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QUIZ: Most Rugby Championship appearances by position

Today's quiz will be welcomed by rugby fans, particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere. We're returning to the 'classic' quiz format for this one and we're looking for you to list the three players who have the most Rugby Championship/Tri Nations appearances in each position.

For those of you who are unsure, the 'Tri Nations' began in 1996 with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa taking part. Argentina were only added to form the 'Rugby Championship' in 2012 which is one of the reasons why there aren't as many Argentinians on this list as there are players from the other competing nations.

As you will see below, we've added each player's number of appearances, nationality and career dates in order to help you out. The data is taken from ESPN and only matches that saw players start in the positions listed are being counted, not matches where they came on as a replacement or started in a different position.

As always, let us know in the comments how many you managed but please try and avoid spoilers! Similarly, if you haven't yet joined the gang on Twitter and/or Facebook who have been posting screenshots of their results then feel free to get involved - our social media pages are a great place to maintain the bru community while we wait for tournaments to resume.

Instructions: After clicking 'Play' simply type the name of a player that you think is on the list. If correct, the answer will automatically enter the list once you've typed the name. If the answer is incorrect, nothing will happen and you'll need to erase what you've written and try again.

Only surnames are required so don't worry about typing out first names. In the case of a couple of names that are very hard to spell, some alternative spellings are accepted and even a nickname in the case of one well-known player.

Got a quiz idea? Feel free to leave it in the comments and we can put one together for everyone to enjoy!
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23/ 30. Question - Did Louw not have more than 20 appearances at No 8 than Spies.
6 Apr 13:29
4,431 caps
6 Apr 14:59
66,443 caps
a sad 19
6 Apr 16:58
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How come it wouldn't accept nicknames such as 'Pub Round Dodger', 'Donkey Schlong' or 'Disabled Loo Lothario' in the case of a certain No. 9?
6 Apr 20:45
1,955 cap
28/30 Woodcock's name escaped my memory, and Toutai Kefu I had completely forgotten about lol
7 Apr 05:49
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there is no PLAY button!
9 Apr 22:05
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Disappointing 18
12 Apr 23:56