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World Cup 2023: Day 1 Preview

Happy Rugby World Cup day, everyone!

The big event has finally arrived and it will begin in style with a clash between two genuine contenders for the title. Hosts France welcome the All Blacks to the Stade de France this evening.

Throughout the World Cup, we'll be providing brief previews on each day of the tournament to look ahead at what's coming up as well at looking back at the previous day's results and how predictable the outcomes were based on Superbru data.

Of course, today's schedule is a fairly straightforward one:

Rugby World Cup Day 1 schedule

🇫🇷 France vs. New Zealand 🇳🇿
Kick-off at 21:15 local time
🏟 Stade de France, Saint-Denis

Making a prediction for this opening game, on the other hand, is anything but straightforward! Feel free to leave your thoughts on France v New Zealand in the comments. Overall, picks are quite evenly balanced on Superbru with a small majority currently leaning towards NZ.

France lineup to face New Zealand:

New Zealand lineup to face France:

More generally, before things get underway we'd like to say a huge thank you to you all for getting involved in our tournaments for this RWC! Our World Cup Predictor is already the biggest Superbru tournament ever with several hours still to go before kick-off. We hope the game can positively add to your experience of RWC 2023 as it should bring some extra interest to each and every match of what should be an excellent tournament.

Good luck with your prediction this evening and enjoy the match!
48 caps
Hopefully the weather will be good and we can see some running rugby.Furthermore that all match officials will be consistent. Cheers.
8 Sep 14:24
1,845 cap
4 g8k

Net t
8 Sep 15:50
1,741 cap
Hopefully? It's 35 degrees in Paris...
8 Sep 16:49
191 caps
Here we go
8 Sep 16:51
1,614 cap
Game Time 😎
8 Sep 16:52
207 caps
Going to be good
8 Sep 17:18
45 caps
Nice to take part
8 Sep 17:27
46 caps
I'm backing France by 15 mmmm
8 Sep 17:48
3,582 caps
Looks like this one is the most eagerly anticipated RWC ever, everyone talking about it. GO BOKKE make us proud. Good luck to everyone taking part on Superbru. 👏🎊🎊
8 Sep 17:49
1 cap
Let's go south Africa bokas for life
8 Sep 18:39
46 caps
8 Sep 18:42
9,568 caps
Go Bokke!!
8 Sep 19:31
Go New Zealand!
8 Sep 19:38
42 caps
Haka haka hier kom kakka
8 Sep 19:46
64 caps
Hot in the kitchen
8 Sep 19:46
499 caps
Im now on for all black i hope there going to winn but if south africa play i vote for them for sure
8 Sep 19:54
1,316 cap
Hard to say these words but GO THE ALL BLACKS Aussie Bart
8 Sep 20:09
W T F both finalists in the first game ?!
8 Sep 20:14
55 caps
Yea sir
8 Sep 20:58
88 caps
8 Sep 21:08
28,205 caps
Have been a great game
9 Sep 04:52
83 caps
France SA final
9 Sep 05:12
30 caps

So wjo won
9 Sep 05:13
30 caps
Who won
9 Sep 05:13
30 caps
Can someone tell me who won
9 Sep 05:14
25,815 caps
Jaco Peyper the ref had the best game - the other 2 teams were average and the ABs played the same terrible penalty ridden game as the one they lost against the Springboks at Twickenham 2 weeks ago
9 Sep 05:31
44,638 caps
The French and the New Zealanders squads have been cocooned in a bubble. They have been expecting Ireland to beat the Boks, so in the first half no one wanted to win. At half time the French were shown photos of the Bok squad, and played as if their quarter final lives depended on it.
9 Sep 05:42
1,685 cap
9 Sep 06:10
107 caps
Is there issues with the app? Because points are not updating
9 Sep 07:16
5,916 caps
Superbru and the Springboks are awesome !!! I have a unique ability on Superbru .... whatever I pick .... the opposite happens
9 Sep 07:45
44,638 caps
Great news! Please be sure to post your predictions on this thread early enough for us to make the necessary adjustments. 10 Sep 05:04
4,128 caps
What a cracker kick off game
10 Sep 11:05