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Super Rugby Round Nine Predictions!

I missed all of last weekend's Super Rugby action as a result of being away on holiday with my family - normally I'm able to watch at least 2 or 3 matches per round, which is way more than any other Rugby. With three young kids, the early morning kick-offs here in the UK work quite well for me!

I had four correct picks out out of seven last week, matching the community average by predicting all the obvious ones and none of the upsets, as the Reds beat the Stormers (predicted by 37%), the Sharks thrashed the Lions (14%) and the Jaguares shocked the understrength Bulls (6%).

Well done to Belinda Glenn who had an impressive GSP to take the Yellow Cap in my 'Challenge Hutch' pool last weekend. James Slater remains top of the pool so he's the man we're looking to catch up with this week.

Here are my Super Rugby predictions for Round 9.

Crusaders v Highlanders

The Highlanders nearly upset the Hurricanes in Wellington last weekend, and their four match losing streak paints a bleaker picture than the actual state of their season. But up against the defending champions in the New Zealand capital (only joking, sorry about that error made in pre-holiday haste last week), I think there will only be one winner. Crusaders by 16

Rebels v Stormers

The Stormers' results on tour have been getting worse since they pushed the Hurricanes close three weeks ago, and last week's defeat to the Reds was most disappointing. The Rebels are better than the Reds, and will likely send their opposition back to Cape Town with four defeats from four on tour. Rebels by 9

Chiefs v Blues

The Blues are on a four-match winning streak but their record against the Chiefs is abysmal, going back to 2011 for their last win. The Chiefs are back to winning ways, and with a rest after their trip to SA and Argentina, I think they'll be too good at home. Chiefs by 7

Brumbies v Lions

The Lions were destroyed by the Sharks at Ellis Park last weekend, which is not the ideal preparation for a tour of Australia and New Zealand. The Brumbies have had some mixed results so far this season, one minute thrashing the Chiefs, the next being thrashed by the Hurricanes, and then losing two in a row by the exact same score - 36-14 away at the Reds and the Crusaders. On paper, the Lions are the better side, but this is a potential upset. Lions by 6

Sharks v Jaguares

The Argentinians made the Bulls pay for making so many changes to their team, coming back to win at the death. The Sharks shouldn't make the same mistake, and after that performance against the Lions last week, you have to back them in this one at home. Sharks by 9

Bulls v Reds

With the big guns likely to return for the Bulls, the defeat last week will be quickly forgotten as the Reds visit Pretoria. The home team usually wins this fixture, I still don't rate the Reds and I expect it to be fairly comfortable. Bulls by 18

So that's five home wins out of six - which ones do you disagree with?

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42,202 caps
Bulls and Lions games I disagree. I'm going for the Aussies there. I think Reds are much better then you rate them.
11 Apr 09:14
3,880 caps
I agree. the Reds to beat Bulls and also Brumbies to win. Sharks should be able to win by a bigger margin. I think by more than 12
11 Apr 11:43
4,635 caps
While I'm not picking the Reds I do agree that Hutch consistently says they are worse than what they actually are. 12 Apr 05:10
1,277 cap
Ouch ! Bulls showed them REDS 15 Apr 08:18
758 caps
But the Reds regroup and give the Sharks a touch up in Durban 21-14. First win there since 2004. 19 Apr 15:57
59 caps
Hi, my differ to Hutch.... Brumbies to beat lions.... Blues to beat chiefs... Good luck bru's.
11 Apr 11:06
17,370 caps
disagree, CHiefs win , Brumbies win , Bulls win 11 Apr 15:31
4,635 caps
I'm same as you Brent. Neo Hutch picked Bulls and as Brent didn't say he picked Reds I presume he picked Bulls as well. 12 Apr 05:23
26,982 caps
Hutch, You also had the Highlanders game wrong. so 3/7, sorry
11 Apr 11:08
560 caps
Yep 11 Apr 11:22
4,635 caps
I looked up his picks by clicking on his profile from the challenge Hutch pool, he had the Hurricanes by 2, I know in his last article he said Highlanders by 2 but he either changed it or noted it incorrectly, in this article under Crusaders v Highlanders he says sorry about error made in pre-holiday haste which I'm guessing was saying he had picked the Highlanders when he had actually picked the Hurricanes. Anyway his pick was entered as Hurricanes by 2 regardless of what he said in the write-up. 12 Apr 05:17
26,982 caps
No problem, thanks Da Hulk. Hutch 4/7 it is well done. 12 Apr 06:22
682 caps
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11 Apr 12:01
18,539 caps
The Lions will do better than the Stormers overseas. Stormers will lose 4 of their overseas games and the Lions will lose only 3.
11 Apr 13:12
1,652 cap
Lions only have 3 games overseas
11 Apr 13:29
18,539 caps
Exactly 11 Apr 14:18
28,618 caps
Barney you are too honest... 11 Apr 14:24
4,635 caps
Lol I looked at the draw thinking something must be up if Lions have only three games overseas, Sunwolves aren't part of SA conference anymore and even if they were it would still be an overseas match although it is a separate trip to their 3 games in Australasia. 12 Apr 05:08
758 caps
Another good win to Lions on tour in NZ'd. Chiefs aren't going so well this year and now that Damien McKenzie is out for the season they'll struggle (lucky to beat the Blues last weekend). 19 Apr 15:59
28,618 caps
My predictions are so bad lately, so I'm just gonna say no comment...
11 Apr 13:14
29,854 caps
I'm with you this week Hutch, although I reckon you are under shooting on some of the margins ( Rebels Chiefs Lions and Sharks ) Only possible upset I see is the Brumbies coming out firing at home but I doubt it. Who knows maybe we can pinch a grand slam, good luck everyone!
11 Apr 13:15
13,330 caps
The Lions winning in Canberra would technically be an upset. The Bumbies are so hard to predict look what they did to The Hurricanes late last season. They need to get Banks motoring again. I have no Brumbies in my Fantasy but 2 Lions so hope they win. These first games of tours can offer the best chance of an away win though due to relative freshness & optimism. They really miss Kwagga (btw Hutch did you follow my suggestion and name your new daughter after him?!) but he is on the mend rapidly, so maybe he'll play next week! 11 Apr 13:34
18,539 caps
The way the Lions played last week, any win for them will be an upset. 11 Apr 14:20
4,635 caps
NZ TAB has Brumbies as $1.51 favourites. 12 Apr 05:18
371 caps
brumbies best bet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
11 Apr 13:45
4,092 caps
Lions vs brumbies game Sa ref blowing so it would fafour the lions
11 Apr 15:32
2,103 caps
Hagar go this week Bull to beat the Reds -4.5 The Blues to beat the Chiefs by+4.5 and your Sharks -7.5 against the Jaguar's.
11 Apr 20:13
758 caps
And how did that work out, Doc?? 19 Apr 16:01
1,903 cap
I've gone with all home teams this week.....but if there are any upsets....I think it will be the Lions and the Blues that will take my GSP away from me....haha
12 Apr 03:27
1,398 cap
I doubt the Jags will upset the Sharks. I also doubt the Lions will beat the Brumbies. The Reds need to upset the Bulls. Will do the Sharks a huge favour so the Sharks can cement their place on top of the SA conference
12 Apr 05:00
775 caps
This was my hardest decision, in my Fantasy I went for Am instead of Kerevi( who I think is Fantastic) and Mapimpi instead of Hodge. Hopefully the Sharks swim in!
Also giving the Lions a second chance, they are a lot better than their last game, plus they normally go well in Aus/NZ. 12 Apr 07:28
775 caps
I meant Mapimpi instead of Maddocks, Gosh miss him tonight, hope he's back next week! 12 Apr 10:38
758 caps
Well the Reds ruined that party... 19 Apr 16:02
4,635 caps
Wouldn't see Brumbies beating Lions as an upset and the NZ TAB agrees with me making the Brumbies $1.51 favourites. You say "home team normally wins" between Reds and Bulls, actually the last away win in that clash was 2004 (so you're correct but fail to get across the extent of home dominance). I've picked the Blues to edge the Chiefs.
12 Apr 05:02
775 caps
Agree, hopefully the Chiefs are "Singing the Blues" after their game! 12 Apr 07:39
3,915 caps
Crusaders by 12
Rebels by 17
Blues by 7
Lions by 21
Sharks by 12
Reds by 7
Ok you guys will all think I'm crazy but that's the way i like it

12 Apr 05:07
758 caps
Reds by 7 this week in Durban!! 19 Apr 16:03
59 caps
Hi Da Hulk, for sure yes bulls by 27
12 Apr 08:41
59 caps
Rebels by 27 bru's, bit low with your score there Thaddis
12 Apr 09:33
720 caps
Rebels ! Dream on
12 Apr 11:09
1,988 cap
I guess I'm the only one who got and really though the stomers are winning
12 Apr 13:28
3,542 caps
If its not too late I disagree on your call against the Stormers! :)
12 Apr 16:15
3,540 caps
Nice win for the Stormers!!! Great way to silence the critics
14 Apr 20:40
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