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Super Rugby Predictions: 30 April-1 May

Superbru is all about picking the right upsets, and last weekend I picked the wrong ones.  The Force beating the Reds was picked by just 6% of the community, whilst I picked an upset in the other Aussie game and the Waratahs lost yet again.

The two New Zealand games were easy to pick, but this week looks tough with two dead rubbers in NZ, but it should be fairly straightforward in Australia.

Following these tournaments we have Super Rugby Trans-Tasman, and we have both a predictor game and a full fantasy game live for that tournament.

You can click here to join the predictor game and click here to join the fantasy.

Here are my Super Rugby predictions for this weekend.

Super Rugby Aotearoa

Hurricanes v Highlanders This should be an entertaining fixture, with both teams naming strong lineups as they look to finish disappointing seasons on positive notes.  The Hurricanes won the reverse fixture in Dunedin, and although that was the only win for the Canes all season, I'm going with home advantage.  Hurricanes by 4

Blues v Chiefs Lots of people are picking the Chiefs here, but I'm going with the Blues.  The visitors are resting most of their players ahead of the final next week, and the Blues will want to work out some frustration at missing out on that final.  Blues by 8

Super Rugby AU

Brumbies v Force The Force have done extremely well to feature in this qualifying final, with three narrow wins in a row, but surely this is the end of the road?  The Reds had nothing at stake last week, but the Brumbies will be desperate to win to make the final, and I think they'll do so.  Brumbies by 9

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I would also like to pick a fantasy Aotearoa team, but I can not has my transfer part is blocked. I do not know how to so for the 4th time of asking you can you do it. Thanks
29 Apr 13:02
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@topgun please check my reply on your support ticket. You've got too many pending transfers. Simply cancel some of your pending transfers to get within the transfer limit again then you'll be able to complete your transfers for the upcoming round. 29 Apr 13:22
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Hi dawid87 and topgun, maybe I can help out I know how frustrating it can be when you can't access something and it is generally just a simple click that we have missed.
Happens to me all the time..Lol
I have a Pool with only 5 members so if you would like to join I could help you by communicating thru' "Banter" My Pool is "Sweet-As Canes" and it is open to all to join.
Give it a Go , it is the last week, only 2 Teams, can't go wrong?
I will watch out for you, Cheers!
I will watch out for you 2 May 10:48
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Marjk, I searched for your club "Sweet- As Canes" with Find a Club and it could not find your club, so I need your help in joining. Please post how to. Thanks 2 May 16:44
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Hi there topgun, glad you got back to me, Wow lets give this a go, I don't know how advanced you are but lets start as if you haven't done this before OK?
That will bring up The Aotearoa Fantasy Game among the rest, click on that.
along the bar click on Pools, it will bring up3 Options, Click on "Join a Pool".
That will take you to the Pools Page, Click on the first option which should be Pools that are Open to All to Join, Click on that, then go down the page and Click on "Sweet-As Canes" then you will be on the Page and ready to Go. There will be only 2 Teams, and You will have 10 Transfers so if you already have a team, just keep your Chiefs or Crusaders, then you can work out your team. I would wait for the team announcments first as lots of people got caught out last week with Non-starters.
I will leave you at this stage when you access the page, Go to Banter and leave me a message that you have made it and just let me know how you are progressing.
If you need my help I will be o 3 May 09:09
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Hi MarjK, yes Wow I did, in the end, find you by your name only on the above option has both options can not find your club name "Sweet - As Canes". I looked into joining your pool but it said it was too late. If you are running a pool for Super Rugby Trans - Tasman Fantasy send me an invite. So the banter can only go on this post until I join your pool. Thanks 3 May 12:49
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Hi Topgun so glad You made it, Yes I already have My Pool "Sweet-As Canes" set up for the Trans Tasman Comps.
The Fantasy Pool Code is "holegust".
The Trans Tasman Picks Pool Code is "ripebern"
Both Pools are Open for Anyone to Join but those are the Codes if they are needed.

Just go in and Join, I am sure there will be Links sent out again, the Links are in this email from Hutch (Above)
All the Best I will watch out for You, Cheers! 5 May 11:46
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MarjK, hello I managed to join both your pools once I stop using the inverted commas. Why not use the join a pool part, it will be easier to join & you will get a lot more joining, thanks for the info. bye 5 May 16:57
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Take a chill pill, Maverick ??
29 Apr 13:07
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Yes he needs to 'cool his jets' otherwise he'll end up in 'the Danger Zone'!

Perhaps he is playing on his phone. XV a-side Fantasies can be a nightmare on the mobile version. I use my laptop 99.9% of the time for picking. 30 Apr 01:24
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dawid87, X does not always mark the spot. Hennessy, you look like you can sell Jersey- pudd- puller a chill pill, it looks like he needs to. LOL! The afterburners are on and I am gone to answer my mobile. LOL!
30 Apr 10:55
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Ten years of playing SB will do that to anyone's face! That and swigging Scotch one Bonfire Night.

The proof of the 'Pudd' is in the pulling. (...always pulling my pudd, does me good, like it bloody well should....- To quote the lyrics of Ivor Biggun all those years ago).

Hope you sorted your Fantasy - if using a phone I switch it to 'Desktop View' to get the same view as on my PC. I found it much easier to navigate then. If only 'Goose' was still around to help you eh?

Cheers J-P 1 May 11:46
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Can you believe the penalty count against the Sharks...??
1 May 12:56
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Jersey - pudd - puller, you can be my wingman now Goose has gone, new name Ghost, looks like you have just seen one, a Hennessy chill pill will help. Thanks for the info, I do use my Laptop 99% of the time, I pressed the wrong button and shot the wrong players out of the game that 1% cost me points. Not good for a Top gun pilot, I have to go Ivor Bigg gun to sort out!. LOL! Bye
1 May 14:06
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GXS, no!.
1 May 14:09
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Sorry to say I try to enter players but has become a joke if you don’t look just before kick off. Likewise forget to press completed you need to look at the way you run this. Very disappointed
3 May 12:45
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Team announcements and line-up changes fall outside of Superbru’s control. I usually retain at least one transfer right up to the last minute, just in case. Secondly, regarding “pressing completed”, the current format is the lesser of two evils. The alternative, being that each transfer is logged before the following transfer can be made, would make it that much harder to select a balanced squad. I do understand the frustration and disappointment; but unless someone proposes a better format, we’ll just have to be careful. 6 May 08:50
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Up the creek without a pedal and DreadedRed going past you. LOL!
8 May 14:50