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World Cup 2023: Day 9 Preview

Italy are currently top of Pool A in the Rugby World Cup following their win over Uruguay last night, but they might not be for too much longer as hosts France are back in action this evening and it's fair to say they're favourites against Namibia.

We can expect quite an atmosphere at Stade Velodrome this evening, and, based on the average taken from all the Superbru picks made so far, quite a lot of points to be scored as well.

Rugby World Cup Day 8 results:

🇮🇹 Italy 38-17 Uruguay 🇺🇾
Result predicted by 94% of Superbru players
🎯 Exact margin predicted by 2.5% of Superbru players

Uruguay may well see this as a missed opportunity, as they were excellent in the first half and took a 10-point lead into the break. However, following an early yellow card in the second half for captain Andres Vilaseca, Italy were brilliant and ended up comfortable winners.

Rugby World Cup Day 9 schedule

🇫🇷 France vs. Namibia 🇳🇦
Kick-off at 21:00 local time
🏟 Stade Velodrome, Marseille

You have to feel a little sorry for Namibia at this World Cup as after being battered by the All Blacks last week who were keen to find some momentum after losing in Round 1, they now face France who have reverted to their 'A team' for this game after their second string was fairly unconvincing against Uruguay.

A very comfortable win for Les Bleus is expected, with Namibia set to be given a tough night by the likes of Antoine Dupont, Damian Penaud and Thomas Ramos.

Good luck with your prediction this evening!
1,743 cap
96-0 lol
21 Sep 21:36
49,166 caps
Let me guess - you got that one too 😬
21 Sep 22:42
10,267 caps
Fantasy problem - again! I love the fantasy game, but in tournaments like this it becomes a nightmare to manage transfers within the limit set for the pool stage. Please don't start that bs that it's the same for everybody and you should "manage" your team. With the games played from Wednesday to Sunday, like we had this week, the teams for Saturday and Sunday is not available at the start of the round. Now you have to guess as well within the limit of transfers. The coming weekend is even worst with France, England, Ireland and Wales not playing. All the teams select their best teams for the match at hand, I can't see any reason why we're not in a position to do the same. There should be a limit to the number of players per team and no limit on transfers. I hope one day we'll be able to play a fantasy game with no limit on transfers.
22 Sep 07:36
44,644 caps
Hennie - please don’t allow your frustration to manifest in rudeness. You say that it is bs that it is the same for everybody and that it is bs that one should manage their team. Wrong and rude. Neither statement is bs, and even if it was, those who read your comments are welcome to post their views. Being a Fantasy Manager is easy. Scoring well is difficult. That is why it is popular with knowledgeable, intelligent, industrious follows of sport. Over 10 million people play the official EPL Fantasy, where no team lineups are ever available during each rounds transfer window. The more effort one puts in, the more chance one has of scoring well. We all sympathise with your frustrations, as we have them too. It is a topic that many have views on, and are happy to discuss, provided the conversation is amicable. 22 Sep 09:14
10,267 caps
DreadedRed my intention was never to offend anybody nor to be rude. We've had this discussion previously and the first thing someone says is always "it's the same for everybody" and my argument is if you change the rules, it's still the same for everybody! I really don't care how many million play the EPL Fantasy, that's why I don't play it. 22 Sep 12:45
44,644 caps
Fair enough Hennie, I got a bit defensive there. It would be the same for everybody if unlimited transfers were allowed. Importantly, we would all be able to field a dream team every week. I expect that 98% of brus will all choose a 23 from a pool of about 40 players, even less in the latter in the latter stages, with a few left field choices here and there. Most of the players in the pool will get approximately the same score. The yellow cap winner’s team would be similar to most other players in the pool.

Limiting the transfers each round, has each bru’s squad organically adapting to the ever changing playing fields. Making choices with both short term and long term in mind, requires application, some research, and intellect. If a bru understands rugby (as most of us do), keeps up with the news, applies the fixture list rigorously, and chooses fortuitously in the 50/50 selections; that bru scores very well. Which is why the usual suspects get high global finishes in all the Rugby 23 Sep 04:44
44,644 caps
… Fantasies. Others, like myself, do well sometimes and pretty poorly other times.

Of course, if there becomes enough brus playing to warrant it, SB could run 2 competitions like they used to with the Daily Fantasies. 23 Sep 04:57
44,644 caps
ps What I do find, is that when I put more effort in, I score better. I don’t always have time, but I still enjoy each tournament. Even in rounds where I can only field half a team, I know that if I can pick 6 high scoring players, I won’t lose much ground. 23 Sep 05:05
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@Hennessy nah said by 65
22 Sep 08:14