorrect, nothing will happen and you'll need to erase what you've written and try again.

Only surnames are required.

396 caps
8 Jul 13:33
396 caps
8 Jul 13:33
53,073 caps
Only 15
8 Jul 20:58
38,436 caps
9 Jul 04:58
3,244 caps
10 Jul 01:23
13,102 caps
19 but spelling let me down :-( 13 Jul 13:22
8,218 caps
13 Jul 23:09
12,334 caps
15 Jul 14:42
30.World record.
17 Jul 10:29