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Super Rugby Pacific 2024: Round 15 Predictions

Will there be any significant changes in the Top 8 on the last weekend of the regular season?

The Crusaders need some help from the Rebels in order to qualify as the only remaining playoff spot is in the Fijian Drua's hands, while the top 2 are level on points heading into these final games.

Here are my Super Rugby predictions for Round 15:

I was tempted to pick the Waratahs to beat the Reds given the Reds’ position in the table cannot change, and I think the Force might cause the Brumbies a problem or two, but I’m not predicting any major upsets.

How do your picks compare?

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94,535 caps
Fully agree
29 May 10:06
43,317 caps
Feel that the chiefs might cause the upset this weekend but im still backing the blues
29 May 16:20
73,213 caps
I'm also feeling Chiefs and I am backing them.
29 May 17:53
34,895 caps
There is a Hurricane blowing up the Highlanders kilts. LOL! 29 May 22:12
49,208 caps
I'll have to take a risk on at least one fixture as I need to gain on the leaders in my league - so I'm going to cross my fingers that Force an force a narrow victory. This seldom works lol
29 May 23:13
76,922 caps
If the Rebels manage to beat Fiji at home, and the Crusaders manage to Leapfrog two teams, it just makes a mockery of the whole idea of finals. To be able to make the finals with what would be just 4 wins from 14 matches is ridiculous. I understand there are 8 spots in the finals to try and be inclusive of all nations playing, but let's face it. There should be a maximum of 6, and if somehow that leads to 5 kiwi sides and a token team from elsewhere then so be it. The answer is not have more finalists, the answer is for other countries to lift their quality.
30 May 08:24
76,922 caps
Update, The Rebs have just been booted for financial reasons (pending appeal), so another interesting twist to the mix... 30 May 12:07
8,205 caps
Spot on, we ve got the Bizarre situation of the Highlanders resting/experimenting in the last round robin game as they re safely in the Playoffs despite only being 6th. The Blues must be thrilled with that. 31 May 03:30
8,205 caps
Looks like a fair bet for the GSP. I need an upset to try and catch the top 3 so am backing NSW.

Will be interesting to see how the Rebs go after the sad announcement on Weds.
31 May 03:27
Close on the Crusaders score. Reds not minded to slow down before the finals. They're currently 14-0 up after 20 minutes. Quick question - why are thinking the Chiefs this weekend - the Blues have it all to play for because if they win they can gain first place and secure a home final, but the Chiefs cannot move in the log. The Blues surely want to win and a bonus point would help them even further.
31 May 10:01
It's a Blues V Canes final this year in my view !
31 May 10:06
Reds spoke too soon - 27-26! Hutch was spot. They took the foot off after being 19-0 up!
31 May 11:19
7,102 caps
Agree with you there about the final.
Home advantage in semis and final would be crucial to win.
Therefore all to play for tomorrow!
31 May 11:49
Yeah! And every Crusaders fan is now a Rebels fan!
31 May 14:03
92,233 caps
As a Crusaders fan I'm glad they missed out on the quarters,because they don't deserve to be there.Congrats to all the teams that made it through. 1 Jun 12:05
Drua will win though. They are at home.
31 May 14:03
43,317 caps
Western force to cause upset
31 May 17:19
92,233 caps
Please fix and update the Force/Brumbies game.It says 24 14 final result.
1 Jun 11:54
92,233 caps
Thanks for fixing the Force/Brumbies result.
1 Jun 14:10