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URC: Round 12 Predictions

The URC returns this weekend, and it looks like we’re set for an exciting run-in.

I also have my eyes on the prize in the new Second Chance League, where scoring starts from 0 and there’s a season ticket for next year up for grabs. The Dragons are my closest team in the URC.

Here are my picks for Round 12 of the United Rugby Championship.

I hope I don’t regret picking the Sharks, but they are too good to be at the bottom of the table, and it’s a good time of the season to play the Irish sides.

I’ve also picked the Scarlets to beat Benetton, because I suspect the Italian players will also have been celebrating hard this week.

Elsewhere, I’m picking the Bulls and Leinster to match each other’s results and continue to occupy the top two places in the table.

What do you think of my picks?

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92,981 caps
Somewhere an upset is coming.....
22 Mar 09:51
5,645 caps
The upsets will be Dragons and Edinburgh winning 22 Mar 12:51
6,741 caps
Definitely Ulster and Benetton to get the narrow away wins.
22 Mar 10:13
2,115 caps
Agreed 23 Mar 07:25
71,676 caps
Nice to see you taking the Sharks, makes me feel a bit better about my picks LOL. A bit wary of a Benetton away win?
22 Mar 11:25
5,645 caps
I agree. I am a die hard Sharks fan and will always back them even if it means getting some red arrows 22 Mar 12:56
5,645 caps
I agree Sharks to win. However, it will be by a bigger margin. Dragons to upset the Bulls by more than a losing bonus point and also Stormers to be shocked by Edinburgh by more than a losing bonus point. Just my opinion
22 Mar 12:50
71,676 caps
Larry Larry Larry LOL you opening yourself up for heavy fire from the Vlou Nils hahahahaha. 22 Mar 13:43
5,645 caps
I know but I love the banter. I couldn\'t care less what people say to be honest. 22 Mar 16:11
6,741 caps
Anyone think Ospreys could pull it off tonight?
22 Mar 15:07
33,345 caps
Jersey pud puller can. LOL! 23 Mar 12:59
9,592 caps
I agree with most but I suggest a narrow Ulster win and a narrower Benetton win
22 Mar 17:30
47,893 caps
I've gone for the Ospreys - judging by results, they've got a fair chance.
22 Mar 19:01
47,893 caps
That gamble worked out well (SARCASM) 🤔
22 Mar 19:49
I thought the same. 23 Mar 11:13
12,821 caps
No ways the Stormers will be shocked Larry !!!!!
23 Mar 12:26
5,645 caps
Lol. I hope I\'m right 23 Mar 14:01
Larry all the South Africa teams were great, INCLUDING the SHARKS :-)
25 Mar 11:17
1,661 cap
Larry predictions amazing as usual
25 Mar 15:23
609 caps
27 Mar 13:57