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Super Rugby Round Twelve Predictions!

Round 11 went pretty well for my picks on Superbru, with 5 out of 6 correct, including the Stormers beating the Bulls, which was one of the two 'upsets' last weekend. I didn't have the Sharks beating the Waratahs, predicted by 18%, which was a big shock based on their previous weeks' form.

Congratulations to Marco Bosman from South Africa who was one of the 4,776 people that managed a GSP in Round 11 which earned him the Yellow Cap in my 'Challenge Hutch' pool. I am of course hoping for a GSP (and the Yellow Cap!) myself this week.

Onto Round 12, and here are my Superbru predictions for this weekend's Super Rugby fixtures.

Crusaders v Sharks

Nobody can touch the Crusaders at the moment, and despite resting Richie Mo'unga, they should still have enough to beat the inconsistent Sharks. I'm going for a big margin, because if the Crusaders get away early, the Sharks might implode again. Crusaders by 23

Reds v Sunwolves

Pity the 32% of people on Superbru that picked the Sunwolves last weekend - about 60,000 people - only for them to be thumped 52-0 at home by the Highlanders. Now they are away at the Reds, fresh off a bye week. Reds by 21

Hurricanes v Rebels

Another easy one! If the Canes can beat the Chiefs by 28 points, they can surely beat the Rebels at home too. Hurricanes by 23

Highlanders v Chiefs

Having had a run of form once they moved Damian McKenzie to full-back, the Chiefs have gone off the boil again since his year-ending injury. This ought to be another home win. Highlanders by 8

Brumbies v Blues

This is a tricky one, because I don't particularly rate the Brumbies, and they are just back from a tour of SA and Argentina - Superbru Insights tells me they have travelled 29,376km in the last three weeks. I'll await team news, but I'm leaning towards the Blues. Blues by 4

Bulls v Waratahs

The Waratahs haven't won at Loftus since 2002 as far as I can see, and on the back of a home defeat to the Sharks, this one is surely beyond them. Bulls by 13

Jaguares v Stormers

This is the other tough pick of the round, with the Jaguares usually hard to beat at home, but the Stormers thumped them 35-8 in the reverse fixture at Newlands in March. Home advantage could be key - the home side has won 4 out of the 5 fixtures between the teams - but then the Stormers have won 4 out of the 5 fixtures too. The Stormers have lost to the Brumbies and the Reds this season though, and that seems like a reasonable basis on which to tip the Jaguares. Jaguares by 2

Best of luck to you all in Round 12. Which of these picks do you disagree with?
96 caps
Going for an upset sunwolves to beat reds by 13 rest the same
2 May 08:53
17,780 caps
Goodluck with that, i quit this **** , last week. 3 May 06:42
96 caps
Ja never again cost me big time!!!! 6 May 07:25
12,109 caps
I agree with your picks, but I think the margin with which the Crusaders will win against the Sharks will be smaller than their previous four wins because of Mo'unga being rested.
2 May 08:59
18,508 caps
Blues Brumbies cannot decide yet! 3 May 07:34
8,023 caps
agreed all but 1 .... Fancy Stormers to do Jaguares

2 May 09:44
1,258 cap
Blues resting several key players. So might just give the brumbies ab edge. Its all up to conditioning
2 May 10:31
68 caps
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2 May 10:34
1,283 cap
Backing the brumbies,blues have not won away game this season and stormers for an updet aswell!
2 May 12:22
3,951 caps
I think im going to disagree with the Crusaders running away with the game against the Sharks. I'm going with a major upset and saying that the Sharks will shock the Crusaders with a 5 pointer. Also, the Waratahs to upset the Bulls by 3. The rest are pretty straight forward.
2 May 13:10
30,855 caps
Would love the Sharks to win but 'reality bites' also the Tahs are NEVER going to win at loftus. The Brumbies Blues game is the serious nightmare, resting Ricko might just push the game the other way! I managed a grand slam last week but chances of it happening again are like winning the lottery! 2 May 13:50
4,706 caps
Not quite but you'll be able to boast an MP. 3 May 10:23
3,951 caps
I think I was one of the few that backed the Sharks and for the most part, the Sharks looked like they were going to get a famous win - I at least got a MP as i was within 5 points. The Waratahs could quite well upset the Bulls at Loftus and the Sharks a huge favor. Its not impossible. Look at what the Chiefs did to the Bulls in round 6. The Chiefs at that stage were lying 14th and the Bulls 7th. The Waratahs as at round 11, were (are) 10th and the Bulls were (are) 5th. So never say never as the impossible can (and does) happen. Today was an example of exactly that. The mighty Crusaders who had a 95 % chance of beating the Sharks and they went on to only get 2 points because of a draw. And yes, people can say, the Crusaders didnt have their full strength team, but The Crusaders should be able to win comfortably without their key players. I personally think the Sharks played an excellent game and would have won if Curwin Bosch hadnt missed 2 penalty kicks. So full credit must go to th 3 May 12:52
1,258 cap
they got 3 points as they scored 3 more tries
3 May 13:26
3,951 caps
A BP is only applied if the team win and get 3 more tries than their opponents. Last week the Crusaders log points were 39 and after this mornings game, they now have 41 points. So their 3 tries were for nothing. I keep a record of the logs from every round 3 May 15:03
1,865 cap
Blue will def beat brumbies... Look at the head v head
3 May 01:50
841 caps
Hate to say this but I think the Rebels will have too many guns for the Hurricanes, without Perenara, Lam and Colesey, they will be run over by a full strength Rebels outfit, looking forward to that game. Would love to see the Sharkies shock the Crusaders, they have the talent. hope they give it their best shot, Bring back Bissie du Plessis!!!
3 May 07:30
3,951 caps
The Sharks had the win in the bag, but they let it slip and came away with the draw (which is better than a loss), but disappointing nonetheless 4 May 14:35
525 caps
Sharks holding on.....
3 May 08:59
28,903 caps
Gone gone gone.... That is everyone's GSP point for round 12!
3 May 09:25
48,778 caps
87 brus who correctly expected that Crusaders v Sharks draw still have their GSP hopes alive! 3 May 09:33
28,903 caps
What are they smoking...? :-) 3 May 09:55
4,706 caps
I've never picked a draw in any game except for soccer tournaments, not sure what the mindset of those who pick rugby draws is (particularly when it's between two unevenly matched teams) maybe they're daredevils who pick draws regularly but doing that will get you nowhere overall. Maybe some of them are aiming for the global wooden spoon and figure the best way is to pick a draw for every match. 3 May 10:20
4,706 caps
If the wooden spoon is the aim one might think that it would be best to enter but submit no picks. However you'd get defaults in that case which would likely give you a few points. 3 May 10:22
3,600 caps
Hey Hagar, whatever they're smoking I gotta get me some of that! 2 draws in a weekend scores 5 points! 4 May 11:38
92 caps
Rather take high scores, may not win mp but the games more exciting to watch
4 May 07:42
453 caps
Rugby Gesels
4 May 15:37
78 caps
5 May 06:41
5,190 caps
5 May 09:48
32,708 caps
The only 2 I got wrong in round 12 was the 2 draws. Had the sharks to win and Highlanders to beat chiefs. Not to bad.
6 May 10:23
50 caps
I don't understand this game
6 May 13:15
19,537 caps
I don't either but I do not understand my wife either so I just ask her advice. 7 May 04:38
3,600 caps
From your happy couple photo she clearly has a lot of advice to give. 7 May 18:50
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