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Super Rugby Round 8 Predictions!

It was 3 out of 6 for me in Round 7, slightly better than the community average of 2.81, and thanks to a Margin Point in the Bulls' narrow win over the Sharks in Durban, I managed some green arrows on the Superbru rankings.

It's great to see that the bru on the above banner, Jaco Marais, who was the best performing player across the entire Superbru community last week is playing in my 'Challenge Hutch' pool! He was of course the Yellow Cap winner after an incredible GSP round.

Last week was a reminder that Super Rugby has been a bit of a lottery this season. Take the Waratahs - they beat the defending champions Crusaders one week, and lose to the lowly Sunwolves the next. Or even the Crusaders - beaten in Sydney, and then they thrash the Hurricanes in Wellington.

So with that in mind, let's look at this week's coin flips.

Highlanders v Hurricanes

After a strong start, the Highlanders are now without a win since February, but given that the Hurricanes have not won in Dunedin since 2015, this is a tricky pick. Indeed the home team has won this match on the last 6 occasions, and I'm going to pick a home win. Highlanders by 2

Reds v Stormers

This is another difficult one to call. The Reds are usually fairly rubbish, and despite the Stormers losing a couple of key players to injury, they've had a reasonable tour so far without a win, and they are the better team on paper. Stormers by 6

Lions v Sharks

The Sharks are another team that has faded since a bright start, with a home defeat to the Bulls last week. Meanwhile, the Lions have won 3 in a row and haven't lost to the Sharks at home since 2014. Lions by 9

Crusaders v Brumbies

A powerful win over the Hurricanes last week suggested that their defeat at the Waratahs was an anomalous blip, and I can't see the Brumbies putting up much of a fight in the first match in Christchurch since the tragedy a few weeks ago. Crusaders by 23

Blues v Waratahs

I can't entertain the thought of a team winning away at Eden Park having just lost at home to the Sunwolves. Blues by 13

Rebels v Sunwolves

The Rebels have won all three of their matches against the Sunwolves by an average of over 24 points, and whilst the axed Japanese franchise has already caused a couple of notable upsets this season, they still aren't stringing big games together. Rebels by 16

Bulls v Jaguares

A win in Durban will have restored confidence after the Bulls were thrashed by the Chiefs at Loftus. Superbru Insights tells me the Jaguares have travelled 15,020km in the last 3 weeks, and that includes a bye week, whereas the Bulls have only been to Durban and back in that time. It's a tough assignment for the well-travelled Jaguares at altitude. Bulls by 13

Which ones do you disagree with this week?

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48,787 caps
I'm gambling with a Reds win and the Canes are due a big game.Reds by 6 Canes by 4.
4 Apr 08:37
2,320 caps
4 Apr 08:45
993 caps
Highlanders are without 2 key players Naholo and Smith, bulls are without 6 key players so ya
4 Apr 09:00
5,950 caps
Auckland isn't the Capital of New Zealand, where did you get that from. "Oh it's the biggest City so I'll just take a wild guess and say it is", get your facts straight.
4 Apr 10:08
11,888 caps
Heya Craig. Learn some manners! Very disrepectful of you with that comment.
4 Apr 10:19
51,213 caps
I love a good bit of geography and can only imagine the outrage in Wellington! Oversight fixed! 4 Apr 10:30
5,950 caps
Jono Drummond your a muppet. They shouldn't be making mistakes like that and good on them for fixing it. I reckon Hurricanes to win, teams sometimes slow after the bye. I agree with the rest but I would like the Reds and Jaguares to win. Go the Crusaders 5 Apr 03:29
6,914 caps
So super angry Craig. Take a chill pill dude it's Friday. Looking forward to a braai and beers and here your biggest problem in life is worrying about getting a Capital City correct. Clearly you have no problems in life. 5 Apr 05:32
3,257 caps
Hey Craig! How do you know that the author of this article took a wild guess based on the population of Auckland? Or, was that simply a wild guess? It's certainly remarkable that your demand for accuracy is made in a post that lacks that requirement. Your question lacks a question mark, and contains an erroneous capital. Your quotation is not a quotation. Facts do not belong to people, they are simply facts. Your assumed role as an instructive educator is laughable and boorish. Your second post attacking Jono Drummond declares him to be a muppet, which is generally defined as an incompetent moron, qualities that you display in abundance. Pot, kettle, black. 6 Apr 02:12
20,421 caps
Also think Reds and Canes will win. Bulls will win, but its going to be close,
4 Apr 11:21
14,763 caps
Just something regarding the stat at the top... Jaco Marais was not the best player in SA or in the entire superbru community in round 7 with 3 out of 6. Sorry buddy. No offense. I managed 4 out of 6 correct predictions and I did not even get the yellow cap in any of my pools so there were quite a few people who did even better than me
4 Apr 12:41
1,874 cap
The stat says the community average was 3/6 (read below the stat). 4 Apr 14:58
3,960 caps
Bulls have a weakened team tough call
4 Apr 14:05
1,398 cap
Im going with a few upsets this weekend. The Jags to beat the Bulls, , reds to beat Stormers and Sharks to beat Lions. If my memory serves me correctly, didnt the Sharks beat the Lions in Joburg last year? It might have been during Currie Cup, but I think t is still possible for the Sharks to turn their season around and still be in it for the running to get to the semi's at least
4 Apr 14:08
1,903 cap
I am with some guys with the Reds and the Hurricanes. Doubt it if the Sharks can cause an upset.
4 Apr 14:19
3,237 caps
Lions by 9 you have lost your mind
4 Apr 14:50
9,524 caps
With some of the results that have popped up this season I wonder if anyone has thought about some match fixing or something??? happens in other sports. For me it's Reds, Canes, Lions and Bulls.Crusaders revenge with a big score 25+ good luck.
4 Apr 15:24
29,854 caps
If the Brumbies beat the Crusaders this weekend then match fixing must be a reality! Seriously though don't write off The Stormers and Sharks. If by some miracle I'm still on a grand slam on the last game then I'm going Jaguares! 4 Apr 17:11
17,370 caps
Jaguars have not won away game in Pretoria , the BUlls does not want to let this match down, otherwise they are going down into the darkness, than if they lose, i cannot see them compete with the other stronger teams. 4 Apr 20:52
29,854 caps
Sorry Neo I know you love the Bulls but taking Pollard and Kriel out at the same is simply suicide! 6 Apr 16:33
17,370 caps
Add a comment 6 Apr 20:08
17,370 caps
This is why i do not bet on that rugby 5 , the margin is to way out , you would not bet Sharks by 13 and more, maybe 5 to 12 , and Jaguars would put my ticket down , this fixtures is a curse for me , i always got it wrong , when it goes to Pretoria , im still in top 5 in my pool lol , ha ha ha . 6 Apr 20:10
2,383 caps
No sharkie lions by 7.you lost your mind.& agread reds to win & hurricane to win.
4 Apr 15:52
7,770 caps
Spot on also Bulls will go down 5 Apr 16:51
59 caps
Stormers will battle, cannot see them winning
4 Apr 19:17
1,504 cap
The Reds have not been "usually fairly rubbish " if you been watching
5 Apr 01:56
3,703 caps
The Bulls where horribly poor against the Chiefs and Sharks (actually neither the Bulls or Sharks should have won that game), and they are resting key players, I feel that the Jaguares will take this one. If they get their set pieces right, the Bulls is going to have a long day on their home pitch.

I also feel that the Stormers can win the Reds. Both teams had poor games up to now, but I feel that the Stormers where better than the Reds thus far. The only worry for me for the Stormers is JL and Die Ellendige, they have been very very poor tactically and defensively, and if the Reds can exploit that in the way the Canes and Blues did, it might be 0/3 for the Stormers on the road.
5 Apr 04:55
28,618 caps
That feeling went over very quickly (The Stormers were better than the Reds thus far). Robbie should just quit while he is still ahead and give someone that actually knows something about rugby to coach the team! Rather sooner than later! Loud sigh.... 5 Apr 14:41
3,615 caps
I don't like bringing the board room onto the rugby field, what I read recently regarding the Stormers, WP et al, if they win another game this season I will very happy. The Kings, now under private ownership, will, in the next 3 years, compete with the best in Europe. PG the same happens to Stormers/WP rugby. They will then be a force in Super Rugby. Until then NIX.
5 Apr 05:39
3,615 caps
I don't like bringing the board room onto the rugby field, what I read recently regarding the Stormers, WP et al, if they win another game this season I will very happy. The Kings, now under private ownership, will, in the next 3 years, compete with the best in Europe. PG the same happens to Stormers/WP rugby. They will then be a force in Super Rugby. Until then NIX.
5 Apr 05:39
59 caps
Want to make money? Bet on stormers loosing next 10 games.
5 Apr 11:15
29,854 caps
Seriously disappointing by the Stormers, but we have to acknowledge that there were 3 almost tries. If at least 1 of them were scored things could of been so different. As for SP Marais if they let him take any more kicks..... that will be beyond me!!!!!!! 5 Apr 16:35
7,770 caps
Agreed with SP, cost me a bonus point 5 Apr 16:52
59 caps
Almost tries count for nothing
5 Apr 20:00
1,398 cap
I can't believe that I've got 2/3 upsets correct. Just need the Jags to beat the Bulls. I dont think anyone saw such a huge win by the Sharks especially in Jhb
5 Apr 20:04
59 caps
Well done I've got 0/3, hoping crusaders win by 40 tomorrow, SA sides seem to lose focus on games, jags good chance of klapping the bulls, also changed bulls side with the rests of bok players. Also just shows its a team sport, stormers had almost a bok pack previous week, didn't help having a back line that cannot fire, willemse also not springbok quality at the moment
5 Apr 20:40
3,473 caps
Bulls v Jags...I'm going with the Jags simply because the Bulls are resting players. But I might end up with egg on my face!
6 Apr 10:56
59 caps
Hey no name brand..... We all got egg on our face, check predictions on sharks game, all took lions
6 Apr 11:05
29,854 caps
Speak for yourself Brent, the only game of the weekend that caught me was the Stormers. 6 out of 7! 6 Apr 16:25
1,398 cap
3/3 upsets for me (reds vs stormers, Lions vs Sharks and Bulls vs Jaguares) :)
6 Apr 15:04
3,703 caps
RIP South African Rugby, you will be sadly missed. With our teams performing this poor in SR, how the hell are we ever going to win a WC
6 Apr 19:32
127 caps
Hahaha. Sharks won you haters
7 Apr 08:40
13,330 caps
Can I still start an argument about what the Capital of South Africa is? Auclkland is regarded as the 'Queen City of NZ' btw. And it has nothing to do with the way The Blues play. At least the IPL has avoided this confusion by renaming the Daredevils.
8 Apr 00:40
3,257 caps
The two capitals of South Africa are S and A. Alternatively, F and A, as in there's F All capital investment currently in South Africa. 8 Apr 08:48
13,330 caps
Very droll Angus! 11 Apr 13:24
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