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Euro 2024: All you need to know about the knockout stages

The group stage of Euro 2024 is now officially complete. That means we now have a couple of days of rest before the really exciting stuff begins as the knockout stage starts with the Round of 16 this Saturday.

Here is the confirmed Euro 2024 bracket showing each nation's path to the final:

On Superbru, you continue making predictions just as you have been throughout the group stage with points working in exactly the same way, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is extra time included in Superbru predictions?

Yes. If a match goes to extra time because the score is level after 90 minutes + injury time, the game will remain live on Superbru and any goals scored in extra time will be included.

Example: You've picked Germany 2-1 Denmark. The game ends 1-1 in normal time but Germany then score an extra time goal to win 2-1. The score will be recorded as 2-1 on Superbru and players that picked Germany will receive points. Players who picked a draw on Superbru will not receive any points.

What if a match goes to penalties?

If a match goes all the way to a penalty shootout, the game will be considered a draw on Superbru. This means that you should only pick a draw for a knockout game if you believe the match will go all the way to penalties.

Since a penalty shootout is considered a tie-breaker by major tournaments simply to find a winner after the game has been drawn, the match is considered over on Superbru before penalties are taken with players who picked the draw receiving points.

If you pick a team to win and they only go through on a penalty shootout, you will not receive points.


Each round is now separated by a couple of days to give players time to recover between each knockout game, which makes things a bit less relentless for Superbru players but also makes it slightly easier to miss deadlines when we're out of the daily rhythm.

Download the Superbru Football app to receive push notification reminders for any matches you are missing a pick for.

The knockout stage begins on Saturday at 18:00 local time (5pm UK) with Switzerland vs. Italy in Berlin. Germany will then take on Denmark at 21:00 local time (8pm UK) and all remaining matches in the tournament will be in one of those two kick-off slots which means no more 2pm UK deadlines.

Good luck with your predictions during the knockout stage!
2,330 caps
26 Jun 21:50
846 caps
Predictions everyone?
27 Jun 06:45
5,967 caps
germany 3, denmark 0.
switzerland 1, italy 3.
spain 9, georgia 0.
england 3, slovakia 0.
romania 1, netherlands 3.
austria 2, turkiye 2.
france 3, belgium 1.
portugal 7, slovenia 0. 27 Jun 16:33
1,782 cap
9-0 and 7-0? what you smoking 28 Jun 07:59
5,967 caps
i am smoking nothing at all. sometimes someone can be brave with their predictions and predict much wider scorelines. after all football fans around the world want to see goals raining a lot in a lot of football games. people do not want to see nervy 1-0 encounters most of the time. 28 Jun 20:04
1,782 cap
well you got those wrong. oddball. 3 Jul 14:24
95,034 caps
Another draw coming up.............
27 Jun 14:39
33,812 caps
Its there for the taking for England IMHO. Such a lop-sided draw with England & Italy favorites on the right but the left side is crammed with great teams (on paper only for some), Spain, Germany, France & Belgium! Beat Slovakia & the Swiss or Italians then the best of the 4 rather average teams shown above them with 'World Beaters' Austria possibly even favorites for the other Semi spot. Just need Kane to heed the words of Surrey punks Sham 69 "Hurry Up Harry!!'.
27 Jun 19:21
1,327 cap
Give me list of bracket
27 Jun 19:51
1,782 cap
google it 28 Jun 08:00
Austria to win it!
1 Jul 13:06
1,782 cap
Aged well
2 Jul 22:22