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World Cup knockouts: What happens on Superbru if there's Extra Time?

The knockout stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup begin this Saturday which means there's a chance of extra time and penalties in each fixture.

On Superbru, our scoring page explains what happens if a match is still level after normal time, but to make sure everyone understands the rules in our Predictor, here's a more detailed explanation.

As our scoring page says:

Your pick will be scored at the end of regular time or the end of extra time if the match is drawn after regular time. If a match goes to penalties it will be scored as a draw.

To clarify this further, here's what happens with the three potential scenarios.

A match is won in normal time

Nice and simple. Superbru works just as it has been for the group stage of the tournament with points awarded to those who correctly picked the winning team.

The match is level after normal time so it goes to extra time and a team scores a winning goal

In this situation, points will still be awarded as normal to those of you that managed to pick the correct winning team. Points will not be awarded to players who picked a draw.

The match is level after normal time and after extra time meaning a penalty shootout is required

In this situation, points are only awarded to players who picked a draw. Since a penalty shootout is a tie-breaker with the match itself declared a draw, that's how it is reflected on Superbru meaning even if the team you picked to win manages to win the penalty shootout, you won't receive any points.

We hope that's nice and clear! The simple rule to stick by: Only pick a draw in the knockout stages if you think there will be a penalty shootout.
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The explanation is very clear thanks
1 Dec 16:17
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Yeah, thanks Jack
1 Dec 18:31
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That’s great, that is now nice and clear. 👍⚽️
1 Dec 22:22
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I have given up on this one. A total disaster of a tournament.
2 Dec 06:26
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What? it's been brilliant. 2 Dec 09:21
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My overall performance. 2 Dec 10:52
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That's the spirit... 2 Dec 18:06
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29/48 right so far.
2 Dec 18:07
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I have no idea what I've got right, but I know it's not great. 3 Dec 04:55
who asked
6 Dec 19:38
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Thanks a lot, I'm not as confused now
2 Dec 08:17
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This has been a rough tournament for me but I have enjoyed the challenge of World Cup football. Thanks for explanation on extra time Jack.
2 Dec 14:06
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Always thought it should still be after 90 mins. Picking a draw means you need to be correct TWICE, after 90, then after another 30. Whereas picking the winner gives you TWO shots at winning, inside 90 AND inside the extra 30. I think the fairest thing would to be to make a draw worth 1.33 x picking a winner as you are effectively having to predict TWO games as draws, a 90 min AND a 30 minute one. A draw would ONLY be for those so far down that they must gamble.

I'll try to distract the keepers for the England & Portugal knockouts I'm going to. How far do you think I cam throw my Superbru cap? Watch and see!
2 Dec 23:53
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Got it🫡
3 Dec 03:54
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4 Dec 00:18
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Got it
4 Dec 07:53
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At least we get the rules laid out in advance rather than being made up on the fly as we had with European rugby.
4 Dec 16:14
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What happens if its 1-1 at regular time and 2-2 after extra time. Which is the exact score for 3 points? 5 Dec 16:54
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2-2, sometimes called 'A Desmond'. 5 Dec 22:19
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5 Dec 17:54
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How can I join
5 Dec 18:34
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Is there GSP in the knockout round?
6 Dec 18:14
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a win is a win. How do you score that as a tie
6 Dec 22:02