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South Africa triumph at RWC 2019

A week, it turns out, is a long time in rugby. Seven days ago England totally dismantled the All Blacks, who a week before that had crushed Ireland. In Saturday's final in Yokohama it was South Africa's turn to put on the stronger showing.

England were unlucky to lose Kyle Sinckler in the second minute, forcing veteran Dan Cole onto the field much earlier than Eddie Jones would have liked, and the Springboks took advantage with a regularly dominant scrum.

Across both great rugby-loving nations, fans tensely gripped their armchairs, cups of coffee, early "it's the final after all" beers and friends' shoulders as they watched Handre Pollard and Owen Farrell trade kicks in a tight contest that saw the South Africans up by four penalties to two at half-time.

An England team that had been so clinical made uncharacteristic errors, giving credence to the angle that sustaining the level of performance they put in against New Zealand was always going to be a big ask.

As the second half unfolded, the green wall refused to break, and eventually the game cracked open in the 66th minute when Makazole Mapimpi sped down the left wing, chipping the ball ahead to be gathered by Lukhanyo Am who passed deftly back to the Mapimpi for the first try South Africa has ever scored in a World Cup final. The game was sealed at 32-12 when Cheslin Kolbe danced his way down the opposite wing to score 8 minutes later.

After that it was just a matter of counting down the clock until South Africa's first black captain, Siya Kolisi, would hoist the Webb Ellis Cup to scenes of jubilation at the stadium and across South Africa.

With this performance, South Africa have levelled up RWC history, matching the All Blacks with three victories apiece, and raising the stakes for the 2021 Lions' Tour.

Superbru was right!

69% of Superbru players had picked against the common expectation that England would win, but if we're honest our big South African audience may have been showing a little heart over head with their predictions...

Japan was amazing!

Richaro from Superbru HQ and I were lucky enough to visit Japan during the group stages (though we've now way overplayed our "once in a lifetime card" with our wives, particularly since we first deployed it in 2007...) and found the country incredibly welcoming, organised and engaged. It's a different, special place, and if you can find your way there for a holiday sometime, somehow, do it!

Thank YOU

Thank you for taking part in the biggest tournament we've ever hosted on Superbru. Leaderboards will remain provisional until we finalise the tournament and confirm our global champion on Monday (there are always a final few customer support queries to check up on). We'll post a notice on the site and send out an email when it's all done and dusted. We hope Superbru added a little something extra for you to what was already a tremendous Rugby World Cup.

What did you make of the final?
30,770 caps
Congrats to SAF . Deserved winners of RWC 2019 .
2 Nov 13:03
36,299 caps
Good sport Eagle, considering Oz have just been beaten by Fiji in League. Excellent Bokke, best defense around. 2 Nov 13:16
Thank You Siyamthanda Kolisi...
Thank You Bokke!!!!

Fight till the end!


Fairytale ending!!!!

So proud of the boys! Through blood, sweat and tears!
The cup is coming back Home! ??
2 Nov 13:14
35,438 caps
Totally deserving, dominated from start to finish
2 Nov 13:24
443 caps
Couldn't be more proud...had tears in my eyes??
2 Nov 13:34
6,921 caps
Best game in a long time!! PROUD of our boys!!!
2 Nov 13:40
33,153 caps
Well done to sprinboks ,they desrved to win
2 Nov 13:55
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2 Nov 13:55
325 caps
Well done springboks
2 Nov 14:06
3,242 caps
Fantastic performance from the Bokke!! Well done boys!!
2 Nov 14:46
48 caps
It was epic and wonderful to watch had a feeling we where going to bash England and that we did ????????
2 Nov 14:55
22 caps
All the Bokke played so good. Very good game plan
2 Nov 15:00
2 Nov 15:03
2,515 caps
Just to show this government that we have won a world cup under all presidents except one. When we were under that idiot Zuma
2 Nov 15:37
14,591 caps
Says a lot, doesn't it? 6 Nov 07:03
650 caps
what a strange comment 11 Nov 07:18
109 caps
2 Nov 16:03
61 caps
Best game in a long time # stronger together#Bokke
2 Nov 17:07
50,405 caps
Economically speaking for 80 brief minutes, the Rand was stronger than the Pound......
2 Nov 17:36
4,110 caps
Nuff sed!!!!!!!!! 3 Nov 06:04
1,950 cap
To all the ppl who wrote off the Boks , suck it!! Lol kidding!! Well done to the Bokke
2 Nov 17:39
Welldone Bokke. 20 point difference. Best final ever
2 Nov 17:46
2,701 caps
Dat was n good wen for the springbok
2 Nov 18:36
103 caps
The best final for me,well done Bokke.
2 Nov 18:38
118 caps
Loved it to be able to be part of the only team in the history to lift both the Tri Nations and the world cup in one year
2 Nov 18:39
46 caps
Well done bokke??. You gave it your all and you did it. So proud of you guys??
2 Nov 18:53
2,529 caps
We loved every moment to be part of the best Rugby World Cup ever hosted by Japan! Excellent Boks! Well deserved each and everyone involved!!????
2 Nov 19:58
14 caps
Hate to see my team losing. England for life
2 Nov 23:11
2,365 caps
Thanks bru’s awsome journey and great victory for South Africa.see you next year
3 Nov 03:32
17,597 caps
Best World Cup with the Boks winning the Final such a big margin. Thank you General for setting up such a competitive platform. Bru for life!
3 Nov 04:01
5,156 caps
Proud of the Boks performance against England. Felt so emotional when Siya lifted the World Cup!
3 Nov 05:01
4,047 caps
Rugby is team work. Siya were the Captain of the winning team lifting the World Cup for 2019 with support of the whole Team.
3 Nov 05:54
4,110 caps
Coach Erasmus totally out thought Eddie Jones, the 'Boks totally out muscled the England team, possibly the most complete display of SPRINGBOK rugby I have ever seen. What a lesson for SOUTH AFRICA. Put qualified people in a positions of authority, we are unbeatable.
3 Nov 06:18
14,591 caps
Amen.... 6 Nov 07:04
56 caps
We are a United nations and it is God's will. This is why we WON this World cup. Hallelujah Amen
3 Nov 06:26
1,854 cap
One of the best games I have ever seen the bokke play! Well done to Rassie and the boys! Proud of all of u! Proud to be South African! May this victory galvanise a nation to stand together!
3 Nov 06:48
1,476 cap
To the All Black supporters and fans in RSA. If NZ and RSA were to be at war with each other, will you stand by your All Blacks and help fight against your land of birth? Just thinking...
3 Nov 08:11
1,476 cap
NZ could have still made it to the finals had they bought their tickets....rotfl
3 Nov 08:14
222 caps
This is a dream come true for the country, teamwork. Let us apply this as a united South Africa. Teamwork, all for one and one for all. Government take the opportunity to unite the country, by quick actions. Not years and months, but rather in days and weeks. We love South Africa
3 Nov 08:55
1,251 cap
Great game the boks was on fire
3 Nov 09:32
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3 Nov 10:28
3,309 caps
Absolutely bloody marvellous
3 Nov 10:46
42,601 caps
Loved this tournament! Some great rugby, especially from the host nation! The 69% heart over head players just shows sport is sport! ALL the stats might point in one teams favour, but it just shows, determination, grit, team spirit, some clever preparation and good use of your bench can turn things in your favour!
In all honesty, I wanted to change my pick (SA by 3) to ENG by 6, but forgot to do it in time, as we had guests over. Best final I ever watched, bar 1995, as in my opinion THAT final was just "special" in a whole other way. The country needed this win. We as a rugby mad people needed this win...

As most rugby pundits said, England played their final one week earlier and it showed.
Great game Bokke!
Thank you for a great tournament Japan!
Nihon no subarashi tonamento o arigato!
3 Nov 13:27
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They playd very well
3 Nov 16:08
Awesome feeling to know that we are part of a World Cup winning country . Now fellow South Africans let us as a nation unite to tackle country’s issues . Lets embrace each other and show politicians that we dont need their dividing politics talks .Lets work together to make this country great again , we can create wealth for everyone which politicians cannot give
3 Nov 16:31
70 caps
What a champ
3 Nov 16:55
I love u Bokke!!!!
3 Nov 19:17
195 caps
Very very proud
3 Nov 23:24
1,320 cap
History has been written before our very eyes. South Africa ???? is now showing the world that our diversity is our strength when we unite.

3 Nov 23:43
7,278 caps
Bokke all the way. Beautiful game, loved every minute of it. Well deserved champs.
4 Nov 02:25
7,802 caps
Congratulations Bokke!
4 Nov 09:08
51 caps
Well played bokke
4 Nov 11:05
51,874 caps
4 Nov 11:14
11,273 caps
Bokke jou lekker ding??
4 Nov 11:20
15,804 caps
Well done to The General and his troops for putting together a great competition and adding a whole new facet of enjoyment to an already terrific competition. Siya!! What a man!!
4 Nov 13:19
15,579 caps
5 Nov 07:58
48 caps
I'm so proud of our team, gold in the trophy case always welcome. Where can I order my RSA Speedo?
6 Nov 12:32