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The Rugby Championship: Round 2 Predictions

Last weekend I overestimated Australia and underestimated Argentina, with two correct picks nowhere near the margins, and this weekend they play each other in Brisbane

The Pumas came close to beating the All Blacks for the first time ever, and they will be a serious threat to England and France at the Rugby World Cup, whilst the under-strength Springboks dispatched the Wallabies.

Here are my predictions for Round 2 of the Rugby Championship.

New Zealand v South Africa

Given that there are only 3 rounds in this year’s tournament, this fixture looks like the title decider already.

Since that 57-0 travesty, the last three matches between these teams have been won by just 1 or 2 points, and the Springboks won on their most recent visit to New Zealand.

This should be a fascinating game ahead of their pool stage meeting in Tokyo in their first matches of the World Cup, but with home advantage in Wellington, you have to pick the All Blacks to win.

New Zealand by 7

Australia v Argentina

Argentina won on their most recent visit to Australia, but they have lost 7 of the last 8 to the Wallabies, all by double-figure margins. After their defeat in South Africa last weekend, it’s hard to gauge where the Wallabies are, whilst the Pumas were impressive in their loss in Buenos Aires.

Christian Leali’ifano gets a run at fly-half for the Wallabies, whilst Marika Koroibete returns on the wing, and you feel like a defeat here would cause much alarm in the Australia camp. With the Jaguares’ strength up front, I’m picking them for the win.

Argentina by 4

Let me know how your picks compare in the comments!
8,253 caps
Think more or less the same NZ by 5 and Arg by 8.
25 Jul 10:12
34,855 caps
Just for the heck I will be going boks by 5 and pumas by 10
25 Jul 11:02
5,540 caps
Lets see if the A TEAM will do better than the so called B TEAM."Jantjies en Jantjies het gesorg vir Trantjies." And they call themselves BOK FANS
25 Jul 13:15
9,825 caps
Australia by 3 25 Jul 15:44
374 caps
Boks qith 7 and arg with 10 the pumas are here to play this year
25 Jul 19:48
33,892 caps
AB's by 15 and Argy's by 10.
25 Jul 21:05
3,008 caps
All Blacks to get a narrow win that won t mean a heck of a lot for the Worl;d Cup game.
OZ had a lot of things go wrong last week and will surely improve at home and will do just enough to take the bacon, Oz by 5.
25 Jul 21:32
39,599 caps
Black 13 and Light blues 13
26 Jul 03:25
3,888 caps
Tough, way out, Same as most of us. Our 2nd Jantjies, a star in the making, Faf had better watch out he may not get a game @ the WC, that is unless England suddenly find that he has English grandparents and give him a UK passport. 27 Jul 14:08
13,021 caps
Springboks by 5 points

Pumas by 8 or 10 points
26 Jul 04:01
170 caps
All blacks by 18
Pumas by 6
26 Jul 07:12
215 caps
All blacks by 10 and pumas by 16.......................Wallibies wont get anywhere
26 Jul 09:19
5,540 caps
NZ by 10 / Aus are under the pump + home ground they should put in a better performance by 7
26 Jul 10:02
11,458 caps
I Think SA will beat New Zealand by 8 points and the Pumas will win by 3 points
26 Jul 10:21
AB's by 13 and Pumas by 9

26 Jul 11:28
disappointed in structure of fantasy though which won't allow Barrett and Mo'unga in the same starting teameven though they are both playing different positions BAH!!!
26 Jul 11:31
5,540 caps
yip had the same problem with that.Its bcoz Both of them are registered as flyhalves and not outside backs or fullbacks. 26 Jul 14:07
14,497 caps
Yeah but you can make Barrett Captain at Fullback, he got 15 non-kicking points v Los Pumas. Who else do you make Kicker though that doesn't wear 10? Where is Curwin Bosch when you need him? Otherwise Oz long range kicker Hodge? Hey what if Mo'unga doesn't get handed the kicking tee in favour of local windy conditions expert Barrett?? There is no law against 15 kicking instead of 10. Plus BB might fancy a late droppy! 26 Jul 18:16
1,329 cap
Boks by 5,Argentina 8

26 Jul 11:52
4,186 caps
Boks by 3
26 Jul 13:09
44,978 caps
Blacks by 4
26 Jul 16:54
5,130 caps
ABs by 9 wounded Aussies by 6
26 Jul 17:19
30,131 caps
Nz by 1
Oz by 1
27 Jul 00:27
14,497 caps
Ah the old NFL small home margin tactic Mark? Nope Barrett did most of the kicking and ALL of the missing, cost us the game in the end! Should fit in well up in Auckland. Stupidly I still went with Mo'unga as I'm from ChCh originally. Cost me 5 in both Fantasies. So low scoring so far. 27 Jul 20:02
30,131 caps
@ jersey puller... the night will be fine n calm and mounga is the goal kicker
27 Jul 00:29
2,243 caps
ABs by 20 !
27 Jul 04:14
33,877 caps
Picked Bokke and Arg to win.
27 Jul 06:15
9 caps
Bokke by 2
Aus by 3
27 Jul 07:07
63 caps
Springboks by 10
Ausies by 15
27 Jul 07:13
339 caps
springboks by 6
27 Jul 07:20
261 caps
Boks by 12
Arg by 8
27 Jul 07:21
5 caps
Boks 32 Nz 25
27 Jul 07:42
5 caps
Arg by 10
27 Jul 09:36
4,174 caps
a DRAW........I say
27 Jul 10:59
25,160 caps
No rubbish talk hey; spot on.
Well done 27 Jul 12:03
1,329 cap
Well-done SIR Garbage, you were spot on.
27 Jul 11:58
3,888 caps
Picked the AB's by 7 and Los Pumas by 11 I'm in the same boat a all of you, no points in SUPERBRU.
27 Jul 14:00
267 caps
Van. Zyl
27 Jul 14:33
1,184 cap
Sa even and light blue 8
27 Jul 15:39
49,351 caps
Picked well couldn't choose SA-NZ gave a draw and aussies buy 5 so I am 1 point off. Not a bad afternoon.
27 Jul 16:58
786 caps
South Africa are not under strength, they have a brilliant side and they play amazingly great!??
27 Jul 22:33
786 caps
Why do you think they tied with the worlds best team and have a chance to win the rugby championships?!?!
27 Jul 22:35
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