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URC: Round 6 Predictions

I managed 7 out of 8 correct picks last weekend, with only the Stormers draw costing me a GSP. Munster beating the Bulls and Ulster winning against the Lions were the two that tripped most people up.

Some more tricky picks are coming up. Here are my URC predictions for Round 6.

Benetton v Bulls

The Italians are unbeaten at home, and the Bulls have not managed to win outside South Africa yet. It’s not an easy pick, but the Bulls have more quality in their squad. Bulls by 6

Connacht v Scarlets

This should be a home win, given that Connacht have beaten Munster in Galway this season, and Scarlets’ only win was against Zebre. Connacht by 13

Zebre v Edinburgh

The Scots thrashed the other Italian side last weekend, but with the benefit of home advantage. They should still be too good for Zebre here though. Edinburgh by 18

Lions v Glasgow

The Lions were beaten at home last weekend, but only just, and Ulster are usually more of a threat than Glasgow. Lions by 9

Sharks v Ulster

Can the Irish make it two wins from two in South Africa? The Sharks will be a bigger challenge, and I’m expecting a narrow home victory here. Sharks by 4

Leinster v Munster

This looks like it’s only going one way, with the home side clear favourites. Leinster by 13

Cardiff v Stormers

I think the South Africans were scuppered by the weather last week, and they should be able to perform better in Cardiff and come away with the win. Stormers by 11

Dragons v Ospreys

The Dragons will be eyeing up a victory here, but they still aren’t good enough for me to pick them for a win. Ospreys by 8

4,919 caps
Hopefully a GSP this weekend!
21 Oct 08:05
5,553 caps
Sharks to win by more than 10 ; Benneton to win by more than 7; Glasgow to win by more than a losing bonus point and Stormers to scrape it by less than 5 or maybe even a draw again. The rest are fairly straightforward.
21 Oct 10:35
84,831 caps
Can you in the case of a draw on a weekend, But still picked all the other games right. Award 1 GSP point. Like Hutch manage 7 out of 8 with a draw. 1 point is fair ?
21 Oct 10:48
41,796 caps
Agreed Corne, missing the GSP because of a draw is a bit harsh. One point would be gratefully received! 21 Oct 11:07
84,831 caps
Hopefully they will look into it for future touraments 21 Oct 11:22
67,841 caps
A draw is not a win and there is the option to pick a draw in your selections so I doubt Superbru will ever consider your corney suggestion 21 Oct 12:08
41,796 caps
Well Prof, 5 wins is not 10 wins yet you get a GSP for predicting 5 correct results in a 10 match football round. Gotta love sweetcorn. I don’t expect there’ll be any consideration given to changing the rules mid-season. However I do expect that Corne’s suggestion will be noted, and has probably been discussed a few times in the past at HQ. 21 Oct 18:28
1,577 cap
Ulster vs Sharks game off and Emirates Lions vs Glasgow off all due to gastroenteritis infections!! Will there be extra picks allowed in the Fantasy selections
21 Oct 12:59
41,441 caps
Yes please 21 Oct 13:08
80,768 caps
Are these touring teams shi**ing themselves or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 Oct 15:43
41,339 caps
Two games off, will be nice with more transfers
21 Oct 13:03
41,441 caps
Yes please 21 Oct 13:09
40,690 caps
Also had 7 out of 8 with the stormers drawing
21 Oct 13:04
19,200 caps
Unlimited transfers for this round will be fair. I have 7 players from the 4 teams and have to replace them due to other players also not selected for this week by their clubs 21 Oct 14:16
19,200 caps

BULLPRET17,195 caps
Unlimited transfers for this round will be fair. I have 7 players from the 4 teams and have to replace them due to other players also not selected for this week by their clubs
21 Oct 14:18
80,768 caps
SuperBru have commented that any extra transfers will cost you 10 points each.
So it is pointless planning ahead - you just get punished
I have six starting players thanks to sore little tummies by scared touring teams
21 Oct 15:47
80,768 caps
I will play without two props and a scrumhalf. Only 1 in 4 games do they score more than 10 points so it is not worth losing 10 points for them. Good luck everyone
21 Oct 16:06
1,799 cap
21 Oct 17:04
40,690 caps
Two games postponed what now happens to my fantasy players I had kicker from sharks and back up kicker from the lions
21 Oct 18:19
41,796 caps
Well Henery, it looks like you’ll have to kick yourself. 21 Oct 18:31
41,796 caps
Sorry for the typo Hendry! 21 Oct 18:32
40,690 caps
No problem but now we wil lose points
21 Oct 18:44