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URC: Round 5 Predictions

Five results in the last round were picked by less than 50% of the Superbru community, so whilst I was initially disappointed with getting a few wrong, my 5 out of 8 yielded another green arrow on the global leaderboard.

Here are my picks for Round 5 of the United Rugby Championship.

The Sharks have had a difficult tour culminating in defeat to the Zebre, but they should be a different beast back in Durban. Edinburgh v Bulls is a tricky one, but I’ve gone with home advantage, as I have for the Zebre v Cardiff fixture.

Seven home wins out of eight in my picks this week, with the Ospreys to pick up the only away win in Newport.

How do your picks compare?

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5,711 caps
It is a tricky round that is for sure. Although the Sharks are my team, I must say that discipline has let them down. However, I'm hoping that this weekend is when things will change and we will put on a good display. I'm going for Sharks again. Agree with all your other picks Hutch.
16 Nov 13:52
48,884 caps
Agree with all of those< Hutch - except I'm going for a calculated risk with Cardiff against Zebre - it's a bit too close to call with any confidence...
16 Nov 15:53
44,309 caps
You got that right! I hope you were foolish enough to pick a draw? 18 Nov 06:41
6,433 caps
Nope think youve got a few wrong this weekend im a shark supporter but cant see them winning
16 Nov 19:20
33,226 caps
Connacht by 2 away in the Shark Tank. Unlucky away in Edinburgh. Parma hangover week, so Cardiff by 2. Bulls & Ospreys by 2 away.....er hang on....that's rather a lot of away wins eh? Let me regroup & re-think....talk amongst yerselves. .....These will be the 3 or 4 Hutch will get wrong this week, so my logic is still sound...er sort of?
17 Nov 01:47
2,470 caps
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17 Nov 06:49
34,505 caps
Jersey-pud-puller, open mouth put in foot. LOL!
17 Nov 12:54
44,309 caps
You got the LOL part right. It’s healthy to laugh at one’s self. 18 Nov 06:43
131 caps
i reckon a sharks upset (as a stormers fan)
17 Nov 16:29
5,711 caps
@Phil Sharks need a win desperately. Come on back the Sharks. Risk your GSP
17 Nov 18:39
44,309 caps
Just like the World Cup. The draw scuppers dreams.
18 Nov 06:45
1,730 cap
Sharks lose again ofc
18 Nov 18:25