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Premier League 2021-22 Odds-based Fantasy Game

Premier League fantasy with a risk-based twist! Pick 3 goalscorers and 1 goalkeeper every matchday and earn their anytime goalscorer / clean sheet odds in points, plus regular fantasy points. Challenge your friends in Superbru's free Premier League Odds-based Fantasy game. Play on the web or download our iOS and Android apps.

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About Superbru's Free Premier League 2021-22 Odds-based Fantasy

  • Set up private leagues - great for work
  • Play in up to 10 leagues
  • Take on sports fans around the world
  • Smart scoring system and reliable mechanics
  • Play on the web or our Android + iOS apps
  • Over 1.8m people play Superbru
  • Real time scoring updates
  • Completely free to play

Scoring System

The game rewards and penalises players according to their real life performance on the field: if one of your players scores a goal, you score points; if another is given a yellow card, you get penalised points.

The scoring system aims to mimic real life, and to be as simple and transparent as possible. Of course, real life can never be exactly modelled, but the system tries to do its best to feel natural, fair and obvious.

Points are only final once all the games in a round are complete.

Points values

Play Points
Points values for all players
Played at least 60 minutes 2
Played less than 60 minutes 1
Assist 2
Own goal -2
Yellow card* -1
Second yellow card* -2
Red card (straight red)* -3
Points values for goalscorers
Goal 2 x anytime goalscorer odds
Penalty miss -2
Points values for goal keepers
Clean sheet 1 x clean sheet odds
First 2 goals conceded -1
Additional goals conceded -1 per goal
Penalty save 2

Please note: Your players will score points right up to the end of normal play, ie the end of 90 mins or extra-time if it is required. The penalty shootout will not count towards points earned.

* Goals and assists are occasionally re-credited shortly after a match following a review by official goal accreditation panels. Such changes will be reflected at Superbru but no adjustments will be made for decisions that occur more than 24 hours after a match, such as rescinded red cards.

About Superbru

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