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Super Rugby Fixtures 2017

The Super Rugby fixtures for 2017 have been released today, with the action kicking off on a Thursday as the Rebels take on the Blues.

Set a reminder for your picks now - that early kick off will catch a lot of people out!

DateMatchKick Off
Kick Off
23-Feb-17Rebels v Blues19:4508:45
24-Feb-17Highlanders v Chiefs19:3506:35
24-Feb-17Reds v Sharks19:0009:00
25-Feb-17Sunwolves v Hurricanes 13:1504:15
25-Feb-17Crusaders v Brumbies19:3506:35
25-Feb-17Waratahs v Force19:4508:45
25-Feb-17Cheetahs v Lions15:0513:05
25-Feb-17Southern Kings v Jaguares17:1515:15
25-Feb-17Stormers v Vodacom Bulls19:3017:30
02-Mar-17Force v Reds18:3010:30
03-Mar-17Chiefs v Blues19:3506:35
04-Mar-17Hurricanes v Rebels17:1504:15
04-Mar-17Highlanders v Crusaders19:3506:35
04-Mar-17Brumbies v Sharks19:4508:45
04-Mar-17Sunwloves v Southern Kings 18:5510:55
04-Mar-17Lions v Waratahs15:0513:05
04-Mar-17Stormers v Jaguares17:1515:15
04-Mar-17Cheetahs v Vodacom Bulls19:3017:30
10-Mar-17Chiefs v Hurricanes19:3506:35
10-Mar-17Brumbies v Force19:4508:45
10-Mar-17Sharks v Waratahs19:0017:00
11-Mar-17Blues v Highlanders19:3506:35
11-Mar-17Reds v Crusaders18:4508:45
11-Mar-17Cheetahs v Sunwolves 17:1515:15
11-Mar-17Southern Kings v Stormers19:3017:30
11-Mar-17Jaguares v Lions16:4019:40
BYES: Vodacom Bulls, Rebels
17-Mar-17Crusaders v Blues19:3506:35
17-Mar-17Rebels v Chiefs19:4508:45
17-Mar-17Vodacom Bulls v Sunwolves 19:0017:00
18-Mar-17Hurricanes v Highlanders19:3506:35
18-Mar-17Waratahs v Brumbies 19:4508:45
18-Mar-17Lions v Reds17:1515:15
18-Mar-17Sharks v Southern Kings19:3017:30
18-Mar-17Jaguares v Cheetahs16:4019:40
BYES: Force, Stormers
24-Mar-17Crusaders v Force19:3506:35
24-Mar-17Rebels v Waratahs19:4508:45
25-Mar-17Blues v Vodacom Bulls19:3506:35
25-Mar-17Brumbies v Highlanders19:4508:45
25-Mar-17Sunwolves v Stormers 18:5510:55
25-Mar-17Southern Kings v Lions15:0513:05
25-Mar-17Cheetahs v Sharks17:1515:15
25-Mar-17Jaguares v Reds18:4021:40
BYES: Chiefs, Hurricanes
ROUND 6 (Daylight Savings finishes in AUS and NZ)
31-Mar-17Highlanders v Rebels19:3506:35
01-Apr-17Blues v Force17:1504:15
01-Apr-17Chiefs v Vodacom Bulls19:3506:35
01-Apr-17Reds v Hurricanes 18:4508:45
01-Apr-17Stormers v Cheetahs15:0513:05
01-Apr-17Lions v Sharks17:1515:15
02-Apr-17Waratahs v Crusaders16:0506:05
BYES: Brumbies, Jaguares, Southern Kings, Sunwolves
07-Apr-17Hurricanes v Waratahs19:3507:35
08-Apr-17Sunwolves v Vodacom Bulls14:1505:15
08-Apr-17Highlanders v Blues19:3507:35
08-Apr-17Brumbies v Reds19:4509:45
08-Apr-17Sharks v Jaguares15:0513:05
08-Apr-17Stormers v Chiefs17:1515:15
09-Apr-17Force v Southern Kings14:0506:05
BYES: Cheetahs, Crusaders, Lions, Rebels
ROUND 8 (Easter)
14-Apr-17Crusaders v Sunwolves19:3507:35
15-Apr-17Reds v Southern Kings15:0505:05
15-Apr-17Blues v Hurricanes 19:3507:35
15-Apr-17Rebels v Brumbies19:4509:45
15-Apr-17Cheetahs v Chiefs15:0513:05
15-Apr-17Stormers v Lions17:1515:15
15-Apr-17Vodacom Bulls v Jaguares19:3017:30
BYES: Force, Highlanders, Sharks, Waratahs
ROUND 9 (Anzac Day Weekend)
21-Apr-17Hurricanes v Brumbies19:3507:35
21-Apr-17Lions v Jaguares19:0018:00
22-Apr-17Highlanders v Sunwolves17:1505:15
22-Apr-17Crusaders v Stormers19:3507:35
22-Apr-17Waratahs v Southern Kings19:4509:45
22-Apr-17Force v Chiefs19:5511:55
22-Apr-17Vodacom Bulls v Cheetahs17:1515:15
22-Apr-17Sharks v Rebels19:3017:30
BYES: Blues, Reds
28-Apr-17Highlanders v Stormers19:3507:35
29-Apr-17Chiefs v Sunwolves19:3507:35
29-Apr-17Reds v Waratahs19:4509:45
29-Apr-17Force v Lions19:5511:55
29-Apr-17Cheetahs v Crusaders17:1515:15
29-Apr-17Southern Kings v Rebels19:3017:30
29-Apr-17Jaguares v Sharks16:4019:40
30-Apr-17Brumbies v Blues16:0506:05
BYES: Vodacom Bulls, Hurricanes
05-May-17Hurricanes v Stormers19:3507:35
05-May-17Cheetahs v Highlanders19:0017:00
06-May-17Rebels v Lions15:0005:00
06-May-17Chiefs v Reds19:3507:35
06-May-17Waratahs v Blues19:4509:45
06-May-17Sharks v Force15:0513:05
06-May-17Vodacom Bulls v Crusaders17:1515:15
06-May-17Jaguares v Sunwolves18:4021:40
BYES: Brumbies, Southern Kings
12-May-17Blues v Cheetahs19:3507:35
12-May-17Brumbies v Lions19:4509:45
13-May-17Crusaders v Hurricanes19:3507:35
13-May-17Rebels v Reds19:4509:45
13-May-17Vodacom Bulls v Highlanders15:0513:05
13-May-17Southern Kings v Sharks17:1515:15
13-May-17Jaguares v Force18:4021:40
BYES: Cheifs, Stormers, Sunwolves, Waratahs
19-May-17Chiefs v Crusaders19:3507:35
19-May-17Stormers v Blues 19:0017:00
20-May-17Hurricanes v Cheetahs19:3507:35
20-May-17Force v Highlanders17:4509:45
20-May-17Sunwolves v Sharks19:5511:55
20-May-17Southern Kings v Brumbies 15:0513:05
20-May-17Lions v Vodacom Bulls17:1515:15
21-May-17Waratahs v Rebels16:0506:05
BYES: Jaguares, Reds
26-May-17Blues v Chiefs19:3507:35
26-May-17Reds v Force19:4509:45
27-May-17Sunwolves v Cheetahs14:1505:15
27-May-17Highlanders v Waratahs19:3507:35
27-May-17Rebels v Crusaders19:4509:45
27-May-17Vodacom Bulls v Hurricanes15:0513:05
27-May-17Sharks v Stormers17:1515:15
27-May-17Jaguares v Brumbies18:4021:40
28-May-17Lions v Southern Kings14:3012:30
ROUND 15 (AUS and NZ only)
02-Jun-17Blues v Reds19:3507:35
03-Jun-17Crusaders v Highlanders14:3502:35
03-Jun-17Chiefs v Waratahs17:0505:05
03-Jun-17Brumbies v Rebels19:4509:45
03-Jun-17Force v Hurricanes19:5511:55
ROUND 16 (NZC Only)
09-Jun-17Hurricanes v Chiefs19:3507:35
BYES: Blues, Crusaders, Highlanders
ROUND 15 (SA1 and SA2 only)
30-Jun-17Jaguares v Southern Kings20:0518:05
01-Jul-17Lions v Sunwolves 14:3012:30
01-Jul-17Cheetahs v Stormers15:0513:05
01-Jul-17Sharks v Vodacom Bulls17:1515:15
ROUND 16 (AC, SA1 and SA 2 only)
07-Jul-17Reds v Brumbies19:4509:45
07-Jul-17Force v Rebels19:5511:55
08-Jul-17Waratahs v Jaguares19:4507:35
08-Jul-17Vodacom Bulls v Southern Kings17:1515:15
08-Jul-17Stormers v Sunwolves 19:3017:30
BYES: Cheetahs, Lions, Sharks
14-Jul-17Highlanders v Reds19:3507:35
14-Jul-17Rebels v Jaguares19:4509:45
14-Jul-17Southern Kings v Cheetahs19:0017:00
15-Jul-17Sunwolves v Blues12:0503:05
15-Jul-17Chiefs v Brumbies17:1505:15
15-Jul-17Hurricanes v Crusaders19:3507:35
15-Jul-17Force v Waratahs19:5511:55
15-Jul-17Sharks v Lions17:1515:15
15-Jul-17Vodacom Bulls v Stormers19:3017:30

Qualifiers: 21-22 July
Semi-finals: 28-29 July
FINAL: 5 August

What do you think of the fixture list?

5,356 caps
20 Sep 09:45
36,574 caps
Dear Team
Can wait ..... in the mean time open the tournament ,,,,, we are ready !!
Bru Greeting
20 Sep 10:13
2,196 caps
super rugby has become a joke too many teams are in the super rugby brand some arent even that good such as southern kings, reds, blues all these other weak teams should form a second tier super rugby legue so the format would be as follows:

Super Rugby Tier1 : teams
1. Chiefs
2. Highlanders
3. Hurricanes
4. Stormers
5. Sharks
6. Vodacom Blue bulls
7. Lions
8. Brumbies
9. Waratahs
10. Crusaders
11. Rebels
12. Cheetahs

esentially this will be a super 12 rugby franchises
the 2nd tier would be the following teams:

1. Jaguares
2. HITO-Comunications Sunwolves
3. Western Force
4. Blues
5. Queensland Reds
6. Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers(Japan)
7. NTT Docomo Red hurricanes(Japan)
8. Boland Kavaliers( South Africa)
9. GWK Griquas( South Africa)
10. Pampas( Argentina)
11. Southern Kings( South Africa)
12. Pumas( South Africa)

this would be tier 2 i think this would be a much more efficient system as this will allow teams to progress to the 1st tier based on merit or how well they perform 18 Oct 14:54
8,453 caps
Ideally maybe some teams from Namibia and Zimbabwe to promote the game in Africa? Might aswell try out the smaller tiers like an USA team / Uruguay? Spain? Portugal? Kenia? 28 Oct 14:33
13,859 caps
Where is the like button? 3 Nov 19:58
3,152 caps
The Blues, Reds, Jaquares (ARG) and "Boland" in the same competition???? Are you serious?Not in the same league, and financially, it would be a disaster. Pampas played Vodacom Cup rugby. That's about as good as it gets for them. Not very clever my friend. 8 Jan 16:26
27,647 caps
Looks favourable to my beloved Lions. The Stormers though...
20 Sep 19:17
7,525 caps
Superrugby is now overrated , too much rugby . It is hurting the Springboks team overral . Not all players are the same , Now Sanzar wants Super 20 in few years time , bringing a North America team in the tournament ,the hectic travel is not good for some players , the smart players know well how too take it .
21 Sep 13:44
34,883 caps
All rugby players have to travel the same. The Boks are not the same anymore and it is not their fault. Best players are not chosen like the way NZ and Aus and England pick their players. We will never be the same. 22 Sep 10:52
33,391 caps
good all the teams have to travel the same like my friend the stormer said ,if our teams can set their minds right is will come a good 2017 for SOUTH AFRICA teams but then we need the right players in the teams as well
22 Sep 11:32
31,783 caps
Happy that my Lions team got the "easier''draw this time but i think it influences the team allot when playing a team from NZ in the playoffs,enyway politics must stay out of sport,then pick the best couching staff(not the kings defencive and backline staff)and the best players on merrit and the Boks will be back on track,we got the tallent!Lions4Life!
22 Sep 12:28
14,596 caps
format SUCKS!!! you CANNOT crown a CHAMPION if you dont play ALL TEAMS EVEN AND SAME NO OF TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Sep 17:05
21,427 caps
24 Sep 08:41
1,334 cap
good could better
22 Sep 19:50
9,657 caps
My misgivings about the merits of a competition where SA teams don't play either all the Australian or NZ teams in any given year notwithstanding, the Sharks have to make the playoffs, if not win the SA group outright with away trips to Argentina and Japan, Reds and Brumbies. Anything less with that draw will be failure.
22 Sep 20:15
14,596 caps
have to agree there - i cannot see how the top powers that be can play a format where teams do not play the same teams equal amount of times 23 Sep 05:38
1,315 cap
All teams should play each other once. The one year away the next home. the current format sucks don't want to play sa teams so many times in one year
23 Sep 14:51
33,528 caps
I'd also ideally love to see a full round robin tournament for the Super Rugby again one day, but with the expanded number of teams in the tournament that's not really a viable option - the season would become unreasonably long.

Just a curve-ball thought to stir the pot a bit: The NFL has been successfully running a similar conference based regular season structure with a rotating annual fixture spread (where each team goes up against all of the other teams across multiple seasons) for many years. Whether or not that gives an accurate "true reflection" of the best team in the tournament for the season is debatable, but it does serve its purpose. The powers that be would've had some valid reasons for the decision to implement the conference based season structure, and that's something we'd not all necessarily be privy to.

All I know is that I look forward to more teams (hopefully) playing a very attacking and running brand of rugby next year! Go Stormers!
23 Sep 15:18
6,020 caps
My problem with the conference system is with low scoring sides getting home game advantage over higher scoring sides in the finals. It rewards mediocrity and denies the fans and players of the higher scoring sides the opportunity and rewards they deserve. What is the incentive when you know being average will be rewarded.
6 Oct 21:34
no but what is the point for not viewing my picks in the last round of 4 nations in the end it is not a final absolutely no brainer just wondering for the captains that pays for picks not to view what a waste of money?
7 Oct 15:04
13,493 caps
The Cheetahs, Stormers and Bulls meet New Zealand opposition on five occasions each in the league stages, but the Lions, Sharks and Kings don't see any Kiwi teams at all. How is this fair?
11 Oct 13:02
33,528 caps
That's the converse of what the fixtures were like for the Cheetahs, Stormers and Bulls in 2016. Each of the SA conferences face the Australian and New Zealand conferences in alternating years. Look what the Lions managed to achieve despite facing the NZ teams in 2016. Hopefully the Cheetahs, Stormers and Bulls will be able to up their game for 2017... 11 Oct 13:15
13,493 caps
Fair enough, Dawid. I wasn't paying enough attention last season!
Thanks. 12 Oct 12:32
26,798 caps
The fixtures look great for the bulls ,they have 8 games at Loftus and only 6 away games and half of the away games are in SA .They might play all the NZ teams but it looks like the only NZ team on the tour I would be worried about is the Chiefs , the Blues are a good team but the Bulls can beat them and the Sunwolves are maybe not so easy but the bulls can beat them . The rest of the NZ teams the bulls have at home Crusaders,Highlanders and the Hurricanes they are the best NZ teams but they haven't won in Pretoria .
12 Oct 07:30
14,815 caps
Too much rugby and it's spoiling the other tournaments during the year. Top players are injured in Super Rugby and then not available for Rugby Championship/Currie Cup/Mitre 10 etc. Should reduce it back to 12. Take top 3 teams from each countries domestic competition (exclude Japan, not at same level yet) and have a round robin where each team plays against the other 11, home and away... quarters, semis and then final. The winner would be the true Super Rugby Champion!!
26 Oct 19:37
3,152 caps
I will win this one in 2017!
5 Dec 02:03
Got something to say about this?