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The PGA Championship

Introducing Fantasy Superstars by Superbru

Fantasy Superstars is a new game from Superbru designed for fans of fantasy and prediction games.
Ever played a result prediction game and thought it would be fun to predict which players will perform best, but found fantasy games too time-consuming and complex? Enter Fantasy Superstars by Superbru.
Pick 4 golfers
Each day, we'll present you with four bands of 6 golfers each. Predict the golfer that you think will perform best in that band.
Score points for play
Each of your 4 golfers will pick up points for play, like matches won, just as in a normal fantasy game.
Beat your mates
Set up pools for your friends, the same as in our other games. Take each other on to see who can predict the top-performing players.
It's quick and simple
Fantasy Superstars is simpler and quicker to play than a normal fantasy game because you don't need to manage a squad. But remember that simple isn't easy - tricky choices and risky opportunities abound!

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