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Super Rugby Pacific 2024: Round 12 Predictions

Round 12 looks relatively straightforward to pick, although there are a couple that might trip some people up, particularly that final match in Perth.

Here are my Super Rugby predictions for Round 12:

I’m backing the home side to edge the top-of-the-table clash at Eden Park, with home advantage likely to be a key factor there, whilst in the other New Zealand derby, I’ve backed the Crusaders. I’m clearly finding it hard to undo the years of programming of picking the perennial champions, despite their form this season.

In the final game, I’ve gone with home advantage and backed the bottom-of-the-table Force at home to the Drua. It’s a 50/50 pick, but I’ll be cheering the Australians to bring home my GSP.

Which ones do you disagree with this week?

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So if I back the Blues to win by 3 at Eden Park, my bet is safe? And the reds by 12!? I see your point about the Crusaders, they are looking a lot better now and Codie and Tamaita are back. Difficult to see how you will not achieve 6/6 this week - very balanced looking (predicted) score-card!
9 May 09:08
6,960 caps
Higlanders and Force will win at home.
Crusaders probably won’t win away anytime soon.
9 May 10:59
6,960 caps
Chiefs and Reds ought to win by much more.
9 May 11:01
42,857 caps
Highlanders to win ive any upsets it would be fiji drua to win
9 May 11:29
42,951 caps
I have picked 2 different winners, namely the Highlanders and Fiji Drua. I have also been more generous in setting margins in most games. The logics for my picks are: I am an Aucklander and a graduate of Otago University. I lived for 16 years in Queensland. Those facts provided 3 lay-downs,
Perth is the homeland of refugees from South Africa - the Fijians will play South Africans in the Antarctic or Perth to get a victory. Brumbies figure strongly in The Man from Snowy River and they enjoy eating Waratahs. Finally, the Waikato Maori have never accepted the invasion of Aotearoa by foreigners and will take every opportunity to make visitors unwelcome. One doesn't need to study form but history to earn GSPs.
9 May 11:34
34,390 caps
You silly old plodder and James, up your kilt again! LOL! 9 May 12:06
72,717 caps
Hello dumbass LOL!
9 May 17:31
34,390 caps
James, talk about dumb ass, where is Jersey-pud-puller? LOL! 9 May 22:25
72,717 caps
I'm with you caplegal , Highlanders and Fiji to win. Blues Hurricanes worries me but for now lets go Blues.
9 May 17:34
8,179 caps
Crusaders winning is more logical. If they get off to a poor start again it could be another Dud performance and open the door for a huge scalp for this young Highlanders team. Living in hope 😜
9 May 19:22
20,540 caps
Can we trust the Crusaders to win?
10 May 00:32
No 10 May 08:58
20,540 caps
Who's picking the Crusaders to win this weekend?
10 May 12:28
72,717 caps
Not me. 10 May 13:34
72,717 caps
Told you : ). High-lan-ders. 11 May 08:54