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The Rugby Championship 2022: Round 5 Predictions

Don’t get caught out by the early start to this round, with Australia v New Zealand taking place on Thursday.

Here are my Rugby Championship predictions for Round 5.

Australia v New Zealand

New Zealand are firm favourites for this one after appearing to bounce back to form by thrashing Argentina in Round 4. It might be a little closer than some people expect, but I’ll be backing the All Blacks. New Zealand by 7

Argentina v South Africa

These teams have been hard to predict so far, one minute looking like world-beaters, the next like a disorganised rabble. This pick is no easier, but I’m leaning towards home advantage to give the Pumas the edge, and disregarding the Round 4 thrashing by the All Blacks. Argentina by 4

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Another round of awful results for me. Give me the wooden now.
14 Sep 09:29
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Going to be interesting to see, if the "Elton Jantjies scandal" had a disruptive impact on the squad this last week before the match. Seeing that it is currently the main topic on every rugby podcast and rugby webpage. So, can see where you are coming from Hutch.
14 Sep 10:21
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Hey Gene. I’d suggest that the disruption is over, now that the pair of them have been sent home. Hope so, anyway... 14 Sep 10:31
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It's a score for the boks that he is gone, now if they could just get rid of Willie........
15 Sep 05:45
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Angus "aka DreadedRed" congratulations on achieving 30 000 caps. That a lot of time spent making picks. 15 Sep 06:52
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James could not agree with you more. It is time for Willie, Daune and Steyn to hang up their international boots. 15 Sep 07:07
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Thanks Gene! Far too much time making picks, no doubt. I also spend far too much time smoking. Two of my favourite vices. Luckily, I have a space where I can make picks while smoking! 16 Sep 04:15
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Rugby is even more unpredictable than the Premier League. This is why I haven't joined any other Rugby tournaments yet. Still trying to figure it out. One thing I am sure of the game is a lot like American Football, without pads. Seems to me that you must be a real badass to play Rugby.
14 Sep 14:02
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You just have to be tough. We don't need padding. Every South African boy has played rugby to some degree, and they are better for it. Long may it last 14 Sep 16:04
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A bit hard to select your squad this week when the deadline is almost two days before the second game and only three teams have named their line ups
15 Sep 07:01
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try select the squad about 30 min before start of first match. 15 Sep 07:27
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It does not work Willie. When the Australia - New Zealand game kicked off, the picks were locked INCLUDING the Argentina-South Africa game and the Argentinean team had not been announced yet. . 15 Sep 14:47
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Gonna have to go with the Argentinian players in my fantasy team and hope they play.
15 Sep 07:50
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Only Matera starts out of my 3! Gallo & worst of all centre Moroni are on the pine. At least forwards get you collective line out & scrum points. Maybe Argentina will get a flanker red carded and Moroni gets redeployed? Would I get forward points for him then??!!

Oh and those French refs are at it again STEALING THE LIMELIGHT IN OZ! I think it was 2 wrongs trying to make a right, as he felt duped by the quick conversion taken by Foley before a clear forward pass TV check could be done. 17 Sep 11:58
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In Test rugby if your player is on the bench they almost always come on as a reserve and that's what happened with Moroni. I had him and I'm happy with the 11.5 points he got me. 19 Sep 00:46
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Isn't that weird how my comment above mentioned both dodgy forward pass decisions, then Moroni who appeared to score from a 'dodgy' forward pass! We got the SA commentators here in the UK. Talk about 'Confirmation bias' when it came to their opinion! One angle looked fine the other maybe 2 inches forward but the passer had forward momentum, so 'back of the hand' rule or maybe side of te hand? But the Foley one was SHOVELLED forward! But I missed out on 2 more from Hendrikse & De Jager with TMOs. 19 Sep 01:33