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UPDATE: When are tournaments likely to return on Superbru?

It's been around 8 weeks since the sporting calendar went quiet and Superbru dashboards were wiped clear due to the current global pandemic. During that time, we've been incredibly grateful to those of you who have supported Superbru. Whether through donations or by playing the Virtual tournaments we've created to pass the time (or both!), you've helped ensure we're still here to prepare for the return of sport and the exciting news is that we can now see a few tournaments on the not too distant horizon.

Of course, sport has already returned in Germany and lots of you joined us in excitedly making some Bundesliga picks for the weekend that has just passed! It was great to have some live action to watch again and here I'll be listing out some updates for you on when we can expect other tournaments to resume.

Please note that while there are constant updates from numerous media outlets speculating about when different sports will return, we await official statements and of course fixtures before updating Superbru for obvious reasons. Unless stated otherwise, dates given below in bold are official dates that have been announced by tournament organisers though many are naturally provisional since the situations countries find themselves in are quite precarious.

Clearly, we aren't going to have the summer/winter we hoped for with the Euros, Olympics and everything else. However, we might still have lots of action to enjoy over the coming months as delayed sport finally takes place.


Australia's NRL is the next tournament we expect to return on Superbru. With detailed plans drawn up that have included flying the NZ Warriors to Tamworth, where they'll be based for the remainder of the season, the NRL have now also released a fresh draw which is of course the clearest sign possible that things are ready to go ahead. The tournament will resume with Round 3 which has been scheduled to start with a match between the Broncos and the Eels on Return date: May 28th.

Super Rugby

Super Rugby was our biggest ongoing tournament before the pandemic in terms of active users so there's plenty of interest in what will happen next. SR as we know it faces the large obstacle that is international travel and it appears fairly clear that the 15-team conference format will not be able to resume this year.

Instead, New Zealand have confirmed a domestic tournament involving their Super Rugby teams will begin on June 13th named 'Super Rugby Aotearoa'. The tournament is a round-robin competition across 10 weekends with no finals. There will be a separate article (later this week) outlining our plans for the predictor game we will run for that tournament but it will be a new tournament on Superbru (separate from the existing SR predictor) and may also include some fixtures for an equivalent tournament in Australia if the rumours of such a competition are true and the fixtures overlap. Return date: June 13th


As you'd expect given the NRL news, the AFL is also expected to return soon. Clubs are back training and the official date given for the season to resume is June 11th

Serie A and La Liga

The Bundesliga returning has given other top European leagues hope in their aim to complete their seasons and both Serie A and La Liga appear to be taking encouraging steps. Clubs in Spain have begun group training today (May 18th) in groups of up to 10 players which suggests they might be able to get some games going again at around the same time as Italy where the widely reported date for Serie A's planned competitive return is June 13th.

Premier League

Though this is the tournament that has (as always) attracted the most media attention, it remains very unclear when or if the Premier League will be back anytime soon. With so much money involved, all corners of the football world will be affected by what happens with the PL but 'Project Restart' which has been launched to try and get the action back underway safely is hitting many obstacles.

Of course, one of the major issues is the amount of money at stake since the clubs at the wrong end of the table will fight hard to ensure they aren't relegated. The Premier League is finding it tough to appease all parties and though clubs have now voted for training to resume this week with players adhering to social distancing guidelines, clubs have stated that they'll need at least 4 weeks of preparation before competitive matches can take place. For context, the Bundesliga made the same step back into training in early April.

Champions League

UEFA still intend to finish this Champions League (and presumably Europa League) season. The timeline UEFA have set each European league to get their season finished suggests they're looking at August to finish the UCL, something that has been backed up by officials in Turkey who stated the Champions League final in Istanbul is set to be played in August when announcing the return of the Super Lig.

Formula 1

The F1 season is still yet to start after the Australian GP was cancelled at fairly late notice right at the start of the crisis. Since then, lots of races have either been cancelled or postponed but the short answer regarding it's current situation is that the latest plan is for the season to begin on the weekend of July 5th in Austria.


A very similar story for MotoGP only the current planned return date is a month later than F1. As things stand, the first race in line that is yet to be postponed or cancelled (judging by their website) is the Czech Republic GP on August 9th.


The vast majority of cricket tournaments we run games for on Superbru are reliant on international travel meaning we aren't expecting there to be many cricket picks to make for a little while. The IPL has been suspended indefinitely and it remains to be seen if there'll be a T20 World Cup later this year as planned.

In England, government rules suggest cricket might stand a chance of returning in July and there are suggestions that both the Test series against the West Indies and against Pakistan may still happen a little later than planned.


There's no sign of any major tennis tournaments happening soon. The French Open has been rescheduled for September/October while Wimbledon has been cancelled completely. Nothing concrete has been said regarding the US Open amid suggestions that it could be moved to the less-affected West coast of the United States.


We'll all be out of practice by the time golf picks are required on Superbru again, but once they do return, there'll be a lot of them to make in quite a short period of time. The PGA Championship has been moved to August 6th, the Northern Trust, BMW Championship and Tour Championship have all been moved back a week in late August/September, the US Open will now start on September 17th before the Ryder Cup planned for September 25th and the Masters is now set for November 12th.


Each of the Grand Tour events we cover on Superbru have now been rescheduled. The Tour de France will take place at the end of August, with the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana overlapping each other during October.

International rugby

World Rugby has postponed all of the international Tests planned for July, including Japan v England, NZ v Wales, Australia v Ireland and South Africa v Scotland. The Rugby Championship remains a question mark.

Other sports/tournaments that we haven't mentioned also remain question marks!

Tournaments that will not be returning after concluding their season early: Scottish Premiership, Greene King IPA Championship, Momentum One Day Cup, Major League Rugby, Rapid Rugby, Top 14.

Superbru standings for tournaments that are concluded early will remain and 'count' in our archives so long as at least 50% of the planned schedule was completed.
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Thanks for the update Jack! The Top14 has also been abandoned. I expect many others will follow.

What will happen with regard to Club points for the various truncated tournaments?
18 May 14:43
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Hey Angus, thanks for the Top14 reminder - knew I'd forget to write at least one! I've added a line at the bottom of the article now to indicate that we'll be keeping standings for truncated tournaments so long as 50% of a given tournament was completed. E.g. Rapid Rugby standings will not be kept but the Greene King IPA Championship will be. However, Club Presidents obviously still have the control to do as they see fit - if there's a consensus within a certain Club that only fully completed tournaments should count then pools can still be detached from the Club if needed. 19 May 09:29
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Fair enough, thanks Jack! 19 May 09:47
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Thanks for the update
18 May 14:52
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Any chance of adding Speedway GP when that gets underway?
18 May 15:43
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will there be honors allocated to the Bru's that played these games that are now cancelled?
18 May 18:56
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Thanks for the update Jack...phew! Lots of info, but lots to look forward to. keep up the good work. Cheers.
18 May 22:51
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After watching 'the last dance', reckon we need the nba now more than ever! never understood the snub tbh (euroleague would be great, too)
19 May 01:05
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Yes thank you for the update. It would be good to have a Fantasy Rugby game based on the new Super Rugby Aotearoa competition as well.
19 May 01:15
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The Giro & La Vuelta overlap from Oct 20-25th. I find the Cycling the most intense of all sports on SB. It's like 3 dimensional Chess requiring loads of research so my brain might explode working out best, climbers, sprinters, breakaway/puncheur stage hunters and overall GC guys for 6 days! But how will the teams decide which riders to use? Typically the biggest teams have a roster of 30 and pick 8. The Tour de France ends Sept 20 so some hardy riders might double up for La Vuelta on Oct 20. Only 4 weeks break but fresher than normal plus much cooler conditions. Could see a really depleted field for the Giro or a few Top Guns seizing their chance for a GT win by missing the TdF? Any early slightly injured fallers from the TdF could aim for one of the other two instead?
19 May 02:49
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Very good points, with the classic races and the world champs also due to take place in that time period, teams are going to making a lot of decisions, expect most top contenders to target Tour de France which may open door to younger outsiders winning other tours. Other thing to consider without the warm up races riders many not have the stamina in there legs and may be alot of changes in 3rd week esp in Tour de France. Also a lot of riders may be pulled out if a bad start in the Tour to be fresh for other races, will be even more tactical then ever. 19 May 07:04
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That's before thinking about the virus what if one of team gives a positive test will all team have to pull out and self isolate so may miss other tours. If Colombian riders have gone home will Europe let then come straight back in countries and race. 19 May 07:08
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@Cesmithy - if Colombian riders do not race in the Grand Tours then a few teams will be short of talent as there are some good current riders from that country, most notably Nairo Quintana, Winner Ancona, Fernando Gaviria, Esteban Chaves, Rigoberto Uran, Sergio Henao, and last years Tour de France winner Egan Bernal. 19 May 09:09
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Think Chris Froome should target one of the other tours bit think he will go for TdF 19 May 09:29
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Thanks man for the update well appreciated
19 May 04:03
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Hey guys, can we not add the New Zealand netball league which starts in a month. Also great opportunity to attract a more diverse Superbru community.
19 May 04:33
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Makes sense 19 May 07:50
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That it should come to this...? 19 May 12:11
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I think that Mud wrestling leagues would also attract a more diverse Superbru community......!! 23 May 12:20
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YESSSS!!! I have been praying hoping and wishing they would include netball! We have a huge following - we usually all share info via huge netball Facebook groups! I can guarantee it will attract a huge crowd in NZ, Australia, South Africa and England alone! 12 Jun 01:41
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Thank you.
19 May 07:49
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Hi guys from Canada, can someone tell me when the games resume for round 3 of the nrl, where are the games being played, is the home team really the home team or is the game being played at a neutral ground, it makes a difference when making your picks.
19 May 14:05
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Thanks for the info Jack.
Just a thought, the virtual Premier League was great fun and a different challenge to the “real” one. How about for next season you run a virtual in parallel to the “real”? It would provide some interesting contrast! I don’t know how much work it takes you guys to run (a lot I suspect), and my thirst for the virtual may just be a reaction to the lack if real sport to predict on! Would be interested to see what you and the other Bru’s think!
20 May 14:13
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Not sure what parameters they can set; but ideally the Virtual ties should take place 24 hours before the actual tie, and the player stats should be updated from the actual matches every round. This would effectively be the PS's pick for the real games. 20 May 16:33
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Does this all mean that my wife will win the overall Womens 6 Nations, Rugby, a game she knows nothing about, not even the shape of the ball !!!
23 May 12:16
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The rugby gods are well clear on who is in charge, Tim. They may be omnipotent, but disagreeing with wives is far too risky, even for them. The path of least resistance... 24 May 07:37