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QUIZ: Name the year of these sporting moments

Today's quiz is in the same format as the stadium quiz many of you enjoyed a couple of days ago.

After hitting start, you'll see a sporting moment pop-up and you then have to select the year said sporting moment took place in. As always with these pick quizzes though, if you select a wrong year, the quiz is over and you have to start again. Therefore, as well as racing against time in this one, we want to see who can complete the quiz in the fewest attempts.

IMPORTANT: You are able to skip past a moment you're not sure about if you'd like to come back to it later by clicking the 'Next' or 'Prev' buttons below the sporting moment.

This is obviously a key thing to keep in mind as if you're not sure, it'll be much easier to pick the correct year when there are less options available. Many of these moments are considerably easier to place than others.

Let us know in the comments how many attempts it took you to complete this!

Similarly, if you haven't yet joined the gang on Twitter and/or Facebook who have been posting screenshots of their results then feel free to get involved - our social media pages are a great place to maintain the bru community while we wait for tournaments to resume.

Instructions: After clicking 'Play' simply click on the year that you think the sporting moment listed took place in. You can skip through moments if you're unsure and comeback to them later.

The quiz will end as soon as you click on an incorrect answer. The goal is to finish the quiz in the fewest attempts possible. To try again if unsuccessful, refresh this page.

Got a quiz idea? Feel free to leave it in the comments and we can put one together for everyone to enjoy!
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23/ 26 Did the easier ones 1st.....
3 Apr 11:45
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4 Apr 09:05