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World Cup Knockout Challenge

Who will win this year's Rugby World Cup? The conversation is heating up as we approach the start of the tournament this week and with the help of our calculator tool, you can make your official prediction as to how the World Cup will play out and if you correctly predict the winner you'll be in with a chance of a cash prize.

In our World Cup Knockout Challenge, you can forecast the entire tournament by selecting your final pool standings and the winners of each resulting knockout game.

It's always interesting to play around with different combinations to see how the draw changes based on the pool stages but once you're confident you've nailed the eventual winner, submit your prediction and you'll be in with a chance of prize. Good luck!

Play World Cup Knockout Challenge
83,992 caps
Thanks! Looking forward to it. Great idea
14 Aug 13:29
48,884 caps
Very cool!
14 Aug 18:35
8,070 caps
Superbru is cool u are the best
14 Aug 19:08
70,344 caps
Wow. Looks challenging
Good concept.
15 Aug 02:46
20,663 caps
Totally cool!
15 Aug 04:26
1,621 cap
Hoe werk dit moet jy geld betaal om te speel
15 Aug 10:52
44,309 caps
Yes, I’ll send you my bank details! Just kidding. There is no charge. 15 Aug 16:19
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baie dankie 15 Aug 19:39
67,517 caps
I answered the questions in about 30 seconds with absolutely no bias whatsoever and the obvious answer was Australia will win the RWC easily . I even double checked and still came up with the same answer. Lol . Looking forward to a great RWC .
16 Aug 07:13
235 caps
If it was up to their coach, for sure!
21 Aug 04:57
16,228 caps
Great idea
16 Aug 08:44
48 caps
Great initiative
16 Aug 11:20
1,450 cap
17 Aug 04:37
2,297 caps
New Zealand v Ireland final 3 Sep 09:13
843 caps
I am a South African supporter but Ireland gonna win the World Cup
17 Aug 11:20
3,754 caps
17 Aug 17:37
3,754 caps
This will be interesting. France to win the opening game against NZ and South Africa lose to Ireland. England lose to Argentina and Wales top Pool C. South Africa beat France in the QF and NZ beat Ireland. Wales to go through against NZ in the SF and Argentina beat Aus to go through against SA. SA vs NZ in the FInal.
17 Aug 17:40
2,297 caps
New Zealand v Ireland final. But did you say here Argentina v Australia in SF but SA v NZ in final ? 3 Sep 09:18
5,711 caps
South Africa's opening game is against Scotland! Scotland to win by 5 or less or if the boks play badly and the #10 has a bad kicking game , SA could lose by a much bigger margin 6 Sep 05:08
3,451 caps
Just want to say something, I am also a Springbok supporter from New Zealand and that the Springboks are going to win!
21 Aug 06:22
211 caps
And like always......
3 Sep 09:34
2,769 caps
How do we sign up?
3 Sep 19:15
1,478 cap
South Africa
4 Sep 19:05
3,464 caps
How do I sign up?
4 Sep 20:23
2,068 caps
Join di....
5 Sep 14:06
1,615 cap
Looks fun
5 Sep 16:34
South africa
5 Sep 18:44
6,413 caps
This is not just Great but it\'s Awesome
6 Sep 05:00
1,007 cap
South Africa
6 Sep 07:06
10 caps
Springboks are going to win the world cup
6 Sep 07:58
47 caps
6 Sep 17:21
Enjoy Gentlemen
7 Sep 06:58
2,847 caps
It won't let me in
7 Sep 16:49