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Super Rugby Pacific 2024: Round 11 Predictions

This week looks very straightforward to pick, except for that match in Tonga which is likely to make or break your GSP.

Here are my Super Rugby predictions for Round 11:

I’ve gone for a narrow home win, on the basis that Moana will be playing in front of their own fans, and given that the Highlanders could only beat the Force by 1 point at home last weekend.

Elsewhere I’ve picked all the New Zealand teams to win, with the Crusaders suddenly making a run for the playoffs, and the Brumbies should beat the Fijian Drua.

How do these compare to your picks?

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20,540 caps
I have similar picks. Will I change any?
2 May 12:52
42,951 caps
Of course you should. Hutch's picks are unbalanced and don't allow for weather variations such as snow in Dunedin which will unsettle the Pacific Islanders; and the wet Auckland conditions will bring blues to the Rebels who are sweltering in their home towns.. 3 May 09:30
42,951 caps
OOps, I apologise Hutch in that I got the location wrong. No snow in Nukualofa so the Moana side should deal it to the Highlanders even allowing for the fact that Dunedin is based on Otago University which provides the bulk of the Otago representative teams
and those students are all illegal immigrants from Auckland. 3 May 09:40
34,390 caps
You are talking wet, you silly old plodder. LOL! 3 May 12:13
24,599 caps
I think Blues Rebels will be a bit closer say 10 points.Reds can also beat Crusaders depending on how they play on the day
2 May 13:07
72,717 caps
I'm going with the Highlanders. They are so much better than they've been playing. Upset for me can be Reds beating the Saders but I'm not picking as such.
2 May 15:01
34,390 caps
Up your kilt! 3 May 12:14
72,717 caps
Up my kilt you say, up yours buddy. HIGHLANDERS!!!!!!!! : ) 4 May 04:44
48 caps
R 4 May 08:39
48 caps
R 4 May 08:39
48 caps
R 4 May 08:39
34,390 caps
R, WOT? 5 May 13:52
42,857 caps
My gamble to pick the Brumbies last week paid of then it was reds vs blues i picked the reds then just after kick off i changed back to the blues watching the game i was regreting my pick decision but then the blues fight back and won it in the depth moment
2 May 17:38
8,179 caps
Probably right although the Crusaders reds game is a tough pick. If the Landers v Moana was in NZ I d be leaning towards my guys, but in Tonga it ll be a big result if the Dunedinites get the Win.
2 May 23:00
33,170 caps
Nuku'alofa weather forecast Saturday. 26c, 60% chance of THUNDERSTORMS (don't get too many of them inside the Forsyth-Barr Dunedin) and EIGHTY-SIX PERCENT HUMIDITY - the words soap - bar & of come to mind. And both will be fighting for 7th or 8th if my Crusaders keep leap-frogging! Looks good for Moana....however....there was the reverse fixture, Highlanders 35-21.

The Crusaders v Reds could go THREE ways. Crusaders' 'false dawn' is blacked out and they lose by 10, Crusaders keep their refound MOJO and win by 20+. Thirdly both teams play well and we get a HighlandersvForce tight arm-wrestle or a Reds v Blouse style try-fest. Crusaders have even wheeled out their 'Welsh Kurtley Beale' Leigh Halfpenny, I hope us Crusaders fan aren't left feeling 'short-changed' iif he lets starlet Tim Ryan past for another hat-trick & 40.5 fantasy pts! 3 May 02:28
34,390 caps
Jersey-pud-puller, NO! 3 May 12:19