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Superbru Insights available for Super Rugby and Six Nations

We've reached the start of what is a very big week for rugby fans and Superbru players as both the 2020 Super Rugby season and the 2020 Six Nations begin this weekend! This year's Super Rugby kicks-off in Auckland as the Blues host the Chiefs on Friday while the Six Nations gets underway on Saturday with holders Wales entertaining Italy.

Superbru Insights provide you with information in key areas such as team news, head-to-head history, weather and other relevant factors to ensure you're as informed as possible when making your rugby predictor picks. This information is of course available elsewhere, but with our Insights you'll be provided with everything in a neat and concise layout at the touch of a button on both our website and app. The Insights for each match can be viewed directly from the picks page and the information is also sent directly to your email inbox on a weekly basis.

As an example of the information you can see on our site as a Premium user, here are the Insights from last season's Round 1 clash between the Jaguares and the Emirates Lions. The pair will also meet in Round 1 this year and this season's Insights will be looking quite different from the below!

In addition to Superbru Insights, Premium players enjoy an ad-free experience, push notification score updates for various tournaments (including Super Rugby and the Premier League), discount from the Superbru store and an exclusive golden layout.

You can learn more and choose to become a premium user by clicking here:

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We're delighted to already have so many of you signed up and ready to go in our predictor and fantasy tournaments for Super Rugby and the Six Nations. Make sure you have all of your pools set up in time for Friday's kick-off and that you've invited your friends to get involved!
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28 Jan 06:16
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Hi i upgraded to premuim but i still have the old dashboard
28 Jan 13:31
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Hi Enrico, the new dashboard can take a little time to get through site caches (up to 10 minutes), can you see it now? If not, please get in touch via support@superbru.com and we'll get things sorted. 28 Jan 13:56
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How do I remove the premium badge from my profile?
28 Jan 18:23
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My dashboard shows I am a Premium player, but I do not get access to the Premium benefits (ie predictions). It just tells me to become a member and if I try to pay again, it tells me I am already a Premium member _ ....
28 Jan 18:35
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My dashboard shows i am a premuim member but can't use any of the benefits?
29 Jan 06:15
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Jip I have paid additional R50 to block predictions until game starts. Couldn't use benefits to add more pools or discard default points either! 31 Jan 12:04
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How do i remove my premium badge?
29 Jan 07:09
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So much for Superbru Premium Insights. 2 days until the start of the 6 Nations and no info - still has Gatland as the Wales coach! Come on Superbru get it sorted.
29 Jan 08:19
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Hi Garfield, Insights are usually available a couple of days before the start of a round, as the weekly reminders go out. Only the Ireland team has been announced yet, and we'll get some others today. Thanks for letting us know about Gatland, that's clearly wrong and we'll get it updated. Hutch 29 Jan 08:22
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super rugby games
31 Jan 09:09
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super rugby
31 Jan 13:10
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Rain oh no
1 Feb 13:42
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Help ,can't get my email to go through
20 Feb 03:06
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How can I change my E-mail address?
20 Feb 10:01