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The Rugby Championship 2022: Round 4 Predictions

I was 0 from 2 last week, and with the same pair of fixtures this weekend, I’m now in the tricky position of whether to switch to last week’s winners or double down.

Here are my Rugby Championship predictions for Round 4.

New Zealand v Argentina

What a great performance and victory for the Pumas last weekend! Can they do it again and relegate the All Blacks to 6th in the world rankings? I suspect not. Argentina punished New Zealand’s indiscipline last weekend, scoring just one try, and surely they won’t give away quite so many penalties this time. I’m still believing that the All Blacks’ malaise will be shaken off any minute and the world order will be restored, and this could be a backlash performance. New Zealand by 18

Australia v South Africa

The Springboks were poor last week, and are now without key players Lukhanyo Am and Handre Pollard. With the Wallabies unchanged, it seems foolish to expect such a dramatic turnaround that would see a South African victory, so I’m going with the home team. Australia by 4

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I will get them wrong as usual. Not the best results so far.
1 Sep 10:07
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2 out of 2 last week with both margin points. More or less same margins for me again. Thus picking Argentina again for the win. Australia win is obvious.
1 Sep 13:09
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I laughed when I saw the bok team, bringing back HASBEEN willie and Willemse at 10 as well as a new kid on the wing. I suggest Koroibeti as fantasy captain, should have a field day. I must agree with Hutch about AB's very overdue for a turn around. All Blacks by 21 and Australia by 17.
1 Sep 13:38
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what a difference a week makes....
5 Sep 00:32
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Boks by 5, Desperate for a win and All Black's will take this one by 12
1 Sep 15:45
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Sorry all you wise guys who relegated the Boks to a mere poep. You should sleep at night. I phoned Nienaber and teold him to play the Bomb Squad for openers, and after that he can bring in Dweba (sorry again) not him but what about Oom Paul on the bench at nr 2 . More or less in the 78th minute? But leave Willie le Roux alone. He is the only back who can create something out of the ordinary into something unbeliefable. So1 bEWARE!! 1 Sep 17:15
I backed the Aussies last week by 8 for reason. Now I am backing SA by 8. Because the plan is clear. The startup lines onfrontrows and tight 8 is right and the backline is posed for defence and hard hammering attacks. The Aussies are in for a brutal game which I think is going to be to much for them going
1 Sep 17:39
Sorry, unless aref save the AB, I think the Pumas are going to beat them again by3
1 Sep 17:44
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All blacks to bounce back by 20 and boks to lose by 10 unfortunately
2 Sep 02:28
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Not much hope this weekend for the Boks. Let's see what they can do!
2 Sep 09:22
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This week I agree with the picks, although, I don't see New Zealand winning by such a large margin. I suspect the Aussies will go 10+ against SA.
2 Sep 10:22
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Australia by more than 12 and the AB's by at least 9. The boks need to produce something really special to turn their 2 losing streak around
2 Sep 14:01
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A Bok is a Bliksem, for those of you who understand! So watch out! The BOKS are coming for you!
2 Sep 15:54
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I told you so!
3 Sep 11:29