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More cash prizes awarded on Superbru

We are pleased to announce more cash prize winners in our Premier League and NFL tournaments.


Two people have now received £750 each for their NFL predictions - Andrew Wentzel in Round 2 and Estiaan Lamprecht in Round 12!

"We knew it was a tough challenge to pick 6 exact margins for NFL, and some people thought it impossible, so it is great to crown these winners" said The General. "Hopefully it will inspire people to keep making their picks, and with a bit of luck, they could be the next winner."

Premier League

We had several winners in Round 14 of the Premier League, with Oyewole Oloyede from Nigeria, Tendai Ezekiel Mvere from South Africa, Paul Compton from London, and Moses Mukwazi from Zimbabwe all taking home a cash prize in the Fantasy 5-a-side game!

"It's great to be able to send people some money as the festive season gets underway" added TG. "People can make their Premier League picks in both the Fantasy and Predictor games right through to January, so there's no excuse for missing picks and not having a go at winning the money."

Well done to all the winners, and hopefully we'll have some more over the next few weeks!

We'll also be introducing more of these cash incentives in 2017, spreading the joy across more and more tournaments, so keep an eye out for details in January and read more about our plans here.

5,356 caps
Awesome and I'll be next
14 Dec 18:05
1,613 cap
Yeah baby, Show me the MANE ! Thank you, Good Luck to ALL. 28 Dec 09:44
28,781 caps
Well done especially to the NFL winners. That is so difficult to get right. CONGRATS Andrew Wentzel and Estiaan Lamprecht .
15 Dec 08:33
24,382 caps
Congrats everyone...
15 Dec 10:10
459 caps
I will won next time. It's the money that I want.
15 Dec 10:25
1,375 cap
The next should be my turn
15 Dec 12:09
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congrats to the winner and SUPERBRU good job
15 Dec 23:14
6,452 caps
hope to be the next winner. well done to the winners
16 Dec 15:55
3,890 caps
i will soon win in both sides, though is fun predicting matches.. congrats guys it will soon be my turn
17 Dec 23:40
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19 Dec 09:14
11,525 caps
I will get there 2017 is definitely my year!!!!!!
30 Dec 15:12
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Well done Bru,s
4 Jan 12:03
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Congrats to all the winners, next Winner is Me.
5 Jan 11:55
974 caps
congrats to the winners
7 Jan 05:42
1,850 cap
Haha, at first I predicts for fun with good result, since I set my eyes on prizes I predicting worst results lol
10 Jan 07:33
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Thank you.together we are moving forward
17 Jan 07:24
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Well done winners
18 Mar 17:39
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