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URC: 2024 Final prediction

The URC Grand Final takes place this weekend, and for the third consecutive year, it will be hosted in South Africa as the Bulls welcome Glasgow to Loftus Versfeld.

Here is my United Rugby Championship final prediction.

Prediction: Bulls by 8

I can’t see anything other than a home win in front of a packed out Loftus, where the Bulls have only been beaten once all season.

The two teams met at the same venue just a month ago, with the hosts winning by 6 points, and that home advantage should count again.

The only caveat is that I thought Munster would beat Glasgow comfortably at home last week, so perhaps it’s not such an easy pick!

Hope you enjoy the final, and I look forward to seeing you back for more URC action in September.

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20 Jun 14:21
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Bulls by 50???? You must be joking and dreaming !!!!! Glasgow will do to the Bulls what Munster did to the Stormers last year. Go Glasgow !!! Glasgow by 3 (my superbru pick). To all the critics out there , I know I should be supporting the Bulls, but I support one provincial SA team only and that is the Sharks. With Glasgow supposedly being the underdogs, they will be inspired even more to win and take home the URC trophy and I will be supporting Glasgow (and no I\'m not trying to get attention or anything of that matter. It\'s just my preference.). I\'m sure there are a lot of Bulls supporters who won\'t necessarily admit it, but they were probably wanting Gloucester to beat the Sharks in the EPCR Challenge Cup Final 20 Jun 16:08
39,674 caps
Bulls to win by 10 !! And NO Larry, unlike you, we actually support other South African teams when they play overseas !! 20 Jun 18:15
25,890 caps
Thank you @jgrobbel - yes we do support all SA teams when they play overseas. We dont got through life with blinkers on 21 Jun 04:26
11,517 caps
Bulls by 6 and the Bulls are dangerous on their territory. Go Bulls 21 Jun 06:32
124 caps
I\'m a bulls supporter staying in Durban. Supported the Sharks every time we went to the stadium (except for when the bulls came to trash them).

Glasgow gaam snake vir asem my maat.

Bulls by 33 22 Jun 09:10
186 caps
Larry you know nothing about Ruby you are a Stomer supporter and last weekend you said the Bulls going to loose and you were wrong and you said Glasgow going to loose and you were wrong you going to be wrong again I think you must stop watching Rugby because you don't know anything about Rugby so why don't you move overseas because you are not a proud South African so please you are going to loose again
20 Jun 18:14
5,816 caps
To the Bulls supporters out there hope your team does well in the final. And I\'m honestly not just trying to get brownie points here. The team that pitches up on the day and maintains their discipline will win. The next URC final might even see the Sharks contesting for the trophy. Although I am a die-hard Sharks supporter, I am going to say that the Sharks had a shocking 2023/24 URC season. It didn\'t start well and it just spiralled out of control. But they will be back going by their amazing come-back especially in the EPCR Challenge Cup and ultimately winning it. So don\'t write the Sharks off for the future. 20 Jun 19:47
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@BlouBul10, by the way, I AM proudly South African as I supported the Springboks in their quest to lift the Webb Ellis Cup last which they did. So let\'s just keep the banter friendly please. The Bulls are one of the many provincial rugby teams and they just happen to have a good 2023/24 season. Anything can happen on the day. As per my comment above, I will say it again and wish both teams the best of luck. 20 Jun 19:56
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@Bloubul10, thought I\'d just let you know that Glasgow are the 2023/24 URC Champions. 22 Jun 19:17
9,101 caps
Larry Larry Larry, have you been taking rugby advice from your mates Mo and Curly.
I am not sure to commend you on your blind loyalty to the Sharks or give you a slap on the wrist for your utter "dislike" for the other South African teams. And for you disloyalty to the other South African teams, the rugby gods have punished you in the most cruelest of ways, by giving the Bulls a home final. Cheers everybody and may the best team win.
20 Jun 19:57
5,816 caps
Only time will tell who is more correct. May the best team ON THE DAY win. No one knows beforehand what is going to happen. Maybe both kickers will have an off day like Mannie Libbok did in the Stormers game. Who knows. Let\'s rather wait until the final whistle to see who the REAL winner is. Because the final is being played in SA, it\'s natural to support the home team I suppose. Whoever wins I\'ll be happy. As long as the winners win fairly with no influence from the officials. If a team loses because of a yellow or red card, that is their own fault and doesn\'t count as an excuse 20 Jun 20:16
1,782 cap
Avalon aged well 26 Jun 11:26
85,784 caps
Only complacency can beat Bulls, however they will be highly motivated and focused. Therefore Bulls by 13. Go Bulle
20 Jun 20:00
5,816 caps
Probably true about complacency or just thinking that the opposition will be easy to beat. You have to be on top of your game to win a final 20 Jun 20:08
4 caps
Knowing both teams i do belive strongly that the bulls will win 36-20 might be alot but if bulls can play how they did against Leinster last week they can defennitly do it
20 Jun 21:52
5,123 caps
Hahahaha lol! Larry Larry Larry........ Hahahaha lol. ;-)
21 Jun 06:59
5,816 caps
I think everyone is getting way ahead of themselves here and over confident. Let\'s rather wait and see what happens. It\'s natural for everyone to want their team to win especially if the game is played in front of their supporters. So for the sake of not causing hate, I\'m going to say good luck to both teams. Period. 21 Jun 08:55
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@TheVikingKing, where did your last comment disappear to? 22 Jun 19:19
49,530 caps
Google the problems that Glasgow are facing booking their travel, they'll be knackered - no chance of them winning
21 Jun 07:30
1,782 cap
that aged well... 26 Jun 11:26
6,715 caps
Bulls by 10
22 Jun 07:52
2,266 caps
Julle vandag is \'n geskiedkundige dag in SA Rugby. Dit gebeur nie baie dat die Bokke \'n voorwedstryd speel vir die Bulle nie.🏉🏉
22 Jun 11:18
22 Jun 18:05
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22 Jun 18:06
73,688 caps
Larry Larry Larry....... Legend🤗
22 Jun 18:09
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Bake dankie. Waardeur (hope the spelling is correct) dit. It could have gone either way throughout the entire 80mins. Both teams played their hearts out. Unfortunately there can only be one winner.
22 Jun 18:23
5,816 caps
Glasgow won and I was right this time with my picks and you were wrong this time. HAHAHAHAHAHWHWHAHA. I was for Glasgow all the way. Was never for the Bulls and never will be.
22 Jun 18:55
9,101 caps
That 0 for 3 on my semi-finals and finals picks. that is the last time i get rugby advice from Mo and Curly. Glasgow winning did not help my fantasy stats either.
Is this the start of a trend where the away team in the final wins the championship, have to keep that in mind for next year.
22 Jun 19:29
Larry see below.
24 Jun 08:46
Jake White’s bizarre claim about URC final referee that dates back to 2022
Bulls boss Jake White has made the outlandish claim that referee Andrea Piardi "let the away team win" in the United Rugby Championship final.
24 Jun 08:46
Just as you said!
24 Jun 08:46
“It’s twice in a row now the referee has let the away side win. In fact, three times – last year Munster won in Cape Town, Glasgow won in Munster, we won in Leinster and this referee let the away team win (today) so maybe next year I’ll ask when we play away that I want him to try ref us,” he said at the press conference following the contest.
24 Jun 08:51
5,816 caps
If I\'m understanding this correctly, @The Greatest Schoeman, are you implying that the Ref let Glasgow win ie turned a blind eye to blatant forward passes etc? The Bulls fans must just accept defeat and stop blaming the ref. Glasgow were the better team and played for 80 mins and didn\'t give up. 26 Jun 10:36
I'm not *implying* it -Bulls coach is saying it! It's what you've said all season they blame he ref/ cards etc. They was a direct quote I posted from Jake.
26 Jun 11:43
5,816 caps
Oh wow. Never knew he actually said it until you pointed it out. Such bad sportsmanship from a high profile coach... He also blames the travel when they lose... But some things you can\'t control as a coach. Glasgow also apparently had a tough travel schedule to get here for final and they overcame that obstacle. I think it was worse during Super Rugby because the SA teams were playing in Australia and NZ and might play 2 games there then come back for a QF and then even go black for a SF and final. So going to Europe isn\'t too bad even if it takes 2 days. 26 Jun 12:15
Good point. 26 Jun 12:53
Has anyone seen Jack Dempsey's stats in that final? 112 metres made, 7 defenders beaten, 20 tackles made. Missed none. Some game!
26 Jun 11:45
5,816 caps
Those are impressive stats. 26 Jun 12:20