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WATCH: Virtual Community Shield (VPL pre-season)

Earlier in the week we announced the launch of the first ever Virtual Premier League Predictor on Superbru. If you’re missing Superbru, sign up to play this innovative game for unprecedented times before Round 1 kicks off on Tuesday. Now read on to watch the important curtain raiser for the season…
Earlier in the week we announced the launch of the first ever Virtual Premier League Predictor on Superbru. If you’re missing Superbru, sign up to play this innovative game for unprecedented times before Round 1 kicks off on Tuesday. Now read on to watch the important curtain raiser for the season…

We all know that the English football season doesn't just begin with Round 1 of the Premier League immediately taking place. Each club goes through a rigorous pre-season with managers drilling new tactics into their squads, players getting themselves match-fit for the strenuous season ahead and fans looking for any insight they can get into how the upcoming campaign may play out.

The virtual world is no different. Since word of the 2020 VPL season got out on the 31st March, the virtual teams have been ramping up their preparation in a pre-season that has now culminated in England's traditional curtain-raiser between last season's most successful teams. That's right, it's Community Shield time.

Manchester City's domestic treble in the 2018/19 campaign means they took both of the Community Shield qualification spots as Premier League and FA Cup winners. In such an instance, the Premier League runners-up take a spot and so we are left with City facing Liverpool at Wembley.

Fortunately for you all, we at Superbru have managed to broadcast the 2020 Virtual Community Shield and we hope the game will give you a far better idea of what the upcoming VPL experience will be like.

Join the Virtual Premier League Predictor

This is an opportunity for you to take a look at how the FIFA gameplay works with the two favourites for the VPL title doing battle in this fixture. We hope it answers some of the questions you may still have about our predictor tournament and ultimately makes you even more excited for the event that will hopefully cure some of the boredom we're all feeling during the current lockdown.

Here is Manchester City vs. Liverpool in the 2020 Virtual Community Shield:

Note: Please excuse the issue on the formation lineup graphics with a lack of player names - this is an issue on EA's side rather than ours we believe. It shouldn't affect the Premier League matches as much!

Virtual Premier League broadcasting

The aim is to show you a VPL game in every single round (every day) of the upcoming tournament in order to increase the detail and fun we can have with this virtual tournament.

We are working on a plan to ensure that following every pick deadline (3pm UK time), the game that has been selected for 'live TV coverage' will begin broadcasting on the Superbru website and app around 5 minutes after the deadline.

The games will be shown via a YouTube 'Premiere' meaning that each match will be shown in good quality and in a way that acts as live for us all to watch together. Anyone who is able to tune in for that first showing of each game will be streaming the VPL simultaneously with all other brus as the Premiere will not allow people to fast forward through the match and know the result before others.

Our aim is to create an experience whereby you can cheer on the virtual team you have picked at Superbru without knowledge of the result so we can try and fill the void we are currently experiencing with no 'real' Superbru tournaments currently taking place!

We hope you enjoyed the Community Shield and congratulations to the winners! Some serious momentum gained ahead of VPL Round 1.
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3 Apr 13:54
66,443 caps
Looking forward to it!
3 Apr 19:48
5,655 caps
How do you set up league?
3 Apr 21:12
27,606 caps
Donated 20 quid - you guys are worth every penny
4 Apr 00:44
27,225 caps
Thank you Liam! We're incredibly grateful for the support. 5 Apr 10:01
45,114 caps
What was the score?
4 Apr 05:42
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I'm gonna virtual wallop you all....
4 Apr 07:43
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Teams are virtually playing every single day. Players must be virtually fit then...
4 Apr 07:45
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So a 90 minute game can be set to elapse in about a quarter of the time with the clock whizzing towards 90 plus stoppage. Is this a default setting? I think it is quick enough myself but others might like it to last longer, unless you plan to show 1 or 2 others a day, to give us an hour or so of action. Its funny but VAR doesn't figure at all, otherwise we would get 7 or 8 minutes of added time! In real football the ball is actually only in play 50-60 mins of the 90, so I thought we might get that long. I have FIFA 18, bought used but yet to play. Might have to now though! Where were the player ratings btw? Was that what 'Undefined' related to at the start?
4 Apr 14:32
27,225 caps
Hey Paul, the games will be shown with these 6-min halves which is the default for FIFA. You can extend the time but this just slows down the gameplay rather than allowing time for more action/goals and we feel this is a pretty good speed so that people can watch a full game without it dragging and requiring too much of their time (I know we all have plenty at the moment!). Player ratings are not shown in-match, they are shown when managing and selecting your team. Since I'm not managing the sides in order to avoid human intervention, these won't be shown in full but you can see a glimpse at half-time on the pause menu. My reference to them in a previous article was merely to explain that the best players in real life are also the best on the game. They're easy to find online though, here's an EA article on the top players: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/fifa/fifa-20/ratings/fifa-20-player-ratings-top-100 5 Apr 10:11
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So with all this virtual reality stuff going on, don't tell me its going to be so "real" that it also gets suspended two thirds of the way through!
4 Apr 15:00
21,655 caps
Gav you want suspending from about halfway, if you catch my drift! 4 Apr 19:52
34,207 caps
Totally unrealistic ... Salah just outside the 6 yd box with a clear shooting chance passes to Keita who scores ... we all know Salah would never pass in that situation :))
6 Apr 12:27
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Virtual Tennis / Golf / Rugby?
Seems over 6 600 players... We can play more
8 Apr 06:18