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Euro 2024: Round of 16 Predictions

Round 3 of the Euros Predictor turned out to be a tricky one, didn't it? Like most people I managed just 4/12 but an Exact for Turkey's 1-2 win over Czechia gave me a boost on my league leaderboards at the last.

Now, we're into the knockout stages where things get really interesting! Remember, you should only pick a draw for a knockout game if you think the match will go to penalties. Explainers for this are available in the how to play section, in this news article and on a big graphic that's been posted on the home tab of the Superbru Football app.

Here are the Round of 16 fixtures along with my opinion on each match. Feel free to share your own predictions in the comments!

Switzerland vs. Italy

This is perhaps the most difficult prediction in the round first up. I'd say Italy are probably slight favourites, but they haven't looked great as expected with a fairly new squad and manager, whereas Switzerland have been pretty solid. I'm not expecting too many goals and there may well be extra time and perhaps even penalties. However, I'm not sure I want to risk a draw pick and after Italy's late equaliser against Croatia, perhaps they have it in them to sneak a winner in this match. Switzerland 1-2 Italy

Germany vs. Denmark

This one should be more one-sided, as although Denmark will no doubt compete and keep things respectable, they haven't shown a lot to suggest they can win a game like this (or any game in this tournament!). Germany should be too strong, particularly with home support. Germany 2-0 Denmark

England vs. Slovakia

There's a strong chance that this game plays out similarly to England's dull match against Slovenia in Round 3, but surely they can find a winner even if it's over 120 minutes eventually? Slovakia are definitely a capable enough team to make this difficult considering England's attack just hasn't fired at all yet, but I'm going with heart and backing the Three Lions. Should they score within normal time, Slovakia will obviously have to chase the game so I'm going 2-0 on the basis that there might be a late second with the game stretched. England 2-0 Slovakia

Spain vs. Georgia

I've loved watching Georgia in this tournament and really hope they make a game of this but they're unlucky with their draw as Spain have been the best team in the tournament so far. The number of chances Georgia have been conceding really doesn't bode well heading into this match and the most likely outcome is definitely a comfortable Spain win. Spain 3-0 Georgia

France vs. Belgium

In a similar way to England, France haven't looked anywhere near as sharp in attack as they should be based on their players, but it feels like France are more likely than England to turn things around and go all the way. Belgium have been pretty poor in their group games and if France are even at around 75% of what they're capable of I think they'll win. France 2-1 Belgium

Portugal vs. Slovenia

Portugal should find a way through Slovenia's (admittedly fairly strong) defence and if they do so early in this game then it could end up being quite high-scoring. I'm going to give Slovenia a little more credit than that though and go with a respectable scoreline. Portugal 2-0 Slovenia

Romania vs. Netherlands

I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to pick them, but I think Romania will give the Netherlands a real game here because they were impressive in Group E and the Dutch seem to be going backwards a bit. Of course, the Netherlands' group was a tough one so that's maybe slightly unfair and if they're near their best they'll win comfortably. Romania aren't easy to score against though so I think we might see a bit of stress for the Oranje before some late goals eventually go in. Romania 1-2 Netherlands

Austria vs. Turkey

I feel like Austria have already done enough to justify the dark horses tag that many of us gave them by winning Group D, but this is now a Round of 16 fixture tie that they ought to get through in my opinion even though it will undoubtedly be tough with the support that Turkey have in this tournament. We saw Turkey struggle against Portugal and Austria also have goals in them so let's predict a few. Austria 3-1 Turkey

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How do your Round of 16 picks compare?
1,782 cap
Gotta be a pen shootout somewhere!
28 Jun 12:11
21,532 caps
England to lose on penalties. 28 Jun 12:58
49 caps
I hate to say it but yeah that’s probably what’s gonna happen 28 Jun 16:22
10,758 caps
I'm the President of the Diamond Series - look me up and get involved :0)
28 Jun 13:54
1,782 cap
Yep portugal
2 Jul 22:22
382 caps
England are the goats
3 Jul 18:49
382 caps
For round of 16i got yellow caps in 8 of my pools
3 Jul 18:50
21,532 caps
It's always a nice feeling to get the yellow caps. I didn't. 5555. 5 Jul 02:55
846 caps
Womp womp
4 Jul 11:53