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United Rugby Championship: Final Prediction

The Bulls beating Leinster in Dublin last week was a huge shock, and what a great boost for South African rugby that the inaugural URC final will take place in Cape Town between two South African teams!

Next season, the other teams will need to raise their game, and the competition should go from strength to strength.

Here is my pick for the URC Final this weekend.

Stormers v Bulls

I’m still in shock that the Bulls won in Dublin, and so surely if they can win there, they can beat their more familiar foe in Cape Town? But then home advantage could be crucial, and the Stormers will be fresh having only played one away game since February. The Bulls have been to Ireland and back in the last week, and whilst the travel demands are much lighter compared to Super Rugby days, fatigue could still play a part. The Stormers have beaten the Bulls home and away this season, and in front of their own fans, I think they are slight favourites to win. It should be close and I can’t wait! Stormers by 2

With a wet pitch and rain squalls, it might play into the Bulls game. I want the Stormers to win but Jake White is a wily tactician, and there is a lot of depth in his squad. Bulls by 5.
17 Jun 10:03
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If the Stormers played like they played last week, I think they gonna strugle, glad for the win, but wasn't their best game, Bulls by 5
17 Jun 10:37
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For URC Fantasy there is a solitary centre available across both teams. There's not even any bench options. Are we expected to just have one deaf position? I guess all fantasy players are in the same boat
17 Jun 11:38
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Yes the only option is the available centre. 17 Jun 11:46
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No problem. My three centres are Vorster, Ringrose [Leinster] and Bennett [Edinburgh]. It accentuates the stupidity of rigidity in player's positions as further exemplified by Perofeta and Beauden Barrett both listed at fly-half in the Blues. Some flexibility must be introduced by Superbru next season - maybe members' input may uncover workable solutions. 18 Jun 11:56
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The stupidity of your rigidity in picking squards and teams as forced you to leave.It was nice beating you. Bye. LOL! 20 Jun 12:03
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Wil you get points for a centre being on the bench, but on fantast it shows his a flyhalf? Example damian willemse?
17 Jun 12:17
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think it's a bit stupid you can't pick a 15 for the final
18 Jun 08:55
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How did The Bulls convince actor Mark Wahlberg to become their kicker btw? Was it a bet with fellow 'The Departed' actor Matt Damon after watching 'Invictus'? Going the other way, anyone else noticed that Damian McKenzie has stolen Richard Gere's trademark 'look way & smile' gimmick as if remembering an amusing incident?
17 Jun 12:55
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Jersey-pud-puller, stop acting up!. LOL! 20 Jun 11:55
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Bulls by 5
17 Jun 13:40
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Bulls 45
17 Jun 16:42
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Stormers by 5 (Although I neither a Stormers nor a Bulls fan.) It will be good for the Bulls to be on the losing end for a change. Thanks and congratulations must go the Griquas for kicking the Bulls out of the Currie Cup Final!! The final next week is going to epic.
17 Jun 20:52
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Larry Larry Larry I had Stormers by 6 also like you a Shark but well done Stormers!!!!!! 18 Jun 19:32
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Well done LARRY!!!!!!!!!! You got one right from the last six rounds. Was starting to worry for you. And thank you, you made my year "Scarlets by 17" Hehehe lol. 18 Jun 19:54
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Bulls by 3
18 Jun 05:30
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Bulls to win by 6
18 Jun 06:20
1,625 cap
Bulls by 3
18 Jun 06:39
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Easy game for the mighty Bulls. Bulls by 28+
18 Jun 09:39
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Once again pie in the face sorry little viking not a good weekend for the pink cows :) :) :) 18 Jun 19:33
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WOW James happy to see you still with us, you pulled a disappearing act for past month!!! Happy to see you still with us. Comments from sharks do not phase me as we forgot about you 3 rounds ago!! Well done to the bull traveling around the world and going down to a stormers team whom only played one away game in last 7. I wear my bulls hat with pride. But its nice to see you becoming a Stormer now. 18 Jun 19:49
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Stormers by 7
18 Jun 09:59
5,867 caps
Payback time Bulls25 Stormers12
18 Jun 11:05
1,654 cap
Ja, I got Bulls by 10
18 Jun 11:28
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Red Col aka Colin, yes it is stupid not to pick 15 for any game. Can you make sure your F F game we can pick 11 players per game has Caplegal stills find it hard to pick 11 let alone 15.LOL! And Jersey - pud puller, stop acting up!. LOL!
18 Jun 14:08
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The"mighty" and I use that term loosely couldn't do it haha. So happy for the Stormers. No silverware for the Bulls this year as they were also, may I remind you beaten properly by the Griquas 30 - 19 at Loftus in the Currie Cup semi final. Lol Haha
18 Jun 20:10
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Earth to Larry. What you so happy about? Sharks finished 3rd from the bottom on overall Currie cup log. You are celebrating as if the Sharks are in the Currie cup final. Check your fixtures its Griquas vs Pumas Final. 18 Jun 20:26
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@James good to know that you are also Sharks fan. You were close though. It was a nail biting finish though. Could have gone either way. @Viking at least I did you a favor as requested and picked the Stormers to win lol. Better luck some other time it will be your teams turn to celebrate
18 Jun 20:28
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@VikingKing I know that it's a Pumas VS Griquas final. I'm just so happy that the Bulls aren't getting any silverware this year lol I back any team who plays against the Bulls if the Sharks aren't playing.
18 Jun 20:33
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Can't wait for the 2nd season of the URC to start. The Sharks will be better this year. Bulls beware!!!!
18 Jun 20:36
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Enjoying the rivalry here, especially the one-eyed banter. Keep it up!
19 Jun 06:00
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19 Jun 06:29
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No Tour de France, guys please
19 Jun 09:24
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SB don't tend to set up cycling contests until about a week before it starts as teams of 8 (out of about 30 per squad) won't be known until then. So I'm assuming the 'Flagship' Tour de France is happening. If not I'll be running a Velon private league again, which is only half as cool. Really think SB could offer their fantastic & detailed game to cycling websites to fully justify the huge efforts Gamesmaster Dawid K puts in.
20 Jun 11:36
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Jersey-pud-puller, on your bike!. 20 Jun 11:53
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STOP PRESS: TdF just been set up today!
20 Jun 12:18
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Jersey-pud-puller, keep praying you may win something. LOL! 20 Jun 18:35
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Hope they do Commonwealth games too starting next month since they didnt do Winter Games

21 Jun 04:32
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Bull with 3
19 Jun 10:14
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@dreadedred Stormers played well denying the Bulls any silverware.
19 Jun 12:53
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21 Jun 13:38
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21 Jun 13:38