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Superbru in 2017

The General and his team have been hard at work over the last few months in preparation for 2017, and we’d like to share some of our plans.

Website redesign

The desktop website is undergoing its first major overhaul for a few years, responding to feedback and usage trends to improve navigation and user experience.

Superbru is a simple game, and we’re focusing the design around the main things people want to do and see - make picks, check results and see pool standings. The tournament navigation will be simplified around three main sections - Play, Performance and Pools.

The main tournament nav bar at the top will be combined with features on the Dashboard, simplifying the whole thing and making it easier to find what you need.

We’re aiming to have this ready by mid-January.

Brand new Superbru app

With more and more people using mobile devices to access Superbru, we’re revamping the Superbru app for iOS and Android.

Again, navigation will be simplified into clearer sections to make it easier to find what you want, with Play, Performance and Pools tabs always visible in a navigation bar at the bottom.

We’ll be able to make use of established app functions, such as swiping, inviting your phone contacts, and push notifications for pick reminders and other alerts.

We’re hoping to launch the new app in early February.

Cash Prizes

We have been experimenting with cash prizes in our Premier League and NFL games, and have made some people very happy over the last few months.

We’ll be extending this into several other major sports and tournaments, including Six Nations, Super Rugby and NRL, with cash prizes on offer every single week, regardless of where in the world you are based.

It’s not easy to win the cash jackpot, but it certainly is possible, and given that Superbru is always free to play and only takes a couple of minutes, the cash incentive seems to help with motivation to make picks when Dave from accounts is winning the office pool and gloating incessantly.

Pool configuration

As part of the 2017 relaunch, we are giving pool captains more control over aspects of the game.

Captains will be able to choose to switch off default picks in their pools, as well as determine whether to have a margin cap on Bonus Points, and whether the Bonus Point should be split or not if more than one player is closest to the result.

There will be a small cost for some features to contribute to the development time required to cater for different settings and scoring in different pools - but we are unpacking the Superpool features so you only pay for what you want, rather than a flat fee for everything.

Head to Head pools

The Head to Head feature is popular, but always plays second fiddle to the standard leaderboard, which means it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We’re breaking it into a separate type of pool, and captains will be able to choose the game type when they create their pool.

This should give it more focus as you’ll be able to check your performance more easily, and add an exciting element to playing Superbru.

10 pool slots

We’re extending the number of pools that a player can join to 10 per tournament. This will enable people to play in both Regular and Head-to-Head pools, plus any Megapools with prizes, and everyone knows that more pools = more fun.

Branding changes

We’re also planning some minor tweaks to the Superbru branding as part of the redesign, to keep things fresh and modern, just the way we like it.

Here’s to 2017

As always, thank you for playing Superbru. We’re looking forward to bringing you these changes and we will keep striving to make things better.
3,210 caps
I'm looking forward to improvement! :) I'm exciting the prize for Super Rugby as so far I've enjoy English Premier prize as it very tough and I wish I should reach 10 exactly point!
9 Dec 09:54
1,795 cap
Great idea. Glad that a person will be able to switch off the default picks 9 Jan 09:50
8,944 caps
All in all it all looks like its going to be extra super bru! Thanks for the great work you guys do. Your product gives so much fulfillment that I enjoy!!
9 Dec 09:57
2,193 caps
Great news, what about marketing your business for gold members are you looking into that as well
9 Dec 11:04
6,892 caps
Great news Superbru! I for one cant wait for the push notifications on the app !
9 Dec 13:58
2,130 caps
All sounds good.
9 Dec 19:23
6,123 caps
Change is always good it shows you guys value us as users of Superbru, big ups
10 Dec 05:40
24,058 caps
Sounds good.
10 Dec 11:24
12,354 caps
Uhmmm. Can I say "the jury is still out on this". I am not too sure that I would clap hands for all the changes. Will have to wait and see how they pan out.
10 Dec 14:52
21,443 caps
ummmmmmmmm you do it better hahahaha 18 Dec 20:59
10,472 caps
Please number honours the way you do caps
11 Dec 10:33
26,857 caps
Not a bad idea. But would prefer honours grouped into "Global" and then "Pool" types. Also needs some form of honours cleanup as far as maybe years go? But some good tweaks coming for us sports addicts! 12 Dec 08:49
26,566 caps
For me I am pleased that captain has option re defaults as I think it is being abused!
11 Dec 18:35
4,451 caps
I agree. I will definitely switch it off in pools where I am the captain. 31 Dec 20:59
5,237 caps
How about some women's leagues?
11 Dec 21:23
29,654 caps
@MadBrissyGuy we've discussed some options for women's leagues in future and it's something that we're working towards. 12 Dec 07:06
5,237 caps
@Dawid87 good stuff, I love the work you guys are doing, I only got back into SuperBru in June after many years away and impressed how far you guys have come! looking forward to competing in more tournaments to come against seasoned veterans of SuperBru 14 Dec 09:56
5,587 caps
Hi Hutch, this all sounds great, improvements to an already fantastic SuperBru!!!
Just one thing though, would it be possible to keep the left-hand side of the picks page fixed so that when you scroll down to each pick you don't lose the table/standings, in other words only the picks scroll up and down?
Thanks for making sport more entertaining, cheers for now, GDP.
12 Dec 07:03
29,654 caps
@GDP glad to hear that you're digging the stuff to come. The picks page (soon to be referred to as Play) is getting a significant overhaul and having the tournament standings in view while working on your picks is something that we're already specifically factoring into the page's design. 12 Dec 07:09
5,587 caps
@Dawid87 thanks very much, this is great news!!! Have a great day!! 13 Dec 07:46
22,207 caps
Thank you Hutch (Team Superbru) esspecially pool configurations...
12 Dec 13:00
2,780 caps
Great!Just one small problem...
In Superrugby, people get informed that they picked the underdog. Stop making it so easy.With little to no knowledge, one can still be competitive wich is not nice. In 7's, you mainly pick the team on the left(first),and you'll be fine. Ridiculous! Still love Superbru
Take care
12 Dec 16:35
26,186 caps
Happy with the increased pools to 10. Looking forward to the changes and the captains control over default points. Thanks guys. Superbru is my drug.
12 Dec 20:33
18,916 caps
Well done to the gen and team for a most spectacular thinking machine and taking all their users to heart have a great festive season and keep it going thank you!
13 Dec 07:03
6,677 caps
Can the Global Honours be changed to reward both difficulty of tournament i.e. Total Global Players and number of rounds, thru a tariff system. So for example English Prem League with 38 rounds and 380 picks and 52k players would be Cat 5, derived from 380 x 52000. While Tour de France with 8 rounds and 32 picks x 5.7k players would be say Cat 2 i.e. worth 40% of a Cat 5 win) . Regular affiliated pools Medals Tables would then be scaled to give a truer reflection of skill rather than a 'scatter-shot' approach of going in every competition to move up the table, a Gold in Zimbabwean Soccer should not carry the same value as winning Super18 Rugby. A weighted Tariff would solve this. An average cumulative Global Position Finish percentage would also be quite telling, rather than wading thru a Bru's metre long list of Honours, you will see a coloured star (eBay style) based on Total top 10% finishes, with a percentage e.g. 94.0 meaning they averaged a finish in the top 6% for their career
13 Dec 21:08
17,523 caps
Great ! Love Superbru ! Thanks for everything !
14 Dec 02:00
10,450 caps
Please concider eliminating players who enter and than do not make picks (maybe with a warning yellow card first).
I find it most annoying have leagues cluttered up with these losers.
And what about a really big Super League whereby players can enter and their points are included for the games they entered,to find out who is the King SuperBru,obviously the more games you enter the more points scored,could be a monthly or 6 monthly compo,
14 Dec 04:46
12,844 caps
I like the eliminating bit, 3 consecutive no picks; yellow card, 6 consecutive no picks; red card, you're gone!! Also an overall clean out of players, anyone who hasn't logged in in the past 3 years is obviously not playing or forgotten their password, created a new profile etc. delete their accounts. I'm sure the entire system would function faster if it was cleaned up?? 14 Dec 22:40
22,207 caps
Lobby I work on the same principle regarding no picks. Only problem towards end of tournament TG doesn't allow me to red card... 15 Dec 10:08
12,844 caps
HAGAR... yeah I used to do the same but eventually you spend more time managing your pools than making picks... I'm here to have fun not play policeman to people who have no self discipline. Getting too old to be bothered, if it doesn't effect me I just ignore them, their loss not mine... 15 Dec 19:41
13,601 caps
I like the default as sometimes people are victims of a legitimate inability to make picks. That said they should not be allowed more than two default rounds in a long competition such as Super 14 or the football leagues and perhaps one in shorter competitions such as Six nations, Varsity Cup or tour competitions. I also agree in cutting deadwood although the captain already has this option and so this is about taking responsibility. Otherwise the proposals look good on paper. 15 Jan 09:07
2,780 caps
2 Default rounds in a long competition?
RUBBISH!!! If you miss two games by all means. Two rounds? You don't want to play superbru if you miss two rounds. Quite simple! 2 Feb 18:50
17,634 caps
wonderful, can't wait for 2017, it's going to be an awesome year for Superbru addicts.
another thing, have achieved the 15,000+caps, am i now indoctrinated into The General's Club? And how does it work?
15 Dec 09:56
4,311 caps
How does it work? 25 Dec 01:28
3,116 caps
Sounds awesome!
15 Dec 11:56
2,466 caps
Very good idea as us hard core players will be attracted more!
15 Dec 16:21
29,776 caps
thanks Boys, the Superbru think tank is certainly not resting... here's to a great 2017!
20 Dec 06:44
3,553 caps
Wow this is awesome
21 Dec 13:02
29,723 caps
all sounds good to go 2017

22 Dec 04:03
13,001 caps
Hi Hutch

great plans for 2017, especially the 10 slots opening in games.
what about the points system in the clubs, you still have your 1st to 3rd place points but from their on then the points should change as when you finish 4th you get the same points earned as up to 6th and even higher possition with pools bigger then 50 players. could you take a look into this matter.

and what about extra points scored for most yellow caps earned in a tournament.
28 Dec 14:48
13,229 caps
Great stuff!!!
28 Dec 20:50
21,650 caps
Proper stuff
29 Dec 03:08
36,046 caps
Wicked, roll on the New Year; any new comps on the horizon? All the best everyone :-)
29 Dec 21:16
22,809 caps
Looking forward to 2017 with all its changes. Just please don't do away with DASHBOARD!! Leave as is.
30 Dec 16:25
388 caps
Can we have a win percentage list next to our names on the leaderboard? Win point isn't really the same thing. It would be good to see everyone's strike rate on the list.
1 Jan 23:58
26,989 caps
Great stuff, cannot wait for the new look -
3 Jan 08:21
1,132 cap
Could i ask that your team look at... ...when we open up the "Head To Head" points, that it opens up on the current, last round ... and not at the first round head to head results detail and now we have to page doen and down and down each time ! ; ) Thanks From Sunny Cape Town, South Africa
3 Jan 09:25
1,132 cap
down down down..... : )
3 Jan 09:25
2,307 caps
As someone who is constantly frustrated by the current navigation, i'm looking forward to trying the new site. I'm especially excited by the pool configuration changes.
Happy New Year to everyone out there. 3 Jan 13:24
26,035 caps
Well done on your plan improvements for 2017.
4 Jan 09:04
32,654 caps
Best wishes for 2017 (",)
4 Jan 09:08
95 caps
great, see you soon
4 Jan 15:50
18,291 caps
Good luck with all this!
5 Jan 15:25
7,447 caps
Like the changes particularly giving the Captains more control of their pools and allowing 10 pools. Also as I captain I am very concerned with regards no picks. suggest player eliminated if no picks for 3 consectative rounds or 5 rounds in total
7 Jan 11:02
18,697 caps
Looking forward to the changes, especially on the mobile platform... One thing you need to have a look at is not having the member request so close to the decline button on the app... had times where I accidentally declined a member as my finger did not make contact with the acceptance button. Otherwise really looking forward... Keep on with the good work.
8 Jan 03:15
11,019 caps
happy New year fellow Bru' s. and ladies... thank you for the awesome site.
I agree with many comments above. auto delete any names not playing for over 12 months. and the prizes!!
also think default is wrong
bonus should be given no matter how far out the closest play is as you still the closest
thanks again for everything!
good luck to all players for 2017!!!
8 Jan 05:54
10,798 caps
Did I read right? 10 Pools!! Yeah!! This is great news!!
16 Jan 14:15
381 caps
Very frustrated with new website. Not nearly as instinctive as old one. Proof it is not as good is that you are still offered the option of using the old one. I look forward to the day when new versions of anything are better than the old and take less time to navigate.!!
8 Apr 23:39
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