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World Cup 2023: Day 13 Preview

The second half of the Rugby World Cup (in terms of the number of matches played) begins this evening with Uruguay and Namibia kicking off Round 4 of our Predictor game.

If you're looking for a second opinion on your picks for Round 4, Hutch's predictions for this round can be found here. Today is the final fixture of the tournament that is scheduled to take place on a Wednesday, which is something to celebrate for fantasy players.

Rugby World Cup Day 13 schedule

🇺🇾 Uruguay vs. Namibia 🇳🇦
Kick-off at 17:45 local time
🏟 Groupama Stadium, Lyon

Neither of these teams will be progressing from Pool A, but they'll each have highlighted this fixture as their best opportunity of picking up a RWC win so it will mean a lot to both teams. Having performed far more impressively thus far, Uruguay are seen as strong favourites by most. Namibia have conceded 219 points in their opening 3 games.

The notable team news ahead of this game is that Namibian forward Johan Retief is ruled out after being bitten by a spider in the team hotel! Coach Allister Coetzee said in his pre-match press conference that 'you can't predict these things'. Hopefully he was talking about the spider rather than the Round 4 results on Superbru. Get well soon, Johan.

Good luck to all with your prediction this evening and enjoy the match!
'"hopefully he was talking about the spider rather than round 4 results on superbru" HAHA
27 Sep 14:34
91,985 caps
It's hard picking so far in advance of the weeknds' games, but hey, that's the fun of it. :-)
27 Sep 15:35
31,321 caps
Ah yes the infamous 'Uruguayan Scrotum Biting Spider'. Treatable with a poultice of Deepheat & Veet, which should provide 'Relief to Retief'!
28 Sep 13:56
39,839 caps
No Duhan, no Gallo, even on the bench, who's next absent in my team?
28 Sep 14:09
31,321 caps
“Ungroovy baby!” I paid 6 pts to add Darcy Graham in case GT pulled this stunt with DvdM. He is on my bench but i need Mapimpi to start now! It all adds to the excitement. 28 Sep 16:06
39,839 caps
Mapimpi is confirmed and i have some fire guy from Georgia Ninashvili, so, thanks god, full 3 in the attack, but without kicker unfortunately, Sexton NP and Russel resting in this round 28 Sep 18:38
31,321 caps
Never take chances with 'Double Pickees' Kicker & Capt, Telea & Mo'unga for me. bird in the hand.... 28 Sep 21:01
2,370 caps
Having to pick a Fantasy Team with barely 4 lineups published is pot luck really. No skill involved at all.
28 Sep 19:46