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Upsets of the weekend: 20-21 Jan 24

There were fewer standout surprise results than usual this past weekend, which means there aren't too many contenders for this week's upsets feature, but the one big upset that we did have really was a massive one.

Hereโ€™s a look at the most unpredictable results we saw over the weekend on Superbru Football. That is, the football scores that were predicted by the smallest % of people across the football tournaments that we run.

3rd: Borussia Monchengladbach 1-2 Augsburg (Bundesliga)

2.3% of the community predicted an Augsburg win

It's a little surprising to see this result considered such an upset on Superbru considering these two teams are both close together in the middle of the Bundesliga table, but 85% of the community were expecting a home win for Borussia Monchengladbach which means a lot of people were let down by Gerardo Seoane's team losing their 1-goal lead.

20-year old midfielder Arne Engels scored only his second goal of the season to win the game for Augsburg just minutes after they'd equalised through Phillip Tietz. Gladbach had been unbeaten in 6 home league games.

2nd: Middlesbrough 1-1 Rotherham (Championship)

2.3% of the community predicted a draw

Perhaps caused by having one eye on the League Cup semi-final second leg they have coming up against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tonight (Tuesday), this will still have been a really disappointing result for Middlesbrough as they dropped points to bottom of the table Rotherham. Michael Carrick's team did at least salvage a point thanks to Marcus Forss who was subbed on after just 20 minutes due to an injury to Isaiah Jones, but they'll have expected to score goals considering they dominated the ball with 70% possession.

Rotherham will of course also be gutted to have failed to hold on to a win, as they remain three points behind Sheffield Wednesday at the bottom of the table even with this point. Rotherham have won just 1 of their last 17 league games, with that victory coming in the reverse fixture at home to Boro!

1st: Bayern Munich 0-1 Werder Bremen

0.4% of the community predicted a Werder Bremen win

There are no prizes for guessing which result was top of the upset podium this week! Following Bayer Leverkusen's dramatic late winner away at RB Leipzig on Saturday, Bayern needed to make sure of the three points they were expected to pick up here but instead, Thomas Tuchel's team suffered a defeat that could prove very costly indeed.

Bayern dominated all of the stats except the all-important scoreline here, as Werder's Mitchell Weiser scored the only goal of the game. It's the first time Bayern have lost to Werder since 2008 and the result leaves them 7 points behind Leverkusen with just the one game in hand which means they need an instant response on Wednesday night when they play that game in hand against Union Berlin.

Union probably aren't looking forward to that match given the response that we can expect from Bayern, but Leverkusen are now in an excellent position at the top with Xabi Alonso's team still unbeaten so far in this campaign.

Did you manage to correctly predict any of these outcomes? Let us know in the comments.
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What is the record for most unpredictable result is superbru history
23 Jan 15:28
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there is a new upset which has been recorded which is mauritania 1, algeria 0.
23 Jan 22:27
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Ut was just 2%
24 Jan 07:34
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2% more than you. LOL! 24 Jan 13:03
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Top gun I've had it 1v1 me in fifa
24 Jan 17:33
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And you lost. LOL! 24 Jan 20:32
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No top gun
24 Jan 21:08
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I want you to 1v1 me
24 Jan 21:08
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Upset of the month, no 7's??
25 Jan 15:08
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I was wondering
25 Jan 15:33
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Keep on wondering, you get some thing right. LOL! 26 Jan 18:06
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How close was the real madrid v almeria
25 Jan 15:33
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The trouble with Borussia Monchengladbach was they couldn't decide who Marx Arne Engels! (I had hoped the P in front of Tietz stood for 'Per-Ove' btw)

Question: Who is the least popular Bundesliga fan? Answer: The 'Gladbach fan that shouts out "Give us a 'B'! Give us an 'O'!.......
25 Jan 16:35
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Is that Kyle Fryer, I wonder Jersey-pud- puller? LOL! 26 Jan 18:04
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25 Jan 18:00
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26 Jan 15:34
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Top gun may I ask you a question
26 Jan 20:39
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NO! 26 Jan 21:27
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All k was gonna ask was what football games have you gone to
26 Jan 21:29
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All the FF games. 27 Jan 18:16
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The what
27 Jan 18:54
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Whatford! the Whatford! 28 Jan 19:55
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We are still in the fa cup unlike arsenal
28 Jan 20:18
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Not interested
30 Jan 23:47