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Super Rugby Final Prediction!

After 126 matches, we are left with just two teams; the same two teams that contested last year's final. The Crusaders have been the best side in the competition for the last two years, and the Lions have been the best non-Kiwi side, and with the way the tournament is set up, both sides deserve to be there.

Last year's final took place in Johannesburg, where Kwagga Smith was sent off in the first half and the Lions left themselves too much to do to come back into it in the second half as the effects of travel and altitude kicked in.

This time, they'll have no such advantage and there can only be one winner. It's a shame that the showpiece event of what used to be the best club rugby tournament in the world ends up like this, with a stadium that isn't full to see a match that is not expected to be very competitive. The bookies are giving the Crusaders a 17-point handicap, which seems ridiculous for a final.

Looking at the two teams, there are a few Lions forwards that you might pick over their Kiwi counterparts, although it's close: Malcolm Marx, Franco Mostert, Kwagga Smith.

The Crusaders pack has been outstanding all season, but the Lions are strong up front too, and perhaps they are one of the few teams that can take the Crusaders on in the forwards. But they'd need a monumental effort just to gain parity, and the quality and experience of the home side will tell in the end.

Then in the backs, I'd take all of the Crusaders every time. I'm struggling to see how the Lions can possibly win this match, even as a man that likes backing an underdog against the odds.

Crusaders by 21

Let me know your picks for the final in the comments! Will any of you be backing a Lions upset to try and sneak a Yellow Cap at the last?
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Lions all the way!!! (Next year!.)
3 Aug 10:37
6,238 caps
Crusaders by 20
3 Aug 11:49
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3 Aug 11:55
13,492 caps
My South African heart says Lions, but I have to pick Crusaders by 13
3 Aug 12:44
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LIONS by 23.
Saders will be one game short, was too easy for them last week.
Lions had a great work-out.
GO THE LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 Aug 12:57
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Nice sense of humour Marjk....... But I do think you have the number right just on the wrong side!!!! 3 Aug 13:00
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HAHAHAHA Sadly they just couldn'i break the line, short of muscle?
Maybe next year. 5 Aug 05:32
37,597 caps
Crusaders but very close. By 3 only. Lions have heart
3 Aug 19:12
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Crusaders win by 14...finish and klaar.

3 Aug 19:41
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I agree 100 % with you. Crusaders have the home advantage too. It might have been different if the Lions had home advantage. But yeah dont see the Lions overcoming the mighty Crusaders
4 Aug 05:23
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The Lions mindset is to win not to loose. Go lions. Lions to win by 12
3 Aug 19:57
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We all like to see change at the top. It increases interest and competitiveness. I have been playing Superbru long enough to know it's not over till the final whistle of the final game. There have been many tournaments I've played in doing really well, until I get smashed in the finals with unexpected results. I think Major League Rugby most recently, where the favourite was undefeated, and had comfortably beaten the challenger during the season. Challenger wins! Free-fall down the leaderboards for me. No matter how unlikely it is, Many will chance it. My condolences to them now. Crusaders comfortably.
4 Aug 00:39
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My Heart says the Lions but my Head says the Crusaders. 2 predictions - 11 or 17 Crusaders win.
4 Aug 02:58
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I don't reckon the Lions deserve to be there on the back of a 9-7 regular season record. Hurricanes are clearly the second best team at the comp but this conference system rewards Australian and South African mediocrity (yes I am a Kiwi but just telling it how it is). I did feel the Lions were deserved finalists in 2016 and 2017.
4 Aug 03:00
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Fully agree 4 Aug 06:02
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Crusaders by at least 15 (maybe even more)In my opinion, No SA team has the same quality players and ability to beat the Crusaders. The Lions shouldnt even be in the final but the way that the conference system works the 1st placed teams in each conference are placed 1st 2nd and 3rd which is such a unfair system as a team with more points than the lions are placed lower on the overall log. This conference system seriously needs a makeover. The lions should have actually finished like 4th which means that they would have had to travel for the quarter final etc. As i said, this is just my own opinion.
4 Aug 05:16
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Heart says Lions, but head says Crusaders
4 Aug 07:29
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Crusaders by 15
4 Aug 07:37
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I picked Crusaders by 21 too !
4 Aug 08:54
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