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United Rugby Championship: Round 8 Predictions

The URC is back, and continues to be affected by Covid postponements, so that we’re left with 4 fixtures this weekend - all derbies in their own countries.

Here are my United Rugby Championship predictions for Round 8 this weekend.

Zebre v Benetton

Zebre remain without a win, but they’ll be targeting this one to get off the mark. Benetton have won the last two against Zebre though, and they’ll start as favourites. Benetton by 7

Cardiff v Scarlets

There will be no crowd for this one, but I’m still leaning towards a home win given that they’ve won the last two against Scarlets. Cardiff by 4

Ulster v Connacht

Ulster somehow lost to the Ospreys in the last round, but they are unbeaten at home so far, and I think they’ll take this one. Ulster by 6

Glasgow v Edinburgh

Glasgow have had the upper hand in recent meetings between these old rivals, and I expect them to win this one too. Glasgow by 9

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Glasgow by 21
24 Dec 02:42
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Hope we'll get the squads of 2nd and 3rd match before 2pm
24 Dec 10:16
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yeah just checked cardiff v scarlets and apparently we should get team news at 12pm uk time. pheew! (others prob the same) 24 Dec 10:28
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We're keeping an eye on the squad announcements today and will post them as soon as they land.
24 Dec 10:58
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Maybe you should just discontinue the fantasy league because it's a waste of time,and not your fault by any means.One can't wait until the 11th hour to pick. 24 Dec 13:03
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It's a particularly awkward round because the Italian game on right now is a full 48 hours before the remaining games, forcing the transfer deadline to be before most teams typically announce teams. In a normal round, we'd have all the team announcements in by midday Friday (UK time) with the first match that evening and the rest on Saturday and Sunday. And Covid uncertainty doesn't help either! But at least everyone playing Superbru is in the same position. 24 Dec 13:06
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I do understand the predicament you're in,like I've said,no fault of yours,I know you guys are doing the utmost to keep everyone up to date and happy like always and it's much appreciated. 24 Dec 13:16
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Does that mean I have to stay up to 2a.m NZ time to see the players so I can make my selections...? Well I'm picking blind as I need my Beauty sleep. Hope my picks are playing...
24 Dec 11:20
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Maybe you should just discontinue the fantasy league.One can't wait until the 11th hour to pick your team.
24 Dec 12:46
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should not be discontinued ... every body in the same boat
24 Dec 13:09
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Oky my bad,,,,,,I agree 24 Dec 13:16
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My boat's sinking?? 24 Dec 13:22
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It is not as bad as everyone thinks. There are eight teams playing, seven of which the players are worth picking. You have a squad of 23 players and a maximum of four players per team. You can easily pick 23 squad members from the seven teams and so you have a reserve in every position in case your selection is not playing. It would be cruel luck if two of your selections that play in the same position do not play, but that is the luck of the draw. It is the same for everyone and a completely different challenge so rather embrace the challenge and see where it gets you
24 Dec 16:56
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Connacht with Ulster is postponed, supergreat, cancel please this covidmessed round
24 Dec 19:09
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Cardiff v Scarlets are also postponed ????????
25 Dec 14:06
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I agree
With Cardiff vs Scarlets now cancelled too this round should be null and void. ..
25 Dec 19:15
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Given the further match cancellations I think there should be further transfers permitted for this round
26 Dec 06:48