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The 2021 Rugby Championship: Round 4 Predictions

After a couple of 1-match rounds, we have the prospect of a double-header at the same venue on the Gold Coast this weekend.

Here are my Rugby Championship predictions for Round 4.

New Zealand vs. Argentina

The All Blacks play the warm-up act in Queensland, and they’ve made 6 changes from the team that beat the Wallabies last weekend. They’ll face a decent Argentina side, but you just can’t pick against New Zealand at the moment and they will almost certainly win very comfortably. Prediction: New Zealand by 26

South Africa v Australia

Some people seem to think that the Springboks just have to turn up to win this match, but I don’t think they’ll have it as easy as they might expect. The Wallabies have warmed-up playing the All Blacks, who come at you from every direction, and whilst the South African side is extremely tough to overcome - as their World Champion status confirms - they don’t have quite as many dimensions as New Zealand. Cheslin Kolbe has been a key figure in the Boks’ success, scoring tries at crucial moments, but he is missing this weekend, and the loss is only marginally offset by the return of Duane Vermeulen. I’m tempted to go against the crowd and pick an Australian win, and then I see that there have been no Away wins in this fixture since 2013. Prediction: Australia by 4

9,440 caps
Cant see Australia wining this one,
10 Sep 10:59
5,321 caps
Me neither ??
10 Sep 11:39
9,839 caps
Will be close but the sringboks will win.
10 Sep 12:39
63,754 caps
Ai Ai Ai Hutch. Really?
10 Sep 13:30
51,768 caps
SA comfortably I'm going by 13.
10 Sep 13:43
496 caps
Australia can keep reaching for all that toilet paper they bought cause thay're going to need it??
I?? hope you're wrong Hutch! Cause SA has momentum, tempo, continuity and a striking skill set. There are no illusions, this will be a test for our boys. We can win this one though????
10 Sep 13:59
7,433 caps
There are 3 areas where the Boks should have the upper hand:-
- line outs
- driving mauls
- scrums
So if the Wannabees want to win, they will need to disrupt that effort.
10 Sep 17:26
70,676 caps
Bok fans,,,,,arrogance will bite you in the back,be careful
10 Sep 18:35
23,116 caps
Hey NZAB! I doubt our players/coaches will be arrogant or expectant. We know we haven't played a decent team since Wales in the Semis of the World Cup. England, Georgia, the Lions and Argentina were not canon-fodder, but also not at the level of the antipodean teams we are about to play. Statistically, Oz should probably beat the Boks; but statisticians can't quantify the Nienaber/Erasmus effect.

The Boks to win by more than 7. 11 Sep 05:54
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As a Bok fan, I have to agree. Australia has shown some promise against the ABs and SA don't have the best record against the Wallabies in Australia of late. It will be a narrow margin, but Aus to take this one.
11 Sep 00:01
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Oz do have a good record v the Boks In Australia but the Boks should still take this by less than 10.
11 Sep 03:48
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I think wallabies should be winning this weekend with a 5 or 8 point margin.
11 Sep 06:58
46,913 caps
Well guys my pick is the Bokke to win. Our defense will also be an asset for us. We can beat Oz in their own back yard.
11 Sep 09:26
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To my scarce knowledge this is the 3 round of the Rugby Championship. Why do you (Hutch) refer to it as Round 4?

Up to now only 2 Rounds have been played - check the logs
11 Sep 10:58
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Hey Daniel! On Superbru, it's the 4th round of picking. The 1st round was on the 14th of August (NZ v Oz ; Boks v Arg); 2nd round on 21 August (Arg v Boks); and 3rd round on 5 September (Oz v NZ). 11 Sep 11:15
1,125 cap
Thank you.
11 Sep 11:52
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12 Sep 17:47
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:) 13 Sep 10:07
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Great prediction and the fact it happened to a country with such annoying supporters makes it all the sweeter. Bok fans are even worse than the English
14 Sep 10:11
23,116 caps
Hey Luke! Xenophobic, much? Unless of course it’s just banter? In which case, perhaps you can explain why so many citizens of the Emerald Isle closely follow English Football and Lions Rugby; yet slate the English, Scottish, Northern Irish and even the Welsh? Meanwhile, the local football leagues are poorly supported; and they import South African rugby players, and grant them citizenship. Cheers! 14 Sep 12:25
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LukeFeehily, calm down son! You beat the Springboks with 2 points. You didn't win the World Cup!!!! But hey... guess beating the Boks is like winning world cup down under!
15 Sep 14:11
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I see quite a few of you are eating your words today sorry guys but that score says something else
19 Sep 08:52