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Superbru 2017 launch plan

We've been beavering away over the last few months building a brand new Superbru site and app, and we're nearly there.

We are modernising Superbru: making it more intuitive, faster and more secure. We want it to be simpler and quicker for you to find what you're looking for: your picks, pool results, leaderboards and more. The gameplay will remain unchanged, but a range of configurable pool features will let pool captains have more of a say on the way their pools operate.

The Six Nations, Super League and Varsity Cup are fast approaching, and Super Rugby, NRL and AFL are not far behind - here is the plan over the next few months:

Week commencing 9th Jan

We will be launching the various tournaments that start at the beginning of February, including:
  • Six Nations Predictor
  • Six Nations Fantasy
  • Six Nations Fantasy Superstars
  • Women's Six Nations Predictor
  • Super League Predictor
  • Varsity Cup Predictor
  • Americas Rugby Championship Predictor
These will be launched with some of the new features built into the old site, to enable people to get pools set up, and to invite people to play. Then we'll do a switchover closer to kick off...

Week commencing 23rd Jan

We are aiming to have an early Beta version of the 2017 site available this week exclusively to members of The General's Club, which will help to iron out any major issues before the main launch.

Feel free to join if you are keen to be involved in the advanced beta.

Week commencing 30th Jan

We are aiming to launch a Beta version of the new site at the end of January, in time (just!) for the busy build-up to the start of the Six Nations. People will be able to switch between the old and new sites to try out the new features, whilst still maintaining access to everything, and we can continue to iron out any teething issues.

Then at some stage this week, we'll switch on the 2017 version as default for everyone.

Superbru app

The new Superbru app, which is going to be awesome, is unlikely to be quite ready for the start of Super Rugby. It will remain as-is for now (with some of the new features built into it), and we'll get it out there as soon as we can.

Thanks for bearing with us whilst we transition to the cool new stuff. If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

34,341 caps
great news - that what makes the site so cool - innovation and on going review and upgrades
9 Jan 15:52
26,120 caps
legends if innovation yous are well done keep improving keep evolving 10 Jan 22:21
2,188 caps
Nice! Love superbru games, #COYG think superbru should be renamed Arsenalbru! Lol 19 Jan 10:37
31,298 caps
Well done guys!
9 Jan 16:08
22,509 caps
Thanks guys. Keep the wheels rolling !!!!!!
9 Jan 17:42
16,472 caps
The proposed changes all looking very positive - looking forward to 2017 and all the changes......scratch that....improvements!! ;-))))
9 Jan 18:34
37,382 caps
Cool (",)
9 Jan 19:33
14,334 caps
You guys are great, weldone
9 Jan 19:39
27,603 caps
Bring it on!
9 Jan 19:49
13,974 caps
Looking forward to it. BTW: Will there be API so interested devs (like me) can build Apps for smaller platforms like Windows Phone? (Although most likely only for notifications and similar stuff, mobile version of sites works otherwise very well)
9 Jan 23:03
34,614 caps
Yep have been wondering the same for some while. Even asked before once. But doubt that is a high priority and nor should it be really. But it can open incredible possibilities. I'm sorry interested in all the behind the scenes stats as I work everyday with big data. What we have here can become an unbeatable sports algorithm. 10 Jan 15:53
8,280 caps
I would also love an app for windows. Love SuperBru! 11 Jan 09:56
1,443 cap
Windows app would be great, especially if it's universal 11 Jan 15:42
37,046 caps
10 Jan 04:07
23,439 caps
10 Jan 04:40
264 caps
Keep up doing good guys
10 Jan 05:15
15,334 caps
Awesome news...........cant wait
10 Jan 07:10
4,339 caps
10 Jan 07:13
1,850 cap
10 Jan 07:31
5,973 caps
That's awesome!
10 Jan 09:34
15,228 caps
lets get it going superbru
10 Jan 15:11
3,034 caps
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10 Jan 21:43
3,489 caps
Superbru Rocks!
11 Jan 02:53
21,900 caps
All this makes a sportslover happy ..Good on you guys ....keep improving.
11 Jan 08:43
15,284 caps
Awesome, always staying ahead of the game!
11 Jan 14:02
2,163 caps
Great! Keep it up.
11 Jan 18:39
16,811 caps
Keep it up guys...love it but my wife might not agree with it.
11 Jan 18:57
16,472 caps
Join the club frenchie!!!! LOL!!! 12 Jan 17:56
9,474 caps
well done & lot of congrats for all!
12 Jan 02:39
1,073 cap
Roll on Season '17. Hoping to do better on SUPERBRU this year!.
12 Jan 04:11
1,675 cap
Awesome! Thanks guys.
12 Jan 06:59
14,777 caps
I love the way superbru is it for now,but sure any improvement will be warmly welcomed and all the best of luck to all the players especially the 4 Seasons teams and our captain let's grow our group and be the leading one on superbru.
Thanks to the General for such an entertaining world of sport predictions and sport news around the world
12 Jan 11:49
4,103 caps
Six nation rugby i love it game on
12 Jan 14:44
1,165 cap
Flippen Awesome SuperBru!! It's a pleasure to be taking part in SuperBru Predictions, Thank you!
12 Jan 16:41
586 caps
That's so cool
14 Jan 19:04
12,289 caps
That awesome guys and please don't stop your good work.
15 Jan 05:32
5,084 caps
Great stuff. I hope motor sport will also receive a bit more prominence, especially off road racing e.g. the SA Rally Championships and the Dakar? Just a petrol head hoping. :D
16 Jan 08:44
330 caps
Awesome! Thanks guys.
16 Jan 15:40
427 caps
Great news and well done General! Can't wait for the game to start.......
16 Jan 18:51
1,693 cap
its quite amazing.more spices added in we gonna enjoy.thanx staff.
17 Jan 07:21
2,382 caps
Thank you. Together we are moving forward
17 Jan 07:21
1,493 cap
In improving the app you should consider revising the Bonus Point criteria. Currently a bru can get BP for being closest to the margin regardless of how far out he is. Perhaps It should only be awarded if within 5 of the actual margin??
19 Jan 07:44
34,342 caps
@tomcat, thanks for the suggestion. The Bonus Point rules were previously changed in 2016. Currently the BP is only awarded for picks falling within a 15 point range from the final result (it's no longer regardless of the margin). 23 Jan 10:37
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19 Jan 11:03
962 caps
Does anybody know what our Super 18 teams look like.? The NZ and Aussie squads were finalised
in 2016.
20 Jan 11:36
27,767 caps
And here I was hoping an EPL fantasy game would be coming through. Looking forward to the upgrades.
20 Jan 15:23
8,471 caps
Would be awesome yes 21 Jan 08:13
2,696 caps
Well done general ,also build in games like the league cup and FA cup
21 Jan 05:01
8,471 caps
I agree with that 21 Jan 08:13
5,663 caps
GREAT GUYS! Keep up the good work
21 Jan 15:31
22,059 caps
Keep improving things I salute you
22 Jan 12:00
357 caps
Nice App and enjoy it every week keep up the good work Go Sharks!!!
22 Jan 12:19
16,538 caps
I'm loving the the current App. Looking forward to the New as ND Approved... Keep up the good work guy..
23 Jan 13:54
1,795 cap
Ux 16 Feb 08:10
1,795 cap
Ud a comment 16 Feb 08:26
3,005 caps
Awesome! Waiting for all the good news
23 Jan 21:24
37,059 caps
I concur with everyone elses comments, and I have always said, and will continue to say, that superbru is by far, the best sports prediction site of them all..Well done to the superbru team, for your initiative, and continuing progress...Good luck to everyone in future competitions, and hopefully see you in some of the pools..
24 Jan 03:43
2,833 caps
that's cool
24 Jan 11:19
22,330 caps
This sounds Super....bru
26 Jan 11:10
3,423 caps
superbru.... my favourite hobbie love it... keep it goin lads
27 Jan 23:27
14,482 caps
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28 Jan 01:33
35,690 caps
Keep going, awesome to see new things happening!
28 Jan 13:02
25,361 caps
28 Jan 16:44
4 caps
Still no windows phone or Desktop app. I will get exitedwhen you start using universal apps.
30 Jan 11:11
1,615 cap
Many thanks Bru, Superbru makes rugby even better!! Keep it high.
31 Jan 20:44
108 caps
We setup our annual 6N prediction league, however it is only allowing us to pick players in a fantasy format in which many of our gang don't want to do.......is there any way of just having a prediction league like other years ?
2 Feb 08:02
34,342 caps
@Thomond as far as I can see you've set up your pool in the Six Nations Superstars game rather than in the Six Nations Predictor game. Try opening the Six Nations Predictor game instead and follow the same steps as before to get your pool set up as intended there. If you need any further assistance, contact us on support@superbru.com. 2 Feb 08:06
108 caps
Thanks a lot for the advice 2 Feb 08:07
170 caps
There isn't a better 6 Nations Fantasy set-up out there... Long live Superbru :-D
2 Feb 18:38
1,404 cap
Anybody know when we will be able to lock everybody's pics in the whole pool until the start of that weekends games (Superugby). So that nobody can see anybody's pics until the game starts ???
2 Feb 19:28
1,437 cap
Any chance of an API so we can integrate your system into other sites?
4 Feb 20:32
1,055 cap
well done keep it up
6 Feb 05:57
2,797 caps
Good luck!
7 Feb 16:55
377 caps
Good luck to all
7 Feb 17:05
757 caps
Any news when the update is arriving ?
8 Feb 20:00
34,342 caps
@Sean, we have already launched the new look site for the Super Rugby and NRL in beta testing. Have a look at the "Try the new Superbru beta" for more info about that, or simply click the "Try Beta" link at the bottom of the page in the Super Rugby Predictor game to test it out. We're aiming to switch over to the new design as default for the Super Rugby by the end of the week if all goes according to plan, after which we'll be rolling it out to other tournaments too. 9 Feb 07:35
9,991 caps
Good to go
9 Feb 16:30
16,395 caps
Can i still make picks next week
9 Feb 17:46
816 caps
when is superbru coming out with more Cash Prizes
10 Feb 05:23
865 caps
Great stuff.
13 Feb 19:39
4,232 caps
I like version. it is not necessary to do any changes.
Please dont
Everything always changes-stick with the old this way we all can be winners
15 Feb 04:11
4,103 caps
That's what we have been waiting for super rugby is been added
15 Feb 14:30
6,000 caps
Just around the corner!
17 Feb 18:51
1,002 cap
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18 Feb 13:07
3,375 caps
When you have a product as successful as Superbru why wreck it. The new Beta version is PATHETIC.
16 Mar 05:49
34,342 caps
Hi Pete, sorry to hear that you're not digging the new site (no longer in Beta btw). Please get in touch on support@superbru.com and let us know what you're concerned about or struggling with so that we can effectively assist you and help you to find your way around.

Have you had a look at the introductory videos for the new site? Many users have found them helpful to get a feel for the new site's flow. Here's the link to the videos: http://www.superbru.com/news/superbru-2017-introductory-videos 16 Mar 07:07
3,025 caps
Why do all of the winners, meaning picking scores, margins, etc, come from South Africa?
19 Mar 08:37
Got something to say about this?