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The Rugby Championship Round 4 Predictions!

The Pumas were slightly better than expected in Round 3, but still lost to the All Blacks by 22 points.

This time it’s the Springboks’ turn to have a crack at New Zealand, which used to be the battle of the two best sides in the world, but it’s now 1st versus 7th.

New Zealand v South Africa

The All Blacks have reinstated Beauden Barrett for this one, with Ryan Crotty also back in the fold at centre. Handre Pollard returns in the No 10 jersey for South Africa, taking the reins back from Elton Jantjies, and Malcolm Marx starts at hooker. Both sides have two of their best players returning, but there aren’t many Boks that you’d pick over their kiwi counterparts.

A fairly dismal defeat in Australia last week won’t help confidence in the South African camp, and I suspect the All Blacks will be looking for a more clinical all-round performance than last week, which could be bad news for the visitors.

New Zealand by 26

Australia v Argentina

Whilst their performance against South Africa was far from perfect, the result was important for Wallaby confidence after back-to-back defeats by New Zealand. Australia have beaten Argentina home and away in their last 6 matches, and should be looking for another home win here.

Australia by 9

What do you make of Hutch's picks? Let us know how your picks compare in the comments!
1,087 cap
New Zealand by 35
14 Sep 09:25
27,652 caps
NZ by 42 and Aussies by 19
14 Sep 09:45
4,094 caps
58-0 just 4 fun
14 Sep 09:50
500 caps
NZ BY 21,Kangeroos by 3
14 Sep 10:37
26,224 caps
argentina to beat Aus..... by 7 nz to beat SA by 3 tries....
14 Sep 10:40
4,180 caps
Sad to see these kind of predictions against us but unfortunately true. What happened to the once mighty BOKKE??
14 Sep 11:11
29,401 caps
Went against all odds picked SA and Arg to win. Won't that be a perfect weekend. Goodluck.
14 Sep 12:40
26,869 caps
Good luck with that Fish but I'm fairly certain you're in for a duck! NZ by 32 ( the SA backline just doesn't have any oomph ) With Folau in the mix I also see hard times for the Pumas Aus by 17. 14 Sep 13:29
9,462 caps
Guess the duck became an eagle 15 Sep 11:57
26,869 caps
Yes well done! My humble apologies Fish! 15 Sep 12:00
48,247 caps
Fish! Magnificent! 15 Sep 12:02
13,758 caps
Nice one buddy 16 Sep 15:44
12,189 caps
Fish for a compliment! Or Two. Well picked Sir. I had doubts about that AB defence vs the Pumas. The ABs go a bit wobbly once every 10 games. You could see the Boks grow in confidence just from their body language, I was quite worried for the hosts well before half-time. Dyantyi scared the hell out of the AB baks the same as he did the Crusaders for the Lions although he had far less time then. It reminded me of one of those French 'Let's just go for it' performances complete with about 3 or 4 lucky bounces of the ball! 16 Sep 22:53
5,165 caps
When I read Fishes comment I thought he was crazy to put the Boks to win. Congratulations on an amazing pick. I put Argentina to win by 2 purely because of there perfomance last week 17 Sep 02:58
480 caps
Great pic fish seems like I'm not the only crazy picker amongst the crowd! 22 Sep 09:53
2,442 caps
This weekend predictions pls
14 Sep 13:49
14,631 caps
I think SA will play their best test of the year - we are playing the All Blacks after all - best motivator! But I don't think we will win - NZ by 10!
14 Sep 14:45
29,401 caps
Yea went against my better judgement. We seem to always be up for an AB test. Here's hoping guys.
14 Sep 15:03
5,770 caps
Sad to say, but if Bokke lose by less than 15 points I'll take that as a positive.
14 Sep 15:09
39,221 caps
Argentina beating Australia by more than 15.
14 Sep 15:35
799 caps
I agree 100 % with Hutch although i think it will be a much bigger winning margin for NZ. My prediction NZ 57 ; SA 7
14 Sep 18:41
12,189 caps
I'm not so sure the Wallies will dominate the Pumas. The Argentines travel well 'sometimes' and are a very settled 'Club' side. They will treat this like just another Super Rugby match albeit against better individuals but worse or unfamiliar combos. If its high scoring and open it could come down to a single score or missed penalty. Now who was the leading points scorer (97!) at the last World Cup again, Nicolas something?
Here is a Wallabies training video from 'Hooper-Tyson Productions Ltd'. If SB will allow it?


14 Sep 23:53
1,931 cap
i dont see the bokke doing well due to the fact that they themself is not motivated so my prediction is Australia by 9 and New Zealand by 57
15 Sep 05:22
29,687 caps
The ABs by 51 and the Wallabys by 9
15 Sep 06:20
18,323 caps
And down they go 36-34 well done Springboks
15 Sep 10:22
439 caps
Who would have thought south Africa could do it away well goes to show how good we actually are but don't apply our selves more
15 Sep 10:42
29,401 caps
Hi guys I did the double.
15 Sep 12:11
2,348 caps
Go BOKKE and go LOS PUMAS!!!
15 Sep 12:13
4,040 caps
15 Sep 15:49
1,379 cap
I got boks by 4.stay beliving in them every game.i am so proud of our men.thank for all the people that did not believe in you.to those people you arent really bok fans.
15 Sep 16:35
5,142 caps
@James. I think you owe Fish an apology....
16 Sep 05:10
26,869 caps
Yes agreed, if you check below my comment above you will see I offered my apologies.... 16 Sep 11:09
12,189 caps
That Israel Folau is such an Ego Maniac. I had Aus to nick it by 3, they would have if Fool-au had just flung it 3 metres to an unmarked Foley having drawn in 3 defenders. How did he hope to beat all 3 simultaneously!!? I needed him to be a simple ball tosser rather a Simple Tosser. AARRGGHH!
16 Sep 23:01
9,136 caps
Ok my predictions are as follows...Boks by 2 and Pumas by 4........Ha Ha
17 Sep 07:41
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