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Super Rugby Pacific 2024: Round 13 Predictions

There are two tricky matches to contend with this weekend, and I’m going with home advantage in both.

Here are my Super Rugby predictions for Round 13:

I have put my faith in the Drua to bounce back from last week’s thrashing, on the basis that they are prioritising their home matches in order to make the playoffs. Likewise with the Force, where they have now won 3 in a row, and should be able to beat the Waratahs.

Which ones do you disagree with here?

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72,717 caps
Force to beat Tahs yes but Fiji to beat the Reds, no ways. The rest should be straight forward.
15 May 17:43
4,375 caps
Sorry girl. The Reds can\'t even win against themselves. LoL 15 May 20:22
34,390 caps
Up the Highlanders kilts! LOL! 16 May 13:24
72,717 caps
This time yes. LOL. 16 May 15:33
6,960 caps
Its a close call between Drua and Reds
15 May 18:18
6,960 caps
Drua is great at home though and Reds are inconsistent away.
15 May 18:18
6,960 caps
Flip of the coin.
15 May 18:19
4,375 caps
I disagree with Hurricanes winning margin. Maybe 25
15 May 20:19
20,540 caps
Reds to win
16 May 03:06
81,643 caps
Agree with predictions. Got Reds to win. Hurricanes margin too big with all the changes they have made.
16 May 05:11
That's what I thought when the Hurricanes changed their line-up earlier in the season, but the team below went 33-7 by half-time V The Rebels and won the game 54-28. It's a very similar line-up again.
16 May 06:36
1 Rakete-Stones P.
2 O'Reilly J.
3 Lomax T.
4 Sangster J.
5 Delany C.
6 Shields B. (C)
7 Kirifi D.
8 Flanders D.

9 Perenara T.
10 Morgan A.
11 Rayasi S.
12 Barrett J.
13Punivai N.
14 Sinkinson D.
15 Godfrey H.
16 May 06:42
21,246 caps
16 May 06:53
3,554 caps
LOL your dreamingggg 16 May 21:23
8,179 caps
Exactly the same picks here. The Rebels should put up a fight at home though so a lower margin there.
16 May 23:35
Nearly won the game! :-) 17 May 12:12