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Super Rugby Trans-Tasman Final prediction!

It’s the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman final this weekend, and somehow the Crusaders do not feature! I think it makes for a trickier prediction, and I feel like it could go either way.

Here are the lineups and my prediction for the final.

Blues v Highlanders

The Blues are favourites to lift the trophy at Eden Park, and they’ve been the form side for the last year or so, along with the Crusaders. However, I think there’s a sniff of an upset, and I think we have a scintillating final in prospect. The Blues’ trajectory since their opening week thrashing of the Rebels has been slightly on the decline, with their season ending with a narrow win over the Reds and a 10-point victory over the Force at home.

Meanwhile, the Highlanders are fresh from a thumping win over the Brumbies, away from home, and I just have a suspicion that momentum might see them through. They’ll be confident enough having beaten the Blues earlier this year, and there’s slightly less pressure as the underdogs which could play into their hands.

If I were leading my pools, I’d probably pick the Blues, but as things stand, I’m backing the Highlanders by 4.
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Highlanders by 1
17 Jun 11:33
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68iogifif j
17 Jun 11:50
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Guinness PRO 14 - Rainbow Cup Final -
Benetton-vs-Bulls (18:30pm)
17 Jun 12:39
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The constituent parts on the Fantasy show it as a very even with the Highlanders players with better recent form as Hutch rightly pointed out. I'm so far off I have to punt for the Mainland team versus the Pig Islanders.
18 Jun 01:51
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Hutch any development with the British and Irish lions tour fantasy ?
18 Jun 06:51
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Go blues jack
18 Jun 07:53
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ABs by a converted try!!
18 Jun 10:41
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Highlanders all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
18 Jun 15:10
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Trans-Tasman Tournament, what a Big Failure.. Dead Boring, one sided and playing against plain terrible Aussie opponents. Must be really hard to be a Aussie comentator, trying to be positive week after week..

The Final however will be GREAT..

18 Jun 16:51
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BLues by 7
18 Jun 20:12
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Benetton will win easy by 23 go Benetton
18 Jun 20:13
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I got Benetton by 17 but you probably right 23 more likely! 19 Jun 04:38
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Benetton by 23 and the word easy included as well... hahahaha lol. So happy to see one brave soul put that kind of extremist call in black and white. Will definitely be checking in with you, after Bulls claim yet another trophy tm and make history.... ;)
18 Jun 20:28
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The Bulls to win by 15 points or more.
19 Jun 07:06
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Awww I recall this James. Had alot to say before Currie cup final as well. But disappeared after. Looks like he supports whomever plays against the bulls.
19 Jun 12:48
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Shame shame little viking! Two massive hidings on the same day. Dark day in Pretoria, ha ha! 19 Jun 18:14
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Let me be the first to congratulate Daniel45. Sad sad sad day in my life. I now know how it feels to be a Stomers, Sharks and Lions suppoter......
19 Jun 18:17
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On contrary, old jamesie-pooh. Still under 19s, under 20s, varsity cup, currie cup and super rugby champs. Plus runner up for Rainbow cup. Now who do you support? O yes, every team that plays the bulls. So we take it from who it comes hahahaha lol. But how I do enjoy you trying......;)
19 Jun 18:42
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Sport is here to enjoy the games on television or at stadiums , not having arguments etc , im hapy with my superbru transman predictions i ended my best group 2nd in the pool , it is the best i've ever done . That was a poor performances by Bulls, i think it would be different if Benneton played in Pretoria.
19 Jun 20:36
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Congrats to the Blues and Blues fans.Well played.Hard fought well deserved victory.To the Bulls and Bulls fans,nothing to feel bad about,they had a great season,Bennett were just too strong.
20 Jun 10:41
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Oh by the way,I had The Blues by 7.
20 Jun 10:43
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Respect NZAB. I agree if its not your day, its not your day. And it was really not the Bulls day. Happy to see the arrival of the test window now. Going to be some great Rugby on display.
20 Jun 12:29
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I meant to say Benneton,not Bennet lol.
20 Jun 16:38