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Super Rugby Semi-Finals Predictions!

Picking the Highlanders to beat the Waratahs last weekend nearly came off - they had some chances to win it in the closing stages, but to be fair to the Waratahs, their defence late on was outstanding and they deserve their place in the semi-finals.

Here are my predictions for the two matches this weekend, where two home wins would be the obvious picks if you are leading your Superbru pools, but I need to pick an upset if I'm going to challenge for silverware.

Crusaders v Hurricanes

This is the match for the upset. Everything points to a win for the Crusaders, and that's definitely the sensible pick, but with only three matches left in the season, I need to pick the underdog in one of them. And it's this one. The 'Canes have won three of the last five against the Crusaders, which includes a win by 25 points in Christchurch in 2016, and unlike most away teams in previous semi-finals, they haven't had to travel around the world to get to the game. Up against familiar foes, if there's one team that can stop the Crusaders winning the title, it's the Hurricanes. Hurricanes by 2

Lions v Waratahs

Having fought so ferociously to come through a huge test in Sydney last week, I think the Waratahs will struggle to compete at altitude, after a long flight from Australia. They haven't won at Ellis Park since 2009, when the Lions were not nearly as strong as they are now, and I think the Lions will win - and we might as well go for a big margin to hunt that bonus point. Lions by 18

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Very brave! I cant see a Canes away win at all. If they pull it off then Ill doff my cap to you as the biggest upset of the season! Head says Lions, but heart says Tahs. Head winning but I'm finding it the trickier pick. Could be very close indeed.
26 Jul 16:37
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I also desperately need an upset but I'm going the other way, several of the canes latest games were not there best so I'm rather seeing a big upset in JHB. The Lions made it but definately were not there best and the Tahs backline is formidable, if they can cut all the handling errors..... who knows???
26 Jul 17:40
46,847 caps
Everyone is expecting Crusaders vs Lions. I hope you are correct here. I will be supporting the Canes to travel to Joburg next week
26 Jul 17:56
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Canes will struggle against the crusaders i think the crusaders will retain their superrugby title
26 Jul 20:21
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Mmm can work.
26 Jul 20:26
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I honestly believe Jantjies will crumble under the pressure as he is known to do and maybe the upset will be the Waratahs.
26 Jul 21:50
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Jantjies does crumble under pressure sometimes but never at Ellispark. He falls out of the bus at other places.
Remember, he already played in 2 Super rugby semi-finals before and was a champion in both. Change your bet quickly Prowler, the Lions will win by plenty and Elton will be a star. He'll do the crumbling next week in NZ. 27 Jul 06:56
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Lions too good for Waratahs. Lions by not less than 14 points.
26 Jul 21:55
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I only ever pick what I actually think, even though I am close to the top of a few pools. Winning pools isn't a big deal to me as there's no prize apart from bragging rights, if there was money I might go about it differently (I am in the kiwi Beat Mehrts pool but no chance of winning). I am in the top 3% of the global leaderboard and don't want to slip down with stupid picks. What I really want is to achieve a full house of achievement badges (apart from the attendance I'm only missing the accuracy Gold). This requires a margin difference of 25 or less over 5 matches (I'm on 22 from the last 4, 16 from the last 3 and 5 from the last 2), so I better pick what I think will happen (Crusaders by 20, Lions by 13) though as a Hurricanes fan I'll forgive them for ruining my chances in the event that they win.
27 Jul 01:41
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Fair play Hutch I get the sentiment.
Canes are dis-jointed whereas CRUSADERS are sound, very dogmatic and clinical.
I now NSW want good news with the drought stuff going on there, everyoneone is bigging up the Tahs backs are perported to be the 'bees knees, but the the LIONS backs are old but 'willey coyote' and their pack can be alarmingly strong..
We shall see eh :)
27 Jul 01:50
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Lions by 20 and Hurricanes by 1!
27 Jul 04:17
2,822 caps
Crusaders11 and Lions 12.
27 Jul 08:52
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Crusaders 12 and Lions 22
27 Jul 09:57
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Not seeing an upset this week. Crusaders 6 Lions 14
27 Jul 12:17
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The lios is a great team and Elton jantjies is stuning player
27 Jul 14:31
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Home teams do have more advantage and both teams lions and crusaders have good wins this year so Crusaders 13 and lions 13
27 Jul 18:48
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For my upset I chose Tahs over Lions maybe cos I live in NSW or that they did well last week against the odds? But don't think anyone can beat the Saders at this stage - they always surge towards the end of the series!
28 Jul 02:49
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I can see the Lions getting mauled by the Waratahs with the big Fijian wingman scoring 3 tries
28 Jul 06:31
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28 Jul 13:04
23 caps
Lions 21- waratahs 19
28 Jul 13:11
3,263 caps
Got both games right. .know i'll get next one
29 Jul 11:57
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Mission impossible....Lions played much better last year and Red Card cost them the game....GOOD LUCK..You will need it!!
31 Jul 15:17
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Next year all participants who do not back a team in their country should start off with -6 points as supporters of teams must either always back their teams or be a sell out and choose the opponents in a game. You can see with this year's Superbru who did not have a team in SA.
7 Aug 14:53
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