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Super Rugby Quarter-Final Predictions!

We have reached the knockout stages, with every match crucial in determining which New Zealand side is going to lift the trophy. No more resting players, no more dead rubbers, this is it.

The GSP has sadly eluded me all season, but I'm not far off the top of most Superbru pools, and a strong finish would likely yield some gold medals.

Hurricanes v Chiefs

The Chiefs will take some confidence from their victory over the Canes last week, where their second-string side defeated a full-strength Hurricanes team. The stakes are a bit different now though, and with home advantage, I am expecting the Hurricanes to come through. It will likely be quite tight, but everyone will pick a single-figure margin, so I'm going a little high looking for a Bonus Point. Prediction: Hurricanes by 13

Crusaders v Sharks

The Sharks snuck into the playoffs at the expense of the Rebels, and a trip to Christchurch to face the reigning champions is their reward where there is only going to be one winner. I don't think this one will be close. Prediction: Crusaders by 23

Waratahs v Highlanders

The Tahs won this fixture by 29 points back in May, which meant that the Highlanders finished below the Chiefs on the overall table. But they'll be happier going to Sydney than to Wellington, which is where the Chiefs are going, and I fancy an upset in this one - if you can call a Kiwi side beating an Aussie side an upset. Prediction: Highlanders by 4

Lions v Jaguares

Despite picking the away side above, I'm aware that home sides nearly always win knockout matches in this tournament, and the home team has won this fixture on each of the six occasions it has been played. At altitude in Johannesburg is also a tough place for away sides to play, and I think the Lions will make it to the semi-finals. Prediction: Lions by 11

How do your picks compare? Best of luck to all.
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Close picks like mine but the warathas will take it
19 Jul 09:14
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The Tahs only won as the Highlanders, correctly, received a red card in the 17th minute for a chest high karate kick. Turned the game into a very one-sided affair. If they avoid that silliness, this week, they’ll win.
19 Jul 09:44
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I think the Tahs will take that one, the Highlanders are very much out of form. I agree with the rest though.
19 Jul 10:34
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Lions 12; Tahs 8; Saders 16; chiefs 6
19 Jul 11:25
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chiefs lmao 21 Jul 01:42
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its going to be Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders and Lions smiling at the end of this week boys!
19 Jul 11:30
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La Liga ?
19 Jul 15:16
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yes why is hutch play two tickets if the rules say 1 ticket only 21 Jul 01:41
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Firstly I don't think the Sharks will lose by such a high margin. I wouldn't bank on the Lions winning either. And lastly Chiefs looking good at the right time
19 Jul 16:15
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Ooh no green arrows for you. 19 Jul 16:43
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T-man I think they are good picks except I think that the sharks will lose by24 20 Jul 01:16
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I got sharks loss by 21 20 Jul 10:42
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Agree with all except tahs, tahs by 3, is there gsp this round Hutch.
19 Jul 16:42
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I'll try to not sound too cynical, but Hutch's prediction for the Sharks game is very conservative. Expect more towards the 40 point mark. And my reason is this: referees for the Crusaders vs. Sharks game are Mike Fraser (NZ) in the middle, Ben O'Keeffe (NZ) and Brendon Pickerill (NZ) running on the sides and Shane McDermott (NZ) slowing down the game on the walkie-talkie from inside the stands. Please tell me how that is fair? The Sharks can expect to be carded and penalised out of the game. For the cost of a few plane tickets, SANZAAR could have had neutral refs for each game. OK, that's it, I had my rant.
19 Jul 22:36
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Prowler, I agree with you about neutral referees. But, I think you will find that the referees (perhaps all the officials?) for all four games are "home-town" chaps. SANZAAR trying to cut back on travel costs?

I'm taking risks and going Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders, and Lions.
20 Jul 00:53
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Prowler, all the kiwis agree with you we want neutral referees as well....If Sanzar ran the world cup soccer the France vs Croatia final would have had a Croatian Ref :-) If they want to cut down on travel costs they should have a centralised TMO like they did for the World Cup soccer (stole my idea :-)) 20 Jul 05:21
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catch a grip you two dumb brains what is next did your mommy forgot to give them milk this morning 21 Jul 01:40
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This year was crazy with all the upsets, normally I'd fully agree with the 4 Hutch has picked but who knows! I think the Tahs are in with a real shout and also the Chiefs but for the sake of pool points which are now critical I'm going with the 4 favourites!
20 Jul 05:57
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Thanks everyone I am even more confused now, than 5 minutes ago, but here goes
Canes to win by 24, All Black backline, Lam to Star!
Sharks to Upset, weather will turn in favour of Sharkies, by 7!
TAHS BY 14, Brumbies woke them up last week (was my pick)
Jaguares by 21, I know You Can Do It!!! 20 Jul 07:13
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Is there a GSP this round?
20 Jul 09:36
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Im sticking with Highlanders win , they have better players than the Waratahs 20 Jul 12:22
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I want the Sharks to win.
20 Jul 13:35
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you need big help
21 Jul 01:38
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Sharks and crusaders will be a much tighter game
20 Jul 15:27
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oh please go find yourself a tracker and go make some mielies 21 Jul 01:37
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listen to you all . do you know rugby huh? or are you all just a hutch fan with no brains , get a grip people you only live once , thank God eng done there balls.
21 Jul 01:34
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Reckon even 6 South African refs in NZ will not help the Sharkies today, sorry when it comes to play offs the NZ teams will show us who is boss... so Saders by 35...Canes already won in what looked a close one but was 15 ahead with 4minutes left so the 1 point margin is flattering to Chiefs, Teh Tahs vs Highlanders is probably the biggest one to call , especially after Tahs looked very bad when nothing to play for last week vs Brumbies... BUT expect a massive effort from the home boys when bookies already wrote them off so Tahs by 6 for me... the last one Lions will be too good on the Highfeld and Jacquares have lost their Mojo after the International break, so Lions by around 25 for me ...
21 Jul 04:07
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If NZ teams to show superiority then why back Tahs.Somewhat contradictory 21 Jul 05:34
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Do we get gsp point
21 Jul 10:17
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So far 3/3 now go lions the 4/4
21 Jul 13:01
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Isnt there some records? Im on 20 games in a row correct prediction! No GSP for quaters?
21 Jul 16:17
4/4 for me 3 games with 3 points each only the lionel vs jags where i got 2 points happy days
21 Jul 19:32
Lol lions
21 Jul 19:32
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Crusaders what a team they have been in recent times and I believe will win the title again,and that's coming from a new south Welsh man
23 Jul 00:14
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well i got 7 out of 8 points, thought the sharks would put up a better performance
23 Jul 08:56
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