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URC: Quarter-Final Predictions

We have reached the URC Playoffs with an exciting weekend of knockout matches ahead.

Here are my United Rugby Championship predictions for the quarter-finals this weekend.

I’m playing it a little safe here with four home wins. I think Ulster might fancy an upset in Dublin, but I’m not brave enough to pick it.

The Stormers are the other team that could win away from home, but Glasgow have proved very tough to beat in front of their own fans this season.

How do you see the semi-finals shaping up?

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5,027 caps
Agree, except Stormers will win.
7 Jun 08:50
5,743 caps
Benneton to cause an upset and all the others seem straight forward. The rest to win as they are playing at home. From the semis it will be all European teams 7 Jun 12:08
5,743 caps
@Die Skim, do you know that the Stormers are playing away and at night and not in Cape Town? 7 Jun 13:36
5,027 caps
Yes Larry i do,and i also know Evan Roos is not playing but they and the Bulls will still win,they are not like the Sharks! 7 Jun 14:17
5,743 caps
Let\'s hope that the Bulls and the Stormers LOSE. The Sharks are the 1st and only SA team to win a European championship (The URC is not a European Championship. It was formed when SA joined the European teams.) The EPCR includes the Challenge and Champions Cup. Next season the Sharks will be a different team in the URC and Champions Cup and they will be have a much better season. With that said, let\'s keep this banter friendly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and let\'s respect everyone\'s opinion please!!!! 7 Jun 17:20
5,743 caps
Also, winning the EPCR (Challenge Cup or Champions Cup), is way more prestigious than winning the URC 7 Jun 17:26
25,823 caps
Shame Larry - it must be terrible to go through life so ignorant and wearing blindfolds.
The Sharks are a SOUTH AFRICAN team just like the others. URC is far more prestigious. 8 Jun 08:44
5,743 caps
@FDL have you even heard of the Champions Cup and Challenge Cup. Seems like you are the ignorant one here. Do yourself a favor and google Champions Cup. Also search Challenge Cup Champions and you will see that the Sharks won are the Champions of that competition. The Challenge Cup and Champions Cup both fall under the umbrella of the EPCR 8 Jun 19:50
25,823 caps
Ah shame @Larry - someone with 5700 caps telling someone with 25000 caps - ja right
Sharks are great, the other SA Teams are ALSO great - but you carry on supporting your team. woop woop 10 Jun 10:33
12,415 caps
Bulls by 26
7 Jun 12:27
5,743 caps
Let\'s hope it\'s just a comment that you are making on here that the Bulls are going to win by 26. Hopefully your predictions on superbru are more realistic 7 Jun 17:24
5,027 caps
And there goes Larry again on his wild goose chase.
7 Jun 14:18
5,743 caps
Lol. 7 Jun 18:04
3,156 caps
Can't argue with 4 Home wins. Ulster the only Away team who could potentially sneak it imho.
7 Jun 15:13
160 caps
I'm rooting for a BULLS win.
8 Jun 07:30
280 caps
Terrible yellow card after several high tackles from Glasgow!
8 Jun 19:56
5,743 caps
There was also shocking officiating in the Bulls vs Benneton game with the Bulls benefiting as usual. The one one very high tackle on a Benneton player which looked liked it could have been a red card or at least a yellow card for the Bulls player wasn\'t even referred to the tmo. Hopefully the citing commissioner picked it up and the Bulls player gets deservedly cited.
8 Jun 20:30
5,743 caps
Well done to Glasgow who were outstanding against a poor Stormers team. Probably their worst performance of the season. Now Leinster have to shock the Bulls next week to set up an all European final in Europe.
8 Jun 20:33
40,787 caps
Larry, dis tyd vir jou om te gaan doedoes. Nag ou groote.. 8 Jun 20:38
27,531 caps
Ai Larry…
10 Jun 05:48
2,212 caps
Larry, ek hoor die Sharkies kan nog finals toe gaan 🤣 hulle moet net kaartjies koop by Loftus😛😛
13 Jun 18:00