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URC: Round 6 Predictions

Another 5 out of 8 was about average last weekend, and I’m clinging on inside the Top 1% on the global leaderboard.

This weekend looks fairly straightforward at first glance, but there’s bound to be an upset or two in there somewhere.

Here are my picks for Round 6 of the United Rugby Championship.

This is the week that the Sharks finally get a victory, and actually I think all 4 South African teams will win.

Glasgow v Ulster is the toughest call I think, but Scotstoun is not an easy place to win as Leinster found in Round 1, and I’ll normally back the Warriors there.

How do your picks compare?

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Scarlets to Win against Ospreys. Ospreys was bad against Dragons
23 Nov 12:02
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They're better at home 24 Nov 10:28
15,716 caps
I concur 100%
23 Nov 12:20
5,553 caps
I partially agree. Bulls and Stormers to lose. All others should win.
23 Nov 13:19
4,919 caps
Larry since the beginning of the URC you pick the Bulls to loose and on 3 occasions the prove you wrong!
This weekend both the Stormers and Bulls will prove you wrong again.
23 Nov 13:57
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23 Nov 14:58
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@Die Skim, the Bulls and the Stormers lost last weekend in fact all SA teams lost. I will never pick any other SA (except the Sharks) to win against an overseas team even if it's a final
23 Nov 15:06
4,107 caps
The Sharks? Al wat die Sharks kan doen is om \'n duik in \'n drol te druk! 23 Nov 21:14
3,256 caps
You have to consider circumstance as well. Bulls lost as they got a red and yellow in short succession leading after the break. Bulls haven\'t been bad. Can\'t say the same for stormers. But your bias towards everyone except the sharks(which clearly are struggling) will not do your picks any favours. Best not to comment when your picking kindergarden fights instead of talking rugby. 24 Nov 13:49
5,553 caps
I have to admit teh Sharks have had a shocking start to the 2023/24 URC season. Give them time and things will get better. They are still my team and I will back them no matter what.
24 Nov 05:23
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All the best Larry with your guppies.
24 Nov 07:49
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24 Nov 11:39
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@Benno Beer you can't blame the red and yellow cards that the Bulls got on their loss. Every player knows that if you go into a tackle and there is head contact there will be severe consequences and with that they will be doing their team a dis favor. Everyone has their favorite team and mine is the Sharks who I know are struggling but you have to be loyal to one team. I know that I might be bias to all the other SA teams but it's all in good faith and good humor and it's fun to have some friendly banter lol
25 Nov 01:25
41,781 caps
May the best team win. A commonly held desire, that is the basis of fair competition.

Yes, all the rules, regulations, and laws apply equally to all teams, and are known. However, red an yellow cards frequently result in the 2nd best team winning. It leaves a sour taste. 25 Nov 05:51
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Oh look ospreys won.
26 Nov 20:20
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SA teams in dreamland this weekend
26 Nov 20:21