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Super Rugby Restart: Round 8 Predictions

Having said last week that nothing less than a full-house of picks would be sufficient, I was always heading for a fall! The Crusaders losing at home, and the Rebels thrashing the Waratahs left me with a paltry 2 out of 4 with room for improvement this week.

This week looks quite tough to me, and here are my picks.

Force v Rebels

I’m going with the Rebels here, on the basis that they won convincingly away at the Waratahs last weekend, and the Force are not nearly as good as the Tahs. Seems logical. Rebels by 16

Chiefs v Crusaders

This looks like an obvious pick, but I’m sorely tempted to pick the Chiefs. They’ve been unlucky in their last few matches suffering narrow defeats, whilst the Crusaders’ defeat at home will give the Chiefs confidence. The visitors are also missing a host of star names, such as Joe Moody and Braydon Ennor, and it’s not as straightforward as the bookies and Superbru community would have you believe. I’ve talked myself into it. Chiefs by 2

Brumbies v Reds

This one looks fairly straightforward, with the best Australian team at home to the Reds. Both teams are unbeaten, but I can’t see the Reds winning this one. Brumbies by 13

Highlanders v Blues

The Blues have not won in Dunedin since 2011, but yet the bookies have made them favourites to win here. Teams aren’t out yet, so I won’t be locking anything in yet, but for now I’m leaning towards a home win for the Highlanders. Highlanders by 4

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Brave man Hutch!!
The AU games - not entertaining at all. Have not enjoyed watching most, if any. Brumbies the best, by a mile, of that group. Hoping for better tomorrow. Rebels should run away against Force by 24, Chiefs are going to be crushed by a Crusaders teams stinging frm last week's loss - 'Saders by 24, Brumbies by 14 and the high-flying Blues to overcome HLanders by 12. NZ rugby very nice to watch!!!
30 Jul 11:49
Reds by 19
30 Jul 13:50
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Hutch, your NZ picks is suspect.
30 Jul 18:07
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Are you suspecting that his prediction is right or are suspecting that his prediction are wrong...? 31 Jul 11:22
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Crusaders are hurt. They will smash a win. Rebels by 19. Brumbies looked far from convincing last week will go close. And the blues will take Highlanders by 9+
30 Jul 19:19
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Those picks are 3 out of 4 Hutch but hey that's better than last week's 2 :)
30 Jul 19:53
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WF are going to cause upset soon what better against Rebels Force by 3
Think Chiefs are outsiders by far who's ever once again expect unexpectable Chiefs by 2. Grumbles/ Reds for me either way so go with my team Reds by 7. Highlands v Blues again not sure like colour blue so Blues by 9.
30 Jul 22:33
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Have to agree with Phil... Aus not nice to watch... SA, IF ever, will be a joke... Love NZ rugby...
31 Jul 21:56
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Imagine...? Playing Rugby with masks, no smokes, no Beer?, nobody to tell you, you only have to show up, run onto the field, kneel, the game is won!!!! Just like that... Again... Imagine...???
31 Jul 22:03
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So... Cru by 8
Brumbs by 7
Blues by 5
Tana's a legend... Can't wait for Dan to join the Blues team. Bit, just a bit, older, but never cold...
31 Jul 22:13
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The Au competition always prevent me from getting a gps , what a joke , Brumbies getting hammered
1 Aug 10:31
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Really enjoyed watching the colours coming through as the paint dried on the passage hall this morning. Way more exciting than AU Rugby. ?? 1 Aug 13:13
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Put an old car windscreen in front of the TV, and get yourself a paintball gun. Enjoy! 2 Aug 11:17
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This was a easy weekend , no upsets happened, maybe next week , i bet you from Australia conference as always 2 Aug 15:17
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4/4 for me this weekend.
2 Aug 12:55
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me too, plus bonuses 3 Aug 02:07