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URC: Round 7 Predictions

I have a small red arrow after last weekend, despite my 6 out of 8, which was slightly better than the community average.

This weekend I am expecting mostly home wins, with the lower table derby between Cardiff and the Scarlets perhaps the hardest to pick.

Here are my picks for Round 7 of the United Rugby Championship.

How do these compare to your own picks?

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15,783 caps
Yeah should be no surprises this week, unless the Scots surprise the Irish in both their away games
1 Dec 09:52
4,930 caps
Agree, Larry obviously you are going to pick the Sharks and Zebre this weekend.
1 Dec 10:07
5,577 caps
Definitely the Sharks. Stormers to win. Bulls haven't got their favorite ref on their side. He's reffing an overseas game.
1 Dec 10:30
3,305 caps
This aged well 2 Dec 16:11
54,110 caps
Probably a new favorite ref for us 3 Dec 14:50
46,917 caps
I'm taking a punt on Glasgow - always a risk with the Friday fixture as it can ruin the gameweek before it's even got going
1 Dec 12:13
1,582 cap
Nah Munster are too good at home. 1 Dec 13:04
1,582 cap
well munster won 4 Dec 14:27
61,335 caps
Going with Glasgow and Sharks for a win. Positive for 8 from 8 this weekend.
1 Dec 12:19
16,000 caps
I know Munster has home advantage but they've only beaten teams in the bottom half of the table so I think Glasgow all the way ;-)
1 Dec 12:48
1,582 cap
no way 1 Dec 13:04
4,151 caps
You are certanly (is that spelled correct? ) a master of puppeteers. 1 Dec 15:38
5,577 caps
@Fish, at least you also agree with the Sharks winning
1 Dec 14:35
32,220 caps
Smells fishy to me.
1 Dec 14:38
5,577 caps
@TOP GUN, lol
1 Dec 16:33
1,582 cap
Munster won. No surprise.
2 Dec 07:31
1,181 cap
South African refs not supposed to ref South African derbies it is an international competition and not the curriecup.
2 Dec 07:43
1,582 cap
They're both south African teams who cares
2 Dec 09:27
319 caps
2 Dec 19:50
5,577 caps
@JohannesF, I agree. The ref should be a mutual ref ie non South h African whether 2 SA teams are playing or if it's a SA team vs an overseas team
3 Dec 02:49
5,041 caps
Mighty mighty Bulls!!!!! Thanks for the training run Sharks did the Bulls well to have such an easy game before a real team arrives next weekend.... hahahaha lol...
3 Dec 04:26
5,577 caps
@VikingKing the Bulls have had easy games so far. The Sharks are a REAL team BTW. I'm glad that the Bulls were denied one of their tries. So often they get away with alot of things, but not this time! Give the Sharks time. They have a new coach so coaching and style if rugby will be different. I will never ever support another SA team other than the Sharks who play against an overseas team.
3 Dec 17:31
214 caps
Bulls and stormers is going to win,if you don’t say so then you clearly don’t know rugby
5 Dec 07:03
214 caps
I will always back a 🇿🇦 team 🧔‍♂️
5 Dec 07:07
39 caps
Look who s talking
5 Dec 18:50