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The 2021 Rugby Championship: Round 2 Prediction

My picks published last week weren’t too bad, if a little light on the margins, and this week there is just one fixture to contend with.

Here is my Rugby Championship prediction for Round 2.

Argentina v South Africa

Having won the home fixture, South Africa now face Argentina in the away leg, but they’ve only got to go to Port Elizabeth again. Home advantage and recent form make the Springboks strong favourites for this one, and even more so because they have recalled many of the players that were rested after the Lions Tour. Prediction: South Africa by 23

Here's how the Rugby Championship standings look after the opening weekend:

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Fully agree. Boks by at least 25.

Argentina clearly lacks rugby time and clearly miss Super Rugby as the Jaquars. The don't look like the same attacking team.
19 Aug 08:45
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change the players limit in Fantasy it's unable to pick up the full 15, too many new players
19 Aug 18:28
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Hi Marcin! With only one match, and wholesale changes to the Bok team, it is probably impossible for most brus to field a full 15 in the second round. Of course, many brus will have taken this into account when selecting their initial squad. They will now reap the benefits of their round one selection gambles. Planning ahead is integral to Fantasy success. Just field the best team you can, and console yourself with the likelihood that many brus will have incomplete teams. The tricky part now, is to select for round two, while being prepared for round three's single match between Oz and New Zealand. Keep in mind that the match schedule will probably change anyway, due to Covid restrictions. One bru's fantasy is another bru's nightmare! 20 Aug 03:30
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Fully agree with DreadedRed 21 Aug 04:55
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I've got 15 players playing in my starting XV but unfortunately 7 of them are from Argentina coz you can only have a maximum of 8 from each country and 4 of my SA picks from last week aren't playing.
20 Aug 09:43
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Hey Paul! The 8:7 split is tricky, especially when I expect the Boks to dominate. Also means a maximum of 1 reserve on the bench. Which Boks will score heavily? That is the question. 20 Aug 11:09
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Some of us DID plan ahead! Mu ha ha! Mu! Ha! Ha! MU!! HA!! HA!!

No guarantees though. Be just my luck for 5 bench players to come on & score! Plenty of regular All Blacks on my bench too. But I coped it badly in Round 1. 20 Aug 17:06
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Of course, fixtures upheaval destroys even the best laid plans. Damn! Perhaps the tournament will switch to Europe? If so, it might take a while, and not necessarily be Oz v NZ next. 20 Aug 18:01
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You really are a liitle ray of sunshine sometimes Angus. Considering Superbru set up 71 tournaments in 2020 of which only 64 were able to finish, we were always bound to hit a few more bumps in the road - but hopefully quick action will have averted the spread. 20 Aug 20:09
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I'm more a Ray of Donavon, than of sunshine! I planned ahead, and am able to field a full 15 today. However, all 8 of my reserves were scheduled to play next week; fixture upheaval be damned! 21 Aug 06:36
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The tournament is dead in the water.
21 Aug 00:15
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All blacks failure to make the Perth Test match against Australia should be a forfeit of points to Australia. Seeing that the desicion was reached without consulting Austrialia or Sanzaar! If this was done by SA, rassie would have to appear infront of world rugby again!!!
21 Aug 05:46
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Hey Gene! I must agree. I do understand that New Zealand must follow their chosen path in the fight against Covid. The results thus far show that their people have been protected against the massive loss of life that other countries have endured. However, NZ Rugby have shown scant regard for the other Sanzaar nations; instead of negotiating a solution that allows the matches to be played. Award Oz a 28 point win, and fine NZ Rugby an amount equal to half the matchday revenue. Also, rearrange the matches in Europe, without consulting NZ Rugby. The All Blacks are loved and admired the World over; which is exactly why they must be taught that they are no more important than any other rugby playing nation. 21 Aug 06:31
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Decision time IRB.....
21 Aug 05:59
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21 Aug 16:56
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Please advise when the points will be updated - i note the rules say the following but there aren't even any provisional points and it can't be that hard as only one game was involved:
Provisional scoring is completed shortly after each game, with full results compiled at the latest 30 hours after each game once full match statistics have been gathered and audited. Results are only final once all the games in a round are complete and all auto subs have been made.
22 Aug 03:11
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Why the delay in updating scores this year?
22 Aug 11:25
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Rather let the Superbru team take there time and get correct Stats. Than up load Stats which is a false representation of players performances. Which rushed Stats usually are.
22 Aug 11:52
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Statistically speaking, stats loaded stat, start stuttering; whereas laid-back loading, little by little, leaves laissez-faire leader-boards. All in good time, no doubt. 22 Aug 12:21